Short story about positive thinking

Prove to yourselves that you are the best like those Short story about positive thinking, make your dreams within you, support them persistently, spread them with a powder of patience, then cover them with good thinking, and send them to the heights of the sky”.

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3 short story about positive thinking :

1- how I had become a positive person:

You will now Read the most Shocked Short story about positive thinking, I am Shomous Bakash, a student at Bahri University, College of Medicine, second level
I am 20 years old
and, I currently have recovered from depression and panic disorder after a year and a half with a struggle

My story with panic disorder started in October 2012 when I had Tests
She was going coming to me every day for two months before the test certificate, and every day I was walking in the emergency convulsive and silent.

but unfortunately, because of the culture of mental illness in Sudan, they only gave me oxygen and they returned me home and the situation continued for 5 years until I enter the university and felt that this situation is not normal.

At the beginning of a second year in July 2018, my mother diagnosed with cancer and here was the shock to me.

And by virtue of the fact that I am completely obsolete, I do not speak, I kept everything locked in me, it turns into many diseases

Every day I wish to die a thousand times of distress, anxiety, fear, and sadness, It wasn’t a Short story about positive thinking for a long time.

I was at night checking my mother because I was afraid to lose her at any moment
Every day I wake up sleepless.

I accidentally met a friend who was suffering from bipolar disorder, and I told Leo, who insisted that I meet a psychiatrist, and it started from here.

I met a psychiatrist who has diagnosed me with severe disease and I start to take medications.

I used to take medication every time and then Stopped for a short period of time, and I become worsened but after 4 months. I made a decision that I wanted to be good

because my mother knew and remained scared of me…but I decide to be Positive

I kept persevering with medications and interviews, praise be to God, I am completely calm, healthy and very happy with my victory over my disease, that’s what to be positive mean.

I decided to look at the light and tell my Short story about positive thinking so that all people fight depression and what you fear
Psychiatric illness is not a defect and the age of the mental patient. What was crazy is just a person who was subjected to certain conditions and weak.

Currently, praise to God, I am a motivational speaker in the field of mental health and also a worker in raising awareness of the importance of mental health and how to deal with mental patients and how we can support them and offer them everything so that they recover

Also, praise to God, I was able to be one of the founders of the #Social Support Group initiative, interested in raising awareness of mental health, providing free psychiatric clinics and medicines, and training students at various educational levels.

Finally, I want to say, O group of mental illness, such as headache and abdominal pain, they have medications and it is a cure.

What you think is that you are a have illness, meaning that your life is over
no never.

No, It’s just a test of what all people can easily pass, right, but we all can fight .. We all have the opportunity to prove for ourselves, because life does not stop and we have to live it.

We fight it with optimism, ambition, and love of people Lina what to cry and isolation and suicide attempts

We all have people who love us, so we must remain good to them, Just keep be Positive and kick out all negative thought from Your mind.

Stay healthy because wellness is permitted

By: Shomoos Bakash

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2- when life gets tough, You have to face it:

“You will not succeed, you will fail, It’s Not Your career, you are stupid and you mustn’t try ”

This is what people say, and always said to break our goals, these words from disappointed people, people who went through experiments and failed, and as a result of their failure, they want the rest of the people to become like them.

I remember in college when I was in the first semester of the first year, the Top Student was a girl, and my goal becomes to be the first, so a lot of people told me at that time It’s very hard and I will never make it in the Second semester as girls have a Strong mind like a robot, and stuff like that.

My friend at the same time challenged me.

I accepted the challenge, to prove for myself that nothing is impossible and the words of people are nothing and then I go through the experience.

Thanks to god, I was able to be the first in the Second Semester, and I proved to myself
what else people disagree with me, the reason is they were not Positive, on the other side I become More positive in my life.

“The important thing is that I grew up in the eye of myself, and the biggest challenge was to maintain the achievement. I got out of the stage of challenges with the people and so I keep entering into challenges with myself in all Semester and thank God I was able to keep on my own grades what I graduated ..

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Why do I judge my failure when I didn’t try to do it?
Why do I believe that I am stupid and I have not tried to be a successful obsessive and an intelligent and perhaps supernatural?
Why let us allow ourselves the words of people?
Why didn’t we see that we have the right to succeed, to be happy and to permanently erase failure from the dictionary of our lives?
Why we didn’t try to achieve our dreams?

leave your dreams to yourself, what you are trying to prove let it also for Yourself.

“prove to yourselves that you are the best, the most worthy, and most worthy of success, make your dreams within you, support them persistently, spread them with a powder of patience, then cover them with good thinking, and send them to the heights of the sky”.

what I tried to say Just keep in Your life the Positive things only.

3- my Short story about positive thinking :

The truth is, I didn’t try to prove myself. I tried to know her, and when I started to know her, I was able to express it more clearly.

The idea of vivant (perfumes mixed on the basis of personality) which was simply a combination of my passion for characters and perfumes and the fact that our choices are always random.

Most of them are based on our harmony with the needs we choose, so our choice of perfumes can indicate the harmony of our qualities with the component features of the perfume we have chosen, this is not necessarily a definitive guide to why those who love wooden perfumes are passionate. And the ones who like flowers are sensitive characters.

And because there are no scientific studies that prove that the idea is that as personalities we have a certain degree of diversity and therefore our choices can reflect this diversity in specially blended perfumes.

No perfume scent is special and beautiful but. Fragrances that are in tune with our differences and reflect edited from here I started mixing aromatic oils based on the similarity of the aroma theme with personality traits.

The best way vivant understands that you see it as a painting or a book can get your attention. Sure, what you need in your life.

But they can add a special flavor and a different color the main reason that vivant found that there are many beautiful and special fragrances around us.

But that’s not enough for those looking for meaning. Only the quality of their choices is based on the popularity of the fragrance or the number of recommendations and positive opinions about it.

But how much it is in harmony with their characters and its stability and why can it be scented with a beautiful fragrance but.

As long as you can scent with a fragrance that reflects your personality and uniqueness, here is our motto ” Embrace your individuality”, embrace your individuality and distinguish you. What you’re obliterating…that’s what Short story about positive thinking mean

I remember that I always had a passion for perfumes, but if my father had not provided me with enough love, acceptance, support, and encouragement, I would not have had that courage to start doing the love.

This makes me think about the number of creative possibilities and ideas that exist around us and that you can see the light if you find encouragement, faith, and sufficient support.

Believe in yourself and read a Short story about positive thinking, Because it will learn you a lot no matter how I heard lectures and my village wrote human development books and you found encouragement from the people.

If you don’t believe in yourself, it will be for you, it’s all words until you show your faith in yourself. Here the talk turns me into an act and a concrete reality…


By: Taghreed Naif Al Jaffalee



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