Short story with moral Lesson

do you know that Short Story with moral Lesson has a high impact on Changes in Your Life?.

the reason is that it sends a Direct Message to Your Mind, which in order to Change the way of how you think about everyone and of course about life.

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2 Short Story with moral Lesson

1- Last Grave Short Story:

The day his father died, he became the richest person in the world. All the treasures, visible and hidden, seemed to him in his pocket. That day he had everything, and he could have anything he wanted. But one thing! And what it could be? He didn’t have the power to make his father alive again. And that was the thing that no one could have.

Death against life was equal to everyone, it didn’t matter one was the rich or poor.
Everyone, his relatives, his friends, his father’s friends, had gone one by one but he was still standing on the grave thinking, “one day I will also die just like you like everyone leaving each and everything behind in this world.

You spent your whole life to make it more and more comfortable and luxurious and you made it too definitely. You earned money more than anyone could earn in thousands of lives…I know It’s kinda not a Short story with moral lesson but let’s be honest it has a Direct message.

But what happened in the end? Look! Here you are having not a single penny in your coffin. And it is just because you are dead.

You never thought about it. Why? Why and how? How a person like you could forget such an important thing. You missed it. You made a mistake. A major mistake! Just like every other person, you followed the wrong path.

A clear wrong path! But I will not follow you. I will not follow anyone. I will make my own path. I will change my fate. Not only my fate but also the fate of the whole world. I don’t need money. I don’t need anything till I couldn’t have it forever. I will spend every coin if I would have to but I will become…”.

He was just eighteen years old when he took this oath to himself. He shifted his eyes from the grave and looked at his watch. It had been very late. Sun had sunk. Guards were waiting for him. He drew an artificial rose from his pocket put it on the grave and left the graveyard.

But he also forgot one thing there: important and big decisions shouldn’t be made at night.
In the next few days, he employed thousands of people.

He appointed doctors, engineers, scholars, philosophers, magicians, painters, writers, poets, teachers, students and so on. One must say he gathered most intelligent minds from all over the world and he gave them just one task. A task that wasn’t new for human beings.

Human beings had been working on that for centuries. He said to them, “do whatever you can do but make me immortal”. He also appointed thousands of travelers whose work was just to find the water of life.

He paid all of them in lacs for years and made assure the availability of everything that those people demanded.

The things that could be useful to make him alive forever. But all went in vain. Years passed in seconds and he died at the age of seventy.

And the day he died, another organization somewhere else in the world, working on the same idea announced, “we have invented a thing that can make human beings immortal. And the good news is it’s priceless and it’s easy to make. You can make it by yourselves at home”.

No one died after that and It is said that people used to make fun of that person’s grave in those days which was the last one on earth.

Last graves! It was the time when human beings used to live only on earth. There were so many mysteries. The biggest problem was the death and how to become immortal. And today after thousands of years when there is not such a place in this universe where we, human beings are not present. All the mysteries have been solved and now, our biggest problem is life and how to become mortal again.

so we come to the end know…do you think It’s a short story with moral lesson or no? waiting for Your Comments.

2- Gift from god short Moral Story:

There are lots of gifts in our lives. Some are given by parents, siblings, our respectable relatives and so, loving friends. In front of my eyes, observations, and experience. In front of my understanding to they all are very little gifts. Let’s go to complete the title first “Life is the most precious gift of God”.

I hope you all are agreed with me. This little title is very simple but the little title has great meaning. I hope I will be successful somehow to make you understand what really I wanna say. Do you ever think about life what is it? I think some know the importance and values of life but the majority of us don’t know those values the importance of life which they have to know. Think deep for a minute only. Do you know that? Life is the most beautiful gift of God.

I think not only the precious gift of God. It is mostly the most precious gift of God. Do you know how?
If I start explaining how life is precious for us then I think in my dictionary words will end but the blessings of life and graceful of life will not end to complete and explain.

Because I am helpless to define the beauty of life in my words. I don’t have enough words to define your people…that’s is the point of Story with a moral lesson

But giving you very little examples. Look at-in surroundings as I told you in the beginning that Life is the most precious gift of God.

But except life Have you ever think what other gifts God has given you? If you are fine now and reading right now it means you have your eyes to see everything, if you are holding a cell phone it means you have your good hands, if you are sitting in front of computer or laptop it means you are able to sit and have no disability, if you are going to drink water it means you have your proper legs to walk comfortably how such a fit person you are, suddenly your mother calls you now hahaha and heard her voice properly it means you are great listener too. Why you don’t think so?

You can see everything, the beauty of nature, the beauty of God and the most the beauty of people. You have your hands to grip anything. You have your proper legs to run and walk easily. You love and like listen to beautiful things. You have good and proper ears to listen to every beautiful voice. The voice of birds, natures and loving songs. You are a great listener too.

Then give some to yourself to think. And ask yourself why I am upset all the time?

Why I am unhappy? Why I am in so many tensions? Why I am in so many dispersions without any hesitation? Why I am crying without any sold and specific reason? Why I am doing comparisons with others? Why I am thinking all the time that I have nothing because my God blessed others not me? Now think about it.

Why I become so selfish for others? Is God not bless me? Is God not helps me in every second of my life while looking, walking, running, smelling, tastings, holding anything, and listening? Ask with those who are not able to see natures beauty just because they are blind, ask with those who are not able to listen good voices of their parents and most loving siblings just because they are deaf, unfortunately,

ask with those who are not able to express their feelings, emotions, ideas and not able to ask for their needs just they could not speak any single word unluckily just because they are dumb people and ask with those who are not able to run not even to walk free just because they are physically unfit and they are disabled people.

Because they all are innocent helpless people to God. Instead of getting unhappy, instead of getting sad, instead of getting in depression, instead of getting cry, instead of making excuses and instead of making complaints to others.

They are happy in their lives. They all are satisfied in their life. And maybe you noticed or not but once you should notice that they will give great lessons to us about life. There many people who are born as disable. But they never think about it.

They face the upcoming challenges. They don’t care about it either they are disabled or helpless. But always observe that the love to see the big dreams and do hardships to achieve it. They set their goals and targets of life.

They always try to do something different from others. One of the great woman Helen Keller said that “How fortunate people are those who born into this world with two eyes to see the colorful nature’s beauty” she was one of them who are neither could see or hear. But she gives the message to those who are deaf, dumb and blind that “You can do everything in this world”…and that is the main goal of a short story with moral lesson did you get it yet?

So, please don’t get upset. Start giving importance to yourself and others too. Be thankful to your loving God for giving everything and such a beautiful life to you. And be thankful to make you such a genius person and giving every beautiful part of your body. And enjoy your most colorful life. Don’t waste it in comparison. Because God made you a beautiful person. He (God) really loves you so much. Because life is very precious you can never pay the money of your life to your God. Be thankful and only be thankful.


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