what do you miss about someone

we have gathered for you from people around some groups the Most answer to our sad Question today, what do you miss about someone?

so if u want to add Your though about someone in the past, please leave a comment with it.

what do you miss about someone?

  • Mackenzie Heath, I miss how comfortable I was with my former best friend. she was really my soul mate, but she chose to be with someone who refused to let us be friends. three years later and still… nothing. no apology, no reconciliation, nothing. I miss her a lot.
  • Micycle Oakes, The feeling of his beard on my skin when he would kiss me. Being in his strong arms.
    Well, now I’m sad.
  • Freddie Kensington, They used to be my BEST friend…even after we broke up we were inseparable we were like siblings but just like *snap* that she got a super jealous boyfriend and he made her stop talking to EVERYONE even her best friend who was a girl SINCE KINDERGARTEN and I’ve been really upset ever since. do you still love your ex? <– Read from here top 40 Shocked Answers!
  • Janina Santiago, How understanding he was, especially when my anxiety acts up or when I’m just hangry, and teach and explain things to me without making me feel dumb or bad about myself.
  • Michelle Tran, They used to make really inappropriate jokes that I used to give them flack for. I can certainly use some of those jokes now.
  • Emily French, I miss being able to talk to her about any and everything, even when I’m sad, which I never show the rest of the world. She knew what to say to calm me down better than anyone.She was my best friend and when I got a girlfriend she was really unsupportive and stopped being my friend and that crushed me. I miss her a lot. I’m learning to go to my girlfriend for that kind of support now but it’s still hard. My first instinct is still to want to talk to her. 
  • Brianna Nicole, He helped me through a dark time in my life, all the way up until freshman year of college. It ended badly, but we just now reconnected and hopefully, we can be friends in the future.
  • John Bowman, My goodness… I’m always honest… but damn I wish you didn’t ask this question… it’s possible to love someone so much and be loved by that person so much that you both vibe on a unique level. My ex-fiancé… I never hate on her. She had every right to leave me. The current version of me would have pleaded for her to leave the past me.I hold no I’ll will toward her whatsoever. She may have been my soul mate and I fucked that up. I miss how she was with me. It’s difficult to describe, but we had a type of way that we were together and it was breathtaking she’s absolutely wonderful. Completely serious. 
  • Sebastián Vackflores Schmidt, His good advice, his support, the way he always smiled even in the darkest times. My sensei, he was like a father to me for many years. I really thought he would win his battle, but cancer took him. It was really difficult to go on after he passed away.
  • Martell Kate, Having somebody to talk to and do things with.But unfortunately with that positive came a sea of negative. She constantly belittled me, would blatantly insult me and then play it off as something that good friends do. She’d call me a whore for wearing shorts or a tank top, and then she’d turn around and sleep with 3 guys in one go.(Not calling her a whore, just pointing out her false sense of superiority) she’d be pissy with me if I ever hung out with any guy, ever. She’d also get mad at ME if one of her friends developed a crush on me ( which had only ever happened like three times because she had like 500 friends, the other 497 of which were trying to sleep with her)

    I only miss being able to go out places part because my current partner doesn’t do anything with me and I’m too pussy to do stuff by myself.


  • 美火 メルリ, I miss my great aunt, she died 5 years ago and was buried 4/23/2015.I miss her, I wasn’t super close with her as I only saw her often during my childhood. She lived about 2 hours away so over time we just kinda stopped going.I miss her voice, her laugh, being around her was nice. She meant so much to my own mom, her niece, and looking back she was like my own grandmother. My own grandmother is back in Mexico and I hadn’t seen her since 2003, so my great-aunt (grandma’s youngest sister) was the closest thing I had to a grandmother figure in my life.

    She gave us nachos from the restaurant she worked at and I remember being at her house during the summers. I loved visiting her so much that I wanted to move closer to her.

    Her death marked the end of my childhood and my family ties to her side of the family. All I have left are memories of simpler times. Summer parties, hanging in the backyard not understanding the adults talking, going to the convenience store near her house with her kids (my distant cousins) and just being a kid in general.

    I always stop and think about how life would have been if she hadn’t died. Everything she missed out on, all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren she never had the opportunity to meet.

    It makes me sad for remembering her, but I’m glad I was able to see her at the hospital and attend the funeral. One last time.


  • Vojtech Dlouhy, I just woke up from a horrid dream about a friend that I lost last autumn. I am not sure what exactly I miss because our relationship was always toxic. But I know that I would be very happy to hug him once again and that even with all the toxicity, I still miss him. Thank you for posting this question because trying to answer helped me to realize, that the friendship was never viable.
  • Chris Dias,the talking for hours without getting bored about that person, but also being able to be comfortable with the silence, just hugging each other.
  • Tang Win Ni, I miss sitting in the living room sharing stories or watching tv about cooking or natural stuff… I miss having him eat with us for dinner… I miss his cooking… I miss his lectures on his scoldings. His love his warm hugs given only during birthdays, I miss his voice, I miss hearing him joke… I miss my dad so much.
  • Zoe Jade Leblanc. I missed the way she loved me as no one else has. The way she cared. The way she held me while I cried in her arms. The way she hugged me. She made everything better. She was my whole world. She’s gone now. And I miss her.
  • Brittany Hall, the feeling of understanding without having to speak. I remember sitting down in the corner of his room and telling him to give me a minute because I was having an anxiety attack. he walked over and sat with me and hugged me while I was panicking. just that simple response showed how much he cared…it is something I miss more than I should admit.
  • Mateo R. Herrera, Her everything. Jen made my days brighter. When life was dark and I was alone she was the sun. When I wanted to die and couldn’t breathe she was my lungs. I never knew I could really want to spend the rest of my life with someone.


In the end what about you? what do you miss about someone? we waiting for your comment


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