Stories on Depression and Anxiety

Stories on Depression and Anxiety are hard and I know we’ve all been there before. But stop telling yourself its unbeatable, stop defending it to justify your actions.

You may be too tired to get up, take actions, and it may even seem impossible at times- but if you tell others how impossible it is for you, you’re telling yourself too.

A problem can never be solved if you convince yourself it has no answer.

24 Stories on Depression and Anxiety

I used to have both and it sucked, especially the anxiety attacks. I haven’t had either in forever and for the most part, I am happy.

I’m thankful to be alive and blessed that I’m here for another day.

I’m recovering from major depression and I feel like I have the right to make mistakes, to say no, to feel tired without worrying, to enter new friendships.

everyone has a tipping point in their life where they feel anxious or depressed, it’s just the matter of how they deal with it.

People who aren’t usually depressed maybe have a tactful way of handling their situation. Letting things go that is not in your control is one of the few tricks.

I used to live in depression, I’m finally starting to get rid of it.
It’s constant pain. Both physical and emotional, you feel tired, you don’t want to do anything because you feel Emotionless and without energy.

You constantly feel that hole with addictions that will give you dopamine. Those can be legal or illegal drugs, videogames, food, etc. And you feel like you’re no longer the rider in your own life.
That’s every day of your life for years and years.

I barely remember a time I didn’t have chronic depression and severe anxiety. I bet they have a comfortable life… when someone told me that I was using my mental illness as an excuse.

I told them I never wanted this, if I could I wouldn’t want any of it. I want to be normal. I try so hard to be happy. FFS.

I was on antidepressants for a year. Honestly, you feel lighter, and like there isn’t a heavyweight on your chest.

It’s easier to get up in the morning and have a good day. Small things don’t bother or annoy you. Life is more beautiful and brighter.

Anything seems possible to achieve. It’s amazing. I remember thinking if that’s how people feel all the time.

I hate phone calls, I don’t want to get together with people because I would overthink that they would make fun of me behind my back.

So it sucks. I can’t function normally since my anxiety and depression would eat me up every single day. I would sleep all morning, and wake up at night so that I won’t have to talk to people.

When I was 11 I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, I let those words dictate and rule how I choose to act and perceive things going on around me.

Those words made me believe that’s who I was and that what people will know me as. Around 17 I had an encounter with psychedelics with my best mate, we talked for hrs about this subject.

This helps me see that what those labels do is put ur mindset into those feelings, it’s just a word.

Don’t let words dictate what I do with ur life.

I grew up with a dad who had severe anxiety and Sad Depression Story, he experienced a lot of panic attacks that he lost his ability to focus on things (watching tv, reading, etc.)

I think I’m not depressed, but not as cheerful or enthusiastic as others. Feel weird when I’m with people like they are so colorful, but I’m so bleak.

My brother and sister, they are enjoying the quarantine. Watching movies, eating junk food, laughing, and staying together with my mom on the sofa.

I have a different Story I’m always in my room, crying sometimes, alone not talking with my friends, low energy and I don’t want to do anything.
That’s is the difference, even in normal daily life.

it feels happy when you’ve recovered from depression. but by happy it’s more fragile happy – you keep avoiding stress as much as possible, or you’ll fall back again in the spiral of depression (and you know it).

sometimes though you might miss being depressed for some weird reason.

I lived with anxiety my whole life, and in many ways, it’s still here because for as long as there is uncertainty there will be anxiety. But that doesn’t mean it controls my life anymore.

Last year I made the first big decision of my life without serious anxiety plaguing the whole process. It’s like you feel lighter, but you don’t even realize it. I didn’t know I wasn’t feeling anxious for a couple of months!.

It’s just easier, you make decisions quicker, things are still important and matter a lot but you aren’t afraid of it all.

You just know, “Something must be done, and this is what I’ll do.” And you do it. That’s it. In its place, you find more good things to fill your thoughts about, and they live there instead.

I’m in remission. I still experience feelings of depression and anxiety but they are no longer attached to my identity. I wish someone had told me that a way out was possible (the only way out is through)

Be gentle with yourselves and stay strong, but never be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

used philosophy to get me out of my anxiety and depression and it’s nice because you appreciate and love everything more. But at the same time, you’re so at peace in your head that it’s like.

