Stories about long distance Relationships

what you have to understand is that Stories about long-distance relationships only make sense when you have a real plan (even if it’s a plan to do that in years) of actually moving to the same city. Uncertainty is the worst tbh.

40 Stories about long-distance Relationships

I’ve been in one for a year. It was really hard and had to have a lot of trust.

We moved in last October together once he was finished with college. If it is meant to be, it’ll happen.

Hardly, there’s no real contact so not much affection.
You can make it work, but it’s a challenge for your trust in your SO.

It did for me, kinda. We ended up getting married, except I learned that he was much different in person and we eventually got divorced.

Not sure if he was always different than I thought or if he changed over time no way to know. I wouldn’t do it again though.

Stories about Long-distance relationships will work as long as both parties involved are willing to work on their relationship, which means to be loyal, creative on love, patient, perseverance, etc.

I’ve met couples who did not last a complete year and others that have been in a distance relationship for about 4 years only seeing each other once a month or so.

I waisted 5 years with a boy who was secretly dating the girl who lived down the street from him. I honestly don’t think distance has anything to do with it.

It depends on who you’re with and what the situation is, but then when he asked for an open Relationship I break up with him

both long & short distance requires efforts in everything & for can work if you’re ready to put lots of effort!.

It depends on what your love languages are I think. If it’s physical though that’s difficult… and quality time can also be a stretch but can be done online.

Maybe look into what your own and your partners love languages are and try and see if there are ways to keep using them online if you decide to do long distance.

I have Stories about long-distance relationships for 4 months. It was brutal.

Take the love language test – if you’re quality time or physical tough it will probably be much harder than if you’re words or gifts.

I just got done with a 9-month relationship, what ended it was 2 months of a long-distance relationship.

you can be toxic to each other and enjoy it all day long as long as you can ease each other with a physical presence, otherwise, u re stuck on one reassuring the other that everything is gonna be fine till it’s not.

Unless the other loves you for yourself not the person you’re striving to be for him or her, and this thing being mutual, it sure will never gonna work out. That’s why there are so many toxic relationships, it’s only natural to want to be perfect and that’s the first mistake and the last one.

My boyfriend and I were long-distance relationships for 1.5 years before I moved down to be with him.

We drove 390 miles one way every single weekend trading off for a year straight.

It depends on both parties. If your love language is physical touches or anything that requires the person to be there physically, it’s going to be tough work.

He’s an ex now, but I met my one long term boyfriend through a video game.

We were together like 3 and a half years total lived together like the last 2 and a half, almost 3 of em.

I believe that they do. I was in one for three years before we met in person and he ended up moving in with me for two more.

it worked fine! sadly, other things caused the relationship to end, but the Stories about a long-distance relationship in itself can work out if you both actually want it and are willing to work hard for it.

My first boyfriend got deployed 6 months into our relationship. He was gone for almost 11 months. Communication is key.

Whatever frustrates you, upsets you, makes you happy, all of that is important to speak up on or else u healthy relationship will develop.

We will be celebrating 2 years together next month and we got engaged back in January! Communicate!.

They definitely can if both people make the choice for it too.

It seems like this huge daunting thing but it’s fairly simple. Save up for visits, see each other when you can, decide if you love each other enough for one of you to move then assess who has more keeping them in their state/province/country then file for a visa.

Boom. Done. I actually prefer long-distance relationships because when you’re together you really appreciate the little things.

we’ve been married almost 4 years now
Dated for a year and a half we knew each other for a few years beforehand.
Over 2 hours distance between us.

I’ve had 2, first worked for a year before we reunited but it really couldn’t have gone any longer than that, second lasted for 7 months before it went down the drain. It’s a coin toss.

I’ve been in an on and off long-distance relationship for about 6 years. It’s very hard.

I believe if two people want the same thing it’ll work but it’s probably one of the hardest things you’ll have to endure in life.

If you or the partner are insecure, it probably won’t work. Also, communicate!!! It needs to be both sided, not just one! Trust me, I tried.

It always depends. Like how far are you willing to give, and how patient you can be. I’m in one at the moment, been for a year, and it’s really hard, like even before what happened in the world right now.

