Stories about quitting smoking

Peoples have been smoking for years and now they need some motivation Stories about quitting smoking.

Breaking habits and addiction is so difficult, be it narcotics, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine… Stay strong and enjoy the money you’re saving.

50 Stories about quitting smoking

1- Kayla Harper:
I am on day 23 and I feel ridiculous for struggling because I never saw myself as dependent on it until I stopped.

2- Saif Abdulla:
May 17 will be my one year anniversary. Quitted cause I felt a single cigarette had more power on me than my mind itself.

I don’t want to give anything that power. After quitting, I am saving more money (of course I don’t have a Ferrari), gained more mental and physical health. 

3- Kristi Klosowski:
I quit smoking 7 1/2 years ago, I have a bunch of helpful tips. I would try cutting down first. Smoke only 2-3 per day, and only half a cigarette.

Keep yourself busy, exercise if you can. You’ll be surprised how quickly the cravings pass when you’re preoccupied.

If you still get bad cravings, try the lowest dose patch for a couple of days. And most importantly, once you stop buying packs, don’t go back!.

If you have slipped up and absolutely need to bum one, it’s ok, just don’t buy a pack! And try to avoid alcohol for a few weeks, while you’re quitting.

4- Pao Mendoza:
I used to smoke about 5/6 cigs every single day in high school but then a friend dared me to quit in exchange for a comic con ticket and I quit cold turkey, haven’t smoked since.

5- Lisa St Clair:
I quitting smoking nearly two years ago – I smoked for seven years and decided after feeling incredibly ill after smoking too much one night that I was done.

I used the gum for a few weeks to help deal with the worst of the withdrawals
it was incredibly hard – I wouldn’t have survived without the help of friends supporting me.

The best thing I did was announce to everyone I was quitting so I felt accountable and I reached out to talk to someone when an urge became unbearable or did some exercise to keep myself busy.

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6- Jordan Rae Leupold:
I smoked from 11-18, and when decided to quit, I bought one last pack, smoked ONE, and threw the pack away (I REALLY HATE WASTING MONEY).

The first couple of months were difficult, but then it was ok. Then I got pregnant so that helped. I can’t even stand cigarettes any more.

7- Alicja Marianna Pietruszewska:
Smoking since 16 but more often (pack per week) since 17. I have quit smoking since the beginning of the lockdown (in my country midway thru march) and I feel alright.

8- Penny Papaziti:
I decided to quit because I felt out of breath one day while swimming. At first, I would take like 2 hits from a friend while out drinking, but soon it felt disgusting.

Luckily I took up krav maga classes some days after quitting, so training with my lungs in full capacity made me feel even better and know that it was worth it. At the end of May, I will be 1-year smoke-free.

9- Paolo Smv story about quitting smoking:
Smoked when I was in college ’til one day my mind just said: “fu*k it, this smoking shit is disgusting and smells bad.” Never smoked since.

10- Aleksandër Tase:
I started smoking at 15, while also ironically practicing competitive swimming. It ended up degrading me physically and reminding me that I was at the mercy of some substance just to feel normal.

Each consecutive cigarette added to my addiction and to my absolute loathing and abhorrence of addiction.

At one point the hatred became so strong that I stopped cold turkey, from almost 3 packs a day to absolutely none. This was 2 years ago.

11- Cosmin Tanislav:
About 45 days free now. I stopped once the quarantine started here. I started at 16 so I was a good 4 years in.

For me, smoking is only a social thing, so it’s easy to not do it during periods of social distancing.

12- Serban Iulian:
I smoked 10 years, yeah I was 13 when I started smoking, now I am 4 months and 3 days smoke-free.

I used to smoke 15 cigs per day(20 in a pack, idk if in other countries the packs are bigger or smaller).

I used an app called flamy, you find it on google store, it says everything you want to know about what happens with your body when you stop smoking and I said, right after nye, let s start fresh this year and quit smoking for good.

