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You have to admit it, no one lives without having sad moments in his life…so what makes you sad? we leave it for the People to answer it, and we have found a really Sad Answers that will Change Your way of thinking about life.

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What makes you sad?

Yesterday, My daughter (5) was being constantly disobedient, argumentative, and defiant and I had a breakdown.

But she went and got tissues and wiped my tears then smothered me in cuddles and kisses and said I’m so sorry mummy I’m really really sorry, then she said shh shh shh shh it’s ok mummy, then I felt better.

I’m Sad because I’m getting more and more distant from my religion and my family and I don’t know how to fix that without sacrificing my independence and happiness.

I’m very sad I know It’s a little strange about what I’m going to say but really it makes me sad, yesterday because I get called a noob and lots of harassment in a videogame haha it might seem so small to other people but I take a lot of ppl seriously even in games.

I, myself, don’t really like toxicity..but I can’t stop playing the game because I love it very much.

I just cried bc I realized I suck at making friends and I’ll probably just ever have the only two from high school that I now live far away from.

I’m sobbing bc my mom is gone and I cant hear her laugh anymore … I broke up with a toxic ex right before she passed last month, and this self-isolating isn’t helping bc I’m forced to be alone more than ever.

I was thinking of how I had plans to move away from home and eventually be with the person I’ve been sweet for a long while, but now I’m unemployed and don’t have the means to leave.

In a wink of an eye…. and just like that, I lost my dad about year ago..and out of the blue … memories just randomly hit me ..my chest gets tight that I don’t even wanna breathe cuz it hurts to do so then I feel how those very precious but painful memories slowly start to roll down my cheeks…I feel sad

what makes me sad is bc I feel that I have no perspective of anything and that I’m a massive failure in everything that I try. also hating how ugly I am just made me keep crying for about 2 hours (just finished my daily weeping session).

I cried while having a panic attack because I’m confused as to why I was born at the wrong time. I’m in love with some 40-year-old that I could never be with.

But I also was crying because I have too much of a special connection with my father’s generation.

Then I randomly just made it all worse by reminding myself of my suicide attempt and everything is just going downhill-

This is dumb as hell, but you’ll much expect from someone who doesn’t even have friends.

the reason why I’m Sad because my friend who’s the sweetest human I have ever met later turned a drug addict died on a road accident ( he was high on drugs ), he died a day before he was supposed to go live with his brother in the USA as his last hope to quit his addiction!

I saw how his all-time smiling face started fading every time until his whole presence gave everyone a negative vibe and you know something really bad is going to happen to them.

I keep crying about my divorce and it makes me sad every time I remember. I escaped hell, a cult, abusive family, then everything else everyone deals with that sucks.

At the end of the tunnel, I got married and was so happy.

I let an abuser back into my life, she set me up to lose my credit and livelihood so I could be her injured pet again, lost my wife…you will ask yourself is this what makes you sad of course…but I will say that

I Lost everything. No real way to get it back. Anything I do she comes in and destroys. I fu*king hate my life and wish I was dead all the time.

Remembered how much bad shit has happened to me with people in my past. Because an old “friend” verbally attacked me again like she always used to.

Just because I moved to a different country and I have a completely different lifestyle here compared to there and she obviously couldn’t handle that. Because I took a long time to reply.

It made me think if I’m actually a shitty friend or if everyone else is the bad people.

I unconsciously cried a bit last night because I had some sort of ear cleaning stuff in my ear which caused me to go completely deaf on one side for the whole night.

It was just so uncomfortable, I hate everything when it comes down to my ears and hearings.
I still have trouble with my ear.

A few weeks ago, I had a dream where my stepdad showed up in a random dream I had where I had won some competition that I’ve never done in real life.

Anyways, he showed up beside me and I was surprised and we both hugged and cried. When I woke up, I felt so emotional that I shed a few tears.

My stepdad had passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2015.

do What makes you sad I’ll tell you because, for the past five years since I graduated high school, I went through so many struggles and hardships while everyone else was off at college enjoying their lives?

I finally started my own business and started making good money, then the pandemic hit and I’m back at square one.

This quarantine has been taking its toll on my depression & anxiety.
Yesterday morning I needed to wash my sheets & my mom sent me over the top by saying something so rude

I felt overwhelmed & just broke down & had an anxiety attack.
I hope this quarantine is treating all of you with mental health issues well.

I cried because I was watching videos of people singing in the 50s and 60s (Elvis and that) and I was just crying because I felt like I wanted to be there and it hit me that I will never know what it was like to live in those times.

Also, I cried whilst watching Queen live aid performance for the same reason, I’ll never get to experience it. It sounds weird, I know.

I feel like my reason seems so minuscule but I cried because I felt like the depth of how I love and the intensity of my love will never be reciprocated.

Not that people haven’t loved me to the maximum capacity that they can, but I think because I’m bipolar it makes me feel things extremely intensely and I feel like it’s hard for people to reciprocate it because it’s a lot.

Hell, I’m a lot in general. And sometimes I don’t even wanna try to date because even though I’m only expecting to receive what I give, it’s still too much because the amount I give is just fu*king insane.

Feeling lonely and empty is the main reason why I cry. I also have random flashbacks of times I’ve been humiliated, abused, and betrayed by people I loved.

what makes me sad last week cuz I know I was too nice to a certain person and I know that she doesn’t deserve to be treated d way I did.

She hurt me a lot and I forgave her but I really can’t forget the pain.

So whenever I hear this person’s name I start thinking abt d past and it makes me feel sad and again I start crying.

Realized I’ve lost a friend. They didn’t die or anything, just realized they don’t consider me a friend anymore while I still thought we were really close and kept trying to make things better…

I guess it was my fault for becoming attached and going on trying so fu*king hard when I should have just stopped too.

Because my son on the autism spectrum threw a tantrum but he is 16 and bigger than me and capable of hurting me or his 2 siblings.

I had to call his father who has never actually parented a day in his life and have him go stay with his dad.

There are no services open right now to help my son and I was terrified that my ex-husband would not take my son to live with him.

It’s been about 6 months since my mom passed in ICU
I’ll never forget waking up to that phone call from my sister, For 5 months my Mom fought long and hard to get off ventilation support and go to Assisted Living so she could have some form of independence she longed for. Broke my heart completely

I moved out of our house earlier this month because my siblings and I had a huge fight.

Prior to this, we’ve sort of denounced our blood relationship because I chose to stand against their abusive behavior.

The only sibling I was closest with is our 9-year-old.

I cried last night because I miss my sister and that I fear that my older siblings may take control of her and our Sad relationship in the near future.

I cried because a McDonald’s hamburger wrapper blew in front of my car this morning at 7 am when I left to get groceries.

Before this, I had taken my dog out and he wouldn’t go potty because he was staring and chasing that same wrapper.

So when I saw it blow past my car I don’t know it just made me sad thinking about my dog and how I won’t have him one day.


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