You can wait and all that. You have instant messages today, and video calls, but at some point, you need the company.

And people don’t live on dreams…
Eventually, everything feels just platonic, and you start to think if it is even real.
If you can with all that I believe it’s possible. But it is a hard man.

It really depends on the two people. I was so ready to do it since I knew, in the end, it would be worth it, and id like to say I tried my best by calling him often, reminding him that I love him, making plans for the future, but he didn’t do the same.

he kept getting more distant and colder every day to a point where I found out that he’d been calling another girl to his room, yup. So yeah, hasn’t worked for me.

I’m in one now because of school and it’s working out pretty fine. We had communication issues here and there but we try to visit and see each other at least once a month.

Depends on how it’s done, texting only is the worst. Video calls, meetups are good, and calling is best, but it depends also on the people as well.

I met someone online when I was thirteen. I’m now 21 and still love him just as much. We’re not together, but if we ever get the chance.

You want it to work and you try, but after a while work and other things make it hard to see it getting any better without one of you leaving everything you have just to be with them.

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it works if you have trust in each other but ya know it’s hard so before you try being in this kind of relationship make sure that you can be honest and faithful to your partner.

I met my fiance 9 years ago on Call of Duty. He is from the USA, I’m in Canada.

We had our wedding booked for April 8th but with everything closed down, we have to wait longer lol. We have had some trying times but it all worked out in the end.

Married 10 years to a man I met online, we were long distance two years after meeting, married a year and a half, then I had to come back to the states to help get his green card.

We were apart for 9 long months before he got to come. But I never once regretted it. I think our love is stronger for the fire it went through.

When I was working nights my relationship was fresh like maybe one or two weeks in and it basically became like long distance.

He slept by the time I got to work and I slept by the time he got home so it was hard but it worked. We just happened to have the same days off so that helped.

When I was 17 I was in a long distant relationship. We got to meet one time and it was the most amazing day of my life.

I’m 30 now and can still say that was the only person I’ve ever really felt a soul connection with like that. It lasted for about 2 years.

I was in a long-distance open relationship and honestly, we loved each other enough to make it work though we explored others.

we had good communication on that front and it worked well. We broke up for reasons beyond that but I think long-distance relationships, even long-distance open relationships, really work well if you love the other person well enough.

I can tell u on Stories about long-distance relationships is that it can definitely work! I’m not going to lie, it’s hard and difficult sometimes but with confidence and trust in each other, it can work.

Stories about Long-distance relationships can work, it all depends on if you want to put in the effort for it to work or not.

I’m in a long-distance relationship right now, and we’ve been together for a year and four months. You can make it work if you put in the effort.

It works if you are patient. It worked for me for years. And I’ve seen other people in LDR for years.

You just have to be patient and have to know your partner to the very core or else you’ll be suspicious. It’s just building stronger connections.

Like every relationship it depends on the people – it takes a different kind of work and trust/communication built into the foundations, You can make it a Happy or a Sad Relationship Story depends on You

it’s not for everyone – I had one for two years that was the distance with minimal visits
it fell apart in the end but that wasn’t because of the distance.

They can work. I’m going through one now. My fiance had to move up north and we’ve been separate for 2 months now.

We video call every night and our connections are still there. We’ve been together for 5 years, so this is nothing to me.

I went on holiday to Spain in 1988 – a girl from the city met a boy from the country!! Long-distance romance and in those days we wrote letters!!!led to engagement followed by me moving to his parent’s farm.

married 4 years later in 92 and just had our 28th anniversary!! Not easy but we still going strong have 4 children too so yes they do work!.

Yes, a few things to keep in mind with Stories about long-distance relationship:

1. The shorter the distance, the better. Visits a few times per month, maybe.

2. You knew each other beforehand and it’s temporary.

3. There’s a “moving” date. A concrete plan, complete with a rough estimate on closing the distance.

Everyone’s different.. just because one person couldn’t make long-distance relationship work doesn’t mean you can’t. It’s all about the people in the relationship.

My fiance and I did over a year in the distance! It is KEY to communicate and try to do care packages as well as letting them have your own life and they theirs.

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