The first 2 weeks without cigs were cancer, I felt like dying really, anxious angry all the time, and so on, the withdrawal symptoms but now I feel much better. Oh, drink a lot of water and start doing sports. It helps a lot.

13- Henry Roy Field:
I’m not like other stories about quitting smoking is boring… I was halfway through a pack, lit up, started puffing away… then coughed, said “this is disgusting” and threw the rest of the pack in the bin… I’d been smoking a few years.

no reason at all for just stopping like that wasn’t even planning on it… boring Smoking quitting story but it’s all I have!.

14- Anastasia White:
I started smoking right before I turned 18 after my grandpa died. Switched to vaping four months later. Quit on my birthday, March 1st of this year, after just over a year of smoking. It was absolutely miserable at first. Quitting cold turkey is awful.

15- Ajay Elliott:
Honestly, I’ve quit smoking and I don’t feel a difference at all, I had cut down a substantial amount before giving up completely so perhaps that is why.

16- Lizzie Waterfield:
Smoked since I was 13, and over years I started smoking a pack and a half a day at the age of 40 I quit for the first time .. lasted few (torturous days ..) then started again.

I’m now 44 and I’m 385 days smoke-free, I listened to an app then didn’t smoke since… no vape, no patches, it just changed the way I looked at smoking.

17- Juliana Horsley:
I’ve quit four times in the last two years but after septic shock and COPD, I feel like this one going to have to stick no matter what comes up.

18- Rapha Redfern:
said I wouldn’t smoke all through school in a group of friends where smoking was prevalent, never had any interest in it.

I had tried it and absolutely hated the taste and feel.
Had a boyfriend who vaped and occasionally I’d use his vape.
When I went to university I ended up getting a vape myself. When that broke I started having cigs, smoked a little bit, mostly socially for about a year.
Then I got a Juul and now I do that and smoke very occasionally socially.

19- Drio Donna:
actually, people’s stories about quitting smoking helped me to become like them and made more friends, and talking to a fellow smoker in a smoking area is kinda easier.

20- Celine Rivera:
I started smoking at age of 14 but I only smoke if I’m super stressed.. two years after that I started to smoke randomly and two more years I smoke always ….. and now I’m two-month smoke-free.

21- Dragos Iordache:
puffed my first cigarette when I was 12, became a pack a day smoker from 15 to 20, now I’m almost 2 months clean. the worst part about it was that I started smoking because I thought it was cool and everyone was doing it.

22- Texo Oxetal:
I quit smoking after my last cigarette 20 minutes ago, I feel so strong and confident already! I am 100% sure that I can quit smoking as often as I want from now on, I will demonstrate it again in a few minutes after I smoke my new first cig in my new life.

I’m kinda reborn!.

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23- Hana Ru:
I used to smoke when I was in my early 20s for a couple of years. My lips were dry af and my skin looked awful so I decided to stop. Even these days, I still wanna smoke but hold it in coz I wanna be pretty and look young when I get old.

24- Nichole Anne Fernandez:
I was a chain smoker. But ever since lockdown was imposed here in the Philippines, I haven’t smoked. It’s been 8 weeks!.

25- Vaggelis Baglaneas:
Been smoking since 14 y.o, that’s shy over a decade now. Quit cold turkey, lasted 3 months. Used nicotine gum and sprays, also quit for a couple of months.

I really want to stop but I just don’t feel ready. I need it with every little inconvenience that happens to me. Calm my nerves.

An excuse to get out of the house even if you will. I think of the days that ill never smoke again, but I also dread them cause I like it.

I smoke after food, with alcohol, coffee, after s*x, when driving, etc… I wonder how my health would be if never touched a cigarette.

26- Lonny Coyne:
I quit a couple of months ago it was pretty easy this time. I read a book about the cbt methods for quitting halfway through the book and halfway through a cigarette.

I just realized that I agreed with everything I was reading and I put out the cigarette and haven’t smoked since.

Not making a big deal of it helped me the first 3 days were uncomfortable but after that, it’s been really easy.

