Turning 18 years old responsibilities

life is not fair and when you want to know about Turning 18 years old responsibilities, you have to listen carefully to that advice, if You didn’t apply them in Your life, don’t blame me or don’t regret in the Future.

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Turning 18 years old responsibilities:

1- Annabell Futcher:
Writing to my 18-year-old self:
You think you are grown but you are still just a baby! Be careful with your words and actions as they have real, life-altering consequences.

Enjoy this time, these are the absolute best years of your life! Life has only just begun.

2- Bridgette Zah:
Work and save for a year
Just do it. Don’t touch it. Also, you’re not too young to fall in love but you are too young to be making sacrifices beyond your means or ability.

You need to grow, and you deserve the space to do that. Anyone who loves you back will let you.

3- Ashton Elizabeth:
Go to college. Go to community college for two years then transfer to a university for the last two if need be. Do not get pregnant prior to your late 20’s. Do as much traveling as you possibly can, and do it cheaply.

Road trips, staying in shitty Air Bnb’s- take advantage of it. Take advantage of physical health. Go hiking. Swim in lakes.

Spend time in nature. Make lots of friends. Study hard, and play harder.

4- Vade Mecum:
You can’t fix them. what I want to say for Turning 18 years old responsibilities, The more effort you put into someone not putting in the effort, the more they learn that not putting in any effort gets them all of your time and attention.

They have no reason to change if they are getting rewarded for a lack of effort.

Let yourself be with someone who will treat you well even though someone that just likes you isn’t as exciting. You’ll appreciate the stability over time and it will keep you neurologically protected.

Save money diligently. Someday you might have a crisis and if you save well enough you can do some travel and soul searching instead of being stuck in the machine of capitalism.

5- Perry Tomlin IV:
Oh god… it’s almost been 18 years since I was an 18-year-old and that has flown by. My advice does you. If you like going out and partying then do it.

If you like reading books do it. And save 20 dollars or 50 or as much as you can from every paycheck and buy stocks to sell in 50 years. Buy a house, condo, whatever you can afford as fast and as soon as possible… move out and live with friends.

6- Bea Ong:
do what u want !! explore !! be stupid !! BE CRAZY !! but keep in mind that when ur doing these things, u 100% understand the consequences that follow and u do everything in our power to minimize them.

7- Destyni Röthle:
Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone does things in their own time. Set goals and achieve them! Don’t fool around for 10 years as many do. You will be so much farther in life.

8- Ryan Collins:
Think ahead of now man. Don’t get caught up in your significant other hanging with your friends you got plenty of time to do that. Work on your future or at least have it in mind.

9- Simon Fernandez:
Sometimes you can’t achieve things you expect of yourself or things you see your peers doing. That’s okay.
If you’re not making progress, you can work on something else and come back to it; everyone’s journey is different.

10- Bailey Noe:
no matter how hard it gets when turning 18 years old. Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. People always tried to put me down growing up, said I’d never been successful, or amount to anything.

I just bought a Range Rover yesterday, and I live in LA now. Chase those dreams. Never look back. Don’t get distracted.

There’s so much that young people aren’t told (speaking from experience). But MAKE YOUR LIFE YOURS. Don’t worry about what people say.

You keep doing your thing, and be the best you, you can be!!! Life’s too short! Enjoy it while you can!.

11- Ziggy Trip:
I would say don’t rush into anything and don’t worry if you don’t have everything figured out yet or you don’t know what you want to do with your life.

Society puts a lot of pressure on you at 18 years old to know exactly what you want to do.

Take a little time to find yourself (i would recommend a moderate dose of psychedelics to expedite the process, but it’s not for everyone).

12- Casson Acosta:
just because you’re 18 years old doesn’t mean you need to start rushing to become fully independent. you’ll be financially better off staying with your parents as long as you can. trust me, learned the hard way.

13- Jasmin Livingston:
Learn how to say NO. You don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why you are saying it, simply just say NO.

Don’t let a significant other stop you from doing anything. The right one won’t ask you to stop any of your dreams, passions, work, etc.