“Well, now what?”
I can lay in my bed all day and not get depressed or anxious so those voices in my head don’t really come in anymore. I have absolute control over my thoughts and actions and it’s a little boring.

I have diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder, something I’ve had since being in elementary school. From as early as I remember to my senior year of undergrad, I had crippling anxiety.

It got to a concerning point, so I saw a psychiatrist and was put on Lexapro and also saw a psychologist get cognitive behavioral therapy (a very research-supported therapy for anxiety and depression).

Really no side effects and my anxiety has pretty much gone away. It was weird at first not worrying about stupid things. It felt like something was wrong like I was “empty” because I didn’t feel strong emotions.

I was like “is this what a normal person feels?” I’ve had a little bit of anxiety here and there but it’s entirely bearable now. It’s changed my life entirely. I feel so much better and more functional.

I’m someone who used to suffer from anxiety quite severely but over time I slowly did things outside my comfort zone. Over time my anxiety when from 100 to barley noticeable, I can thank outdoor activities like hiking, sea swimming, and solo traveling for being my cure.

If someone told me 5 years ago I would be venturing to countries staying in hostels alone, or heading out to see swimming alone I would have told them they were mad.
Find your pace guys, your good days are around the corner.

I’ve been living with severe anxiety and panic disorder for over 20 years now. No meds have ever worked for me.

but I’ve been able to get myself to a place that even though I still get multiple instances a day, I can mostly talk them down before they become debilitating.

I always had anxiety since I was a kid, and could feel them coming on. Started with weird feeling on my face like leaving your head out the window in a car and when you stop, it still feels like the wind is on your face.

then the back of the scalp would tighten followed by my neck and shoulders. Then everything else.. I would usually call my brother or a friend and that would help me until the attack wore off around 30 mins.

then I would need food and sleep. Happens once every 3 months, but used to be a few a week.

My depression was (is) situational. When my sons died, I had to start with what I *could* control. Yoga helps me so much.

I also studied Buddhist philosophy, started meditating, went to counseling – including an art therapy program through my local Center for Hospice, and I was on Zoloft for a while.

(there’s no shame in needing meds long term! I’m lucky, my brain makes all the chemicals it’s supposed to.) Exercise, in general, helps, as does healthy food (and occasional unhealthy food, lol) and getting outside.

I hope everyone finds what helps them.

I sold all of my music gear, 3 guitars, an amp, a few pedals, an audio interface, and a set of studio monitors because of depression&Anxiety.

Music is my passion for now I realize I’ve made a huge mistake. I wanna buy everything back but it’s well over 2000$ worth of equipment. I don’t know how to overcome this.

I had pretty bad depression one time. I went from athletic to fat to athletic again. Long story short got kicked out of my religion (was a Jehovah’s Witness) lost all my friends and family overnight.

I became an outcast. People I grew up with that were my best friends if I saw them on the street and I’d say hi they’d just turn around and walk away. It ruined me I gave up on life and was almost 300lbs. I broke out in hives from anxiety daily.

Well, I decided to start hitting the gym to distract myself. I made it my main focus to keep my mind occupied. I’d spend hours every day at the gym.

I then started to push myself to go to places to meet new people and create new bonds of friendships. I have gotten out of my comfort zone

I know when I am depressed I have absolutely no drive and motivation to do anything. All you can do is work to manage your depression and get over the negative feelings.

Otherwise, you will just have to fake it and try to work on your passion despite feeling like shit and maybe that will open a way out. That’s all I can really tell you.

I just took a chance on myself- started hypothesizing that maybe I am worth more than I FEEL and starts acting like I was even if I didn’t believe it.

I started to accomplish things again and while I still struggle, I feel ready for the fight!.

Depression&Anxiety kills your passion, it doesn’t mean you can’t find interest in other things.

you can do that, force yourself to do the small things that are going to make you feel interested in something. Believe me, that helps but it takes some time so don’t get disappointed.


Just do the best you can. That’s all anyone else should expect of you, so at least do yourself the favor and give yourself the same standard.

and after that Share with us Your Stories on Depression and Anxiety, we will be glad to share it with others.


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