Should I buy a Kindle

Do Really Should I buy a Kindle? It can be so hard to do so on a phone and that’s when the Kindle really comes in handy.

I had one but it broke and I’ve not replaced it, and I really miss it when I’m at the beach or by the pool.

Let’s see what other 60 opinions about Getting a Kindle

Should I buy a Kindle?

The paperwhite is so much better on the eyes and for reading that a tablet version or phone version.

Browsing for a book without color bugs me but the reading is just so much better. That said, I learned you can’t do immersion reading on the paperwhite kind. That might not be a feature you care about but I needed it.

Get a paperwhite!! It is a fantastic reading experience, the lighting is very easy on the eyes and can be adjusted to your environment (reading in bed!), and waterproofing!

I’ve had my kindle for two weeks and have yet to charge it. I read daily for hours, that’s the main point of why You Should buy a Kindle as it’s more comfortable to hold than my phone (which I read on while my kindle was being delivered).

I got a Kindle (the paper looking one), it’s so much easier to pay attention, they’re more energy-efficient and the battery lasts forever compared to a phone. Worth the money!

I have the one that looks like paper but it’s backlit in case you read in the dark, usually some of the lowest light settings are enough at night, you only need the brighter settings outdoors.

I love my Kindle. It feels great to read for long periods, totally different than staring at your phone. I would never actually read a full book on my phone, personally.

The month-plus battery life is a great perk as well.

Kindle is better if you get headaches or migraines from the screentime, or if you get distracted by messages, etc. I love my kindle. Do I use it as much as I should? Nope.

I’ve never owned one, but from what I’ve seen, kindles look really nice.

They have screens that don’t hurt your eyes as much as a phone, and they would probably help prevent distractions while reading.

I have one that’s almost ten years old (no backlight) and while the battery only lasts for a few days, it works great and holds hundreds of my books.

The screen is better than any phone or tablet for reading text.

One thousand times yes!! You can really a whole book without recharging it, the backlight is perfect and without it looks like you’re reading on paper… it’s worth every penny.

Kindle is better for me because I don’t have messages and other notifications popping up on the screen and dragging me away from my book.

If you’re going to read only on your kindle. Do not get the kindle 10. I feel it is way too big to read on but love reading on my 8.

I’ll read on my 8 over my phone but will read on my phone over the 10. If that makes sense.

So worth it, especially if you read in bed. The e-ink is easier on your eyes than a tablet, and the backlight means no lamp. Highly recommend.

Honestly I can’t believe people read books on their phones. I can’t believe people watch shows on their phones either, but that’s neither here nor there.

Get a kindle. A paperwhite, not a tablet.

Amazon Fire tablets are really cheap and you can probably download the kindle app and other apps on it or you can get another cool tablet where you can download games.

The kindle really is a lot better than a phone when it comes to reading. It’s also a lot better than tablets. E-ink screens just work better for them.

I always wanted to buy a kindle and I bought and then I’d read a couple more books than usual.

I haven’t put it down because it’s so convenient and it doesn’t hurt my eyes so I can read for hours.

I love my Kindle Paperwhite! The backlight and being able to read it outside are great features.

Plus if I read on my phone I have the urge to check other apps.

Get a Kobo instead, they’re way more open and let you add books easily from many sources. Kindle is much more of a hassle if you’re not buying directly from Amazon.

I have a nook glowlight and before I started listening to audiobooks I used it all the time because it’s like looking at a page so comfy for your eyes, much better than a tablet for reading.

It’s absolutely worth it. Buy an inexpensive paperwhite. It looks like paper and has a battery that lasts weeks.

It blows a phone out of the water when it comes to actually read on it. It doesn’t strain your eyes since it’s e-ink instead of a bright screen.

I bought a kindle and I love it! The battery lasts for weeks so you don’t have to worry about your phone dying while reading and the display is way better.

I have a kindle but I don’t use it as I prefer a real book. But if you know for sure you will use it, a kindle is better than a phone for your eyes.

