the swimming contest story

I was just had 5 years old when my story begin, of course, all of us when they were kids they were love swimming or any sport and I was also love swimming but unfortunately, my Childhood was not like other children and you will know why I called it the swimming contest story

what happened in the swimming contest story:

the Story Started when my dad told me ” you have to play a sport choose one”
I was very happy when I heard this so we go to the Club and pay the Monthly subscription
but my father did a Great thing he pays for me a Subscription to the whole year, we weren’t having too much money so this why I love him

First years of the Swimming Training, the Coach was a Woman and days goes and years goes, but after a few years when I was 8 years old, the Coach was tired and have an illness she decided to take a break of training, so they Change my Favorite Coach with another New Coach and here we go to my sad Story

I remember that he was treating me like his daughter, here is what happened
every one play Swimming know that we go to Tournaments every year

so, I was Training with my team friends but after we Finish the Training the new groper Swimming Coach has asked my father&Mother to train me Private and he told them that I`m a Good Girl and I`ll do a lot on Swimming Tournaments as I`m very Talented.

so, they accepted his offer, without hesitation
and I trained with him days and weeks he was acting like any normal day in Training but here we go to my saddest story

one day the Training was at the Early Morning, so they will not come to the Club this day with me, here we go, my mum bringing me to the Swimming Club and then she left me, she was with my sister and she told me that It will come to me after 2 hours

We were training very early and the swimming contest was after 1 month, the Coach was Touching me but not like other times in Training he was very very closely also he was sweating in the water!

he touched my a*s many times, I told him what are you doing he was acting as nothing happened, he kept doing this many times and I told my parents about this, he was doing this at the Private Training when they weren’t with me, so they decide to come and watch the Training without the Coach know, after the Training start he made something that he hadn’t made at any time, Thank god that at this day my parents were there, my mom was opening the Video camera to Record and sent him to jail, but this time he was doing advanced thing he hug me strong and start a new level of harassment he was going to rape me but my father run, and my mother called the Security guard he was the only one on the club and they got him and starting hit him, he was trying to run and escape with the Swimming Clothes

then we send the Videos to the Judge, and Finally, he was sent to jail for 10 years my saddest story become a happier story

now I have 16 Years old and this is the swimming contest story that happened to me, I left swimming after this sad story happened but I want to give advice for every parent don’t leave your children for even a minute or second away from your sight like story Number 4 here she discovered that her daughter is being Sexually Harassed at School.


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