27- Miriam Munteanu stories about quitting smoking:
I smoked for about 4 years (my high school years) and during the junior year, I tried to quit cold turkey multiple times and failed each time after about 3-4 weeks.

Relapses were always the result of either a stressful event or a social gathering where everyone else smoked.

In my senior year, I decided to quit smoking as a gift for someone’s birthday. I allowed myself a couple of cigarettes every time I was at a party or going through something rough, but the next day I was a non-smoker again and it wasn’t all that difficult.

I went from 15 cigarettes a day to about 15 a year. That’s not an addiction and I can say I’ve been clean for a year now. I haven’t smoked anything in about 3 months.

I have another addiction-type of the problem that was not at all that easy to handle. I’ve been dealing with excoriation disorder for about a decade now and it basically means that I’m addicted to picking at my skin until it’s all very bloody.

I can only control it with very strict discipline, I mustn’t touch anything on my skin that triggers me, if I scratch or pick I am not allowed to eat the next day, maybe only like a sandwich and water.

Nothing else worked but this is fine, I eat every day and haven’t picked in about a month now (I’m very very proud of myself, really).

28- Ilse Hess:
In the last 5 years, I’ve stopped smoking heroin and crack. I’m not ready to quit nicotine right now and I’m not sure I’ll ever be.

29- Krimi Mohamed Amine:
I went to the hospital, one day before the surgery I sneaked out of there went to a cafeteria.

I was with a friend, he got me a pack of cigarettes but i only took one
And that was my last cigarette
84 days without smoking.

30- Ahmed Saoud:
Last year I stopped smoking for 3 months cuz I felt that nicotine is stronger than me then I knew that al in love With cigarettes and my life without cigarettes is worthless.

31- Călin Gabriel Baciu:
Was 4 or 5 years old, causing (man) gave me a puff from his cig as a joke.

I chocked out and smoke got in my eyes, aunt and another cousin (girl) gave me to drink milk and washed my face with it. Never smoked actual tobacco since then.

A few times weed last year. Enjoyed it, made me feel better about life.

32- Lorenzzo Villa:
I have little different stories about quitting smoking, it now been a month, and now I’m trying for the first time to meditate every morning and physical exercise too.

I feel I’m getting better but I still feel lonely, though I believe that soon I’ll find someone that wants to stay.
I hope everyone gets well.

33- Mia Fisher:
not my stories about quitting smoking, but my dad’s. he quitting smoking when I was born (19 years ago) and used the money to build a home cinema and put anything leftover in a savings account for me to have when I turned 18.

I put the money towards learning to drive and buying my first car.

34- Jeanne Jay:
I started smoking at 15. I got pregnant at 18 and quit for the entire thing.

Started smoking again when my daughter was about a month old (early 2012) I quit October 2016 and haven’t picked one up since. I still struggle, I still crave them sometimes especially when I’m stressed out.

35- Kate Mahler:
I started cigarettes when I was 15, finally, quit, and switched to juuling a couple of months ago and even that I barely hit. nicotine isn’t even a fun rush anymore.

36- Gabriel Merriman:
I started smoking cuz a girl I really liked offered me a smoke around age 16, got hooked, and smoked pretty heavily until I was 18, then it started to make me feel sick, which helped me cut down. I fully quit in February, haven’t smoked since.

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37- Zoe Cash:
I’ve been an on and off smoker for years. The longest iv quit for is 3 years. I always seem to start up again when iv been super stressed like losing my job or having to move house due to money issues or when I’ve been through a breakup.

 iv found the easiest way to quit is Champix a pill you get from your doctors that makes you not crave nicotine rather than using a nicotine substitute.

38- Ieva Paugaitė:
my story about quitting smoking Started this January 28, been smoking for 9 yrs, have obstructive bronchitis, don’t feel the need to smoke, and actually would not do that again not worth it.

39- Chase Cortez:
I’m not a smoker but when I was still a small child I asked my grandma how much she smoked and because I was around her all of the time when she said she didn’t know I started to count.

When my dad came to pick me up from her house I told her how many she had had since I started counting and it kinda broke her. So she asked me to keep counting every day and it slowly helped her quit.