I have one and it’s amazing, much much different than reading on a regular cell phone/tablet screen.

A kindle white is SO worth having. I don’t even read often (like SO rarely) but it’s so much better than having a bunch of books that I’ll read eventually once every so often. I’m not gonna have one.

It depends on a few things. The Kindle is convenient: better lighting for your eyes, better battery life, storage/organization exclusively for your media you want to read.

The app is better if you don’t have as much time to dedicate, if you have a decent way of supporting your phone battery, if you don’t want to keep track of another device, or if you want to save the money.

If you might struggle to read books on your phone because of the screen light then yes You should go for a kindle or just an e-reader in general.
Otherwise, the app works fine.

if you think you’re gonna use it a lot: do it.

I think Kindles are amazing and so worth it. you can have so many books in them, and the screen and everything are adjusted to read.

but if you don’t believe you’d use it that much, yeah go for the app.

but the screen light (?) will make your eyes tired and also the size of the screen really makes it harder, unless you have a big phone lol.

but overall I think it’s totally worth it if you’re a bookworm.

If you read the long term, as a passion, buy a Kindle.

The experience is nice, different but pleasant. If reading is just something rare to do for you, the phone is still ok.

I love mine. I have a hard time reading on my phone because I’m too easily distracted. Plus it’s easier on my eyes since it’s literally made for reading.

The big difference between reading on a phone screen and the display on the Kindle. No blue light and looks just like ink on paper.

Plus no distractions from other apps and notification. Totally vote Kindle!.

I’d recommend that You should buy a kindle but only if you get the paperwhite otherwise you might as well use the app.

The paperwhite feels like reading an actual book but the fire is just another tablet.

I wanted it badly but settled on using my phone for now. I do the tinted setting and turn the light low so it looks more like paper.

It’s also light to hold when I’m lying in bed. I think I’ll get a paperwhite whenever a new version comes out or this one goes on sale.

I got a kindle paperwhite, nothing fancy but I literally use it constantly. Just do it, totally worth it.

if you read a lot I definitely recommend an actual kindle device over the phone app.

my phone is way too distracting to actually read Sad Short Stories on it and the light from it will hurt my eyes after a while rather than whenever I read from my kindle because that just appears like a book.

Kindles are much better…
I have a few ebooks on my phone
But I find that my phone is distracting and it dies really fast when I’m reading on it.

If you read ebooks, the advantages of why you should Get a Kindle over your phone are many, including:
– better battery life (like charge it maybe once every 2 weeks, or longer if you don’t use it as much)
– a larger screen so it feels more natural for reading
– the screen is lit without blue light so it won’t keep you up if you are reading at night
– no glare
– the newest Kindle Paperwhite model is waterproof
– you won’t get distracted by other stuff like texts, emails, etc.

I love my kindle! I can’t imagine reading from my phone or iPad after having one.

It helps I got mine as a gift but I never in a million years would have thought I liked reading from it. It’s easy on the eyes!.

Kindles are nicer. If you’re a reader you’ll appreciate that WAY more. They’re easier to read from, more user friendly, and just a better experience to read off.

I struggle to explain how much of a difference my Kindle has made for my reading habits. I wish I’d bought it many years earlier.

It’s simple, keeps a charge for a very long time (days or weeks), and is MORE readable in brightly lit environments. Money very, very well spent, IMO.

It depends on what kind of kindle you’re looking at. I got a paperwhite and I LOVE it but if you’re looking at a kindle fire you may as well just use your phone or get a better tablet.

I highly recommend that You should buy a Kindle, it’s worth it, your eyes won’t get tired, and you save lots of money and space.

My hands are tiny so reading books that are +1000 pages is difficult for me, and that’s not a problem with ebooks.

Buying my kindle was one of the best decisions I could have possibly made for my mental health this year.

I was reading on my phone and kept thinking “oh this is fine, I don’t mind” but my kindle is SO MUCH better.