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14- Esraa ElNahas:
Work hard, study well, and do everything you can so you can eventually have the career you wanted. This shit really matters, and try to be kind to others. If you can volunteer in something, it’d be great.

Remember that you can overcome your problems, whenever things are really really difficult it’ll just get better at the end, always trust that.

15- Fabienne Schriek:
Don’t smoke or do drugs. Know many people who are now in their 30’s and are having shitty jobs at Macdonald, still living at their parent’s home, no relationships, and lonely as fu*k because of this.

Save your money, even if you want to be an artist or whatever, get a degree first to fall back on In case your own business doesn’t work out or pandemics like this happen.

Save 10% of your paycheck each week/month. Oh and your friends? You probably keep in contact with just 1 of them, the rest will fade or is fake. Oh and your mom’s advice? She is right all along.

16- Marcel Bonilla:
You’re the main character in your life so if you’re stuck on one fu*k up or embarrassment from your past, chances are you’re the only one who’s gonna remember it.

If you don’t believe me try to remember someone else’s fuck up or embarrassment. Chances are you probably cant.

17- Guadalupe Martinez:
Trade schools are just as valid as universities and 4-year schools.
Work on your resume and save your money.

Get a credit card and use it for gas and some groceries and try to pay off your balance every month.

Life is not a race. Just because someone else buys a home at 22 and you rent, you’re not less than him.

18- Brooke Bush:
“Good financing” is just making your bills on time. Don’t let boomers trick you into thinking you need to stockpile massive amounts of money…that’s one of your Responsibilities at 18 years old 

If you can pay for what’s necessary, you’re good at handling money. Save when you can but just make your bills and don’t worry about having a massive savings account.

19- Ezra Sizemore:
just remember any bad thing happening rn or bad day is just one moment out of millions that you’ll have, and most moments will beat out the bad ones.

don’t worry if y don’t have it all figured out- most don’t until their 30s. follow your heart and don’t settle for anything less than what you want.

20- Anthony Pantina:
Drugs are not worth it no matter how much somebody tells you they are. Addiction is hard and I’ve watched people crumble and eventually die because of it. Not worth it one bit.

Your Responsibilities at 18-years-old is to stop that and stop the others and Your friends from this bad thing.

21- Feya Chen:
Don’t go so hard on anything that you

A- limit yourself (ie: you miss out on making friends because you’re devoted to a single friend or you give 24/7 to one ambition that you don’t let other joys into your life).

B- hurt yourself (stress is a silent killer. You can forget to eat or move to get enough hours in towards your dream dreams. You can pass up visiting the doctor to meet deadlines.).

22- Erica McCurry:
I would say for 5 things for Turning 18 years old responsibilities:
1)Realize that you’re not really an adult yet and enjoy your life. See the things you want to see. Enrich yourself.

2)Don’t go to college unless you actually know what you want to go for (unless you just want to take a few classes that interest you)

3)Learn a language you want, an instrument you want to learn, etc.

4) Don’t let people rush you through this point in life, it’ll all be over eventually and you want to look back on it and smile. You can be a miserable adult later, there’s no rush.

5) Keep in mind that you are responsible for your own actions and they all have consequences if you think it’s cringe for an adult (think about your parents or other adults you know) don’t do it as a young adult.

23- Myah Peña:
Also, RESPONSIBLY for 18 years old to starts building your credit asap so by the time you’re in your 20s you qualify for cars and homes!! It’s really easy to start your credit and I wish I had started sooner!

24- Alden D’Silva:
Do something that makes you feel like you’re helping the planet, even if it’s in your own small community. Too many people forget this simple thing, it seems.

The older I get, the more I feel like nobody cares for the world around, and the lesser we leave for the children now, and yet to come.

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25- Marie Olli:

At 18 years old you need only a year to get properly fluent in smth new, so choose a harder (but more useful) one. You can learn the easier (closer to your mother tongue) ones later too.


Don’t hesitate to send us Your advice on Turning 18 years old responsibilities in the Comments and let those young people have a bright future.


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