40- Kim Tran quitting smoking story :
Non-smoker here.
This may sound bad, but I wasn’t too okay with my ex-girlfriend smoking, but I was going to start so I could be okay with it. Just a message to other teenagers to not do that, because that’s straight simply right there.

Trying to not ever do drugs or drink anymore because I need my semi-clean brain for (possibly) my future law degree. That being said I’m “trying” to stop watching porn because I do it too often.

41- Ryan Mcgilliard:
I’ve been smoking since I was 12, started with weed but swapped quickly to cigarettes, now I no longer smoke weed cause my gf asked me to cut down cause it was giving me mood swings and I’m gradually cutting down on cigarettes after 5 years.

42- Ikram Al Mabrouki:
I started smoking a while back… It started out stupidly when one of my friends would need someone to smoke with during breaks from our study sessions… I caught up to the habits of cig breaks and it became a little out of hand.

It wasn’t the nicotine so much as it was the habitual nudge. I ended up settling for a 0 nicotine vape… And now with the lockdown, I can’t get a new coil so I haven’t smoked in two weeks! I’m not really addicted I just enjoy it.

43- C Hunter Andonovski:
I smoked for 16 years (started at 11), quickly getting to the point of ranging from “a lot” a day to never being awake without one lit. I quit two and a half years ago and have finally lost most of the urge to pick one up again.

Actually, I had to light one for my sister a few months ago to realize I have no more interest in or physical need for it anymore.

My lungs were so bad ten years ago, that I didn’t notice I had double fuckin’ pneumonia, because they hurt regularly already… It’s best not to chain-smoke, I guess.

It’s really hard to quit though, so have patience with yourself if you have to do it a bunch of times.

44- Coleman Rogers:
Well, my dad has smoked since the 70s and last September he had a mild heart attack and he had to quit and he hasn’t smoked since September now and I still can’t believe it. I know it’s hard. 

45- Federico Brian Nealon:
I smoked cigarettes for 10 years. It’s been 6 months since I quit and it feels great. I’ve had some moments where I feel like I need to smoke, but the feeling goes away in two minutes.

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46- Rachel Lynn Richmond:
I have been smoking on and off for 10 years now. but I was pregnant I decided to join those stories about quitting smoking , so I stopped both times, and even while I was breastfeeding (I breastfed my second for 2 years), but now I’m back at it again. Planning on quitting again after this pack.

47- Agata Wilczek:
My mom is a smoker since forever and some of my earliest memories are of her smoking in the kitchen and locking the door so that I wouldn’t inhale the smoke.

I witnessed with my own eyes the damage smoking does to a person and it’s so heartbreaking I literally have never even touched a cigarette… She constantly coughs even during the night when she’s asleep.

I feel like she’s gonna die sooner than later because of that and this thought terrifies me, I love her so much but I can’t do anything, I can just watch.

If you’re struggling to quit just think about your loved ones and how you’re hurting them as well…and read any of these stories about quitting smoking and you will know what I’m talking about.

48- Ty Romana:
I smiled for 3 years on and off and was always trying to quit but it’s hard when all your friends smoke.

But one day I had an esophagus spasm that I get sometimes which are partially caused by smoking and I ended up puking up blood so I quit.

49- Nico Aldape:
I’ve been off cigs for about a couple of years. never got super heavy, only a few clove cigs a day, but those hit heavy and I have a generally low stimulant tolerance.

still smoke weed regularly, but tobacco just wasn’t for me. congrats on quitting! if you don’t think you can quit, you can do it!

50- Jonathan Clark:
have Your own stories about quitting smoking here was hard. I picked it up after going abroad and have quit twice now. I find that if you expect it to suck and remind yourself it’s just temporary, it’s a little easier to move forwards.

After about a week I felt like myself again, and I’ve replaced the habit with running!.


have some faith you can do it. Just think to abut a goal you love or about your future that it may be lead to getting bad…and don’t forget to share your own Stories about quitting smoking so people could learn from You.


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