It’s nicer on the eyes with the kindle if you read a lot. I find the screen on my iPad can give me a bit of a headache after a while, even in dark mode.

I don’t go anywhere without my Kindle. Yes, I do love paper books, but I also hate abusing them. My Kindle is so easy to toss in my bag and take everywhere.

The E-ink screen is so much easier on your eyes than reading on your phone. I’ve had my current Kindle for over 3 years and believe me I have not treated it nicely this is why You should buy a kindle. It still works perfectly.

Reading on your phone is awful for your eyes! I know I can’t read too much without getting them irritated.

A kindle will be much kinder to your eyes, their batteries last longer, some of which are even waterproof. If you read a lot I’d 100% get a kindle.

Get one used for cheap! I like the ones with paper-like backgrounds. It is much easier on my eyes than a traditional screen, and these days, I’m getting far too much screen time.

I never got past the first 2 chapters in an ebook on my phone in a decade.

Bought a Kindle Paperwhite and I’ve finished 20+ books in 2 months and sometimes I’m so engrossed in the story that I forget it’s not a book and try to turn the page.

I read in a lot of low light settings and it’s fantastic.

Apps are great, but an actual Kindle can be super cheap and is absolutely a way nicer experience for reading.

If I actually physically read instead of doing audiobooks id 100% own one.

my kid has an iPad and a phone and he still wanted a kindle. he feels less tempted to play other games when he’s reading. plus its got a cute cover.

so I say get one if you want one.

I have a kindle oasis (which was a gift, if I had bought a kindle for myself I would get a paperwhite) and I highly recommend them.

They are so easy to use and lightweight.

They hold 10,000 books and reading on it will be better for your eyes than reading on your phone.

Reading on your phone is not the same. I have a Kobo and it’s just like looking at a book, doesn’t give you a headache or strain your eyes.

Also, ignore the people saying ebooks aren’t actually reading that’s ridiculous of course they are and not everyone has room for hundreds of books or wants to lug multiple ones around with them.

Kindle is 100% worth it, the screen is much easier to read for long periods of time or outside, and it’s easier to sleep after reading on a kindle than a phone because of the type of screen.

If you read a lot, the answer is a big yes. You Should Buy a kindle as soon as possible as  The screen is so much better, crisper and no glare and the backlight goes however far down you want it to so by day it’s like reading on paper, and by night you can read without the screen light interfering with your sleep.

I get anxious if I leave the house without my kindle. I love it beyond words. I have 400 books on it for every mood and need. It is a magical gift from the gods.

I struggle to read books properly on phone screens, I think it’s the blue light or something, and I love my kindle so I definitely recommend it.

Kindle is the best thing I ever bought, sure you can get it on your phone but I personally don’t like reading on such a tiny screen.

You can get covers for your kindle to make it kind of “feel” like a book, most of them are backlit so you can read in the dark and they have amazing battery life too.

I’ve had my kindle for nearly four years now, and it’s still going strong!.

I like the actual Kindle better because I like reading on that type of screen rather than on a phone screen, and If you want to know when to buy a kindle I would Say when Phone screens hurt Your eyes and give You a headache after too long that’s it, whereas the kindle screen doesn’t do that to me. I like my Kindle Paper White!.

I got an actual one because the screen is non-glare. Definitely worth it in my opinion! The screen is easier on the eyes and it’s easy to read in any light situation too.

I’m obsessed with my Kindle. But I also read all of the time and even tho I love the feel of a book it’s very easy and I have access to so many more books than I would have at my library.

If you’re an avid reader, DEFINITELY. Reading on your phone is garbage in comparison to the real deal. The “eInk screen” makes all the difference.

If you’re not a big reader it might not be worth it however.


If you asked me if I’m really should buy a kindle or no, I would answer  I’m a big fan of my Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle is Way easier on the eyes than a phone, especially when reading late at night. Also, way easier to read in direct sunlight, so you can take it to the beach.




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