Short Story about Betrayal

Short Story about Betrayal Make us think about Ourself, and Why We Have Reached a New Whole level of betrayed but Just Remember when Your mind tempts you to do a bad thing just look at Yourself on the Mirror and think again about Your Partner or the one that You will Betray him

We will Leave You now with those awful 7 Betrayal stories, but don’t forget what we have told You.

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7 Short Story about Betrayal:

My parents were divorced when I was 4. When I was 13, my dad met another woman and my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. When I was 14 he married the woman (fake name Ann) and my mom passed away. My dad was abusive to me and eventually to Ann, she told my school and they help us get away. I lived with Ann for 5 months until child services said she hadn’t been in my life long enough to let me stay with her and I went into foster care a week after I turned 16.

Now the more relevant part. Ann and I were extremely close. She expressed many, many times that she loved me just as much as her own two (adult) children and very much treated me so. I viewed her as a second mother, especially after my mom died. I even called her mom. When we escaped my father that was another level of bonding between us and being told that I had to leave her and live with strangers (who were wonderful people, I adore them and even now as an adult consider them family) was extremely traumatic after the last two years I had endured.

When I left to foster care, all of a sudden she was just gone. Wouldn’t return my calls, wouldn’t text me, wouldn’t talk to me on Facebook, anything. This woman I was so close to, loved as a parent, and who I depended on for so long just up and left me to navigate my new world by myself.

10 years later, it still fucks me up. I have trust issues for a laundry list of reasons, but at the top of the list is this. People tell me they’ll always be here for me, always be my friend, always love me, etc and I’ve never fully believed it. Even my husband, who I adore, who adores me and whom I have 4 kids with, there’s a part of me that still is braced for that Short betrayal Story.

I’ve had therapy but this particular problem just won’t budge and it’s heavily affected me. Recently I’ve been considering sending her a message or communicating to her in some way how deeply I was hurt by this, how betrayed I felt, and how it affects me to this day, but I don’t know if that would be constructive, pointless or cruel.

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I broke up with my abusive ex like 2 years ago and then I left the country for good and so a month after we broke up he texts my best friend (Janice) and tells her god knows what BS and she ends up believing him and so Janice and I end up in a huge fight cuz she doesn’t believe me so I cut her off my life.

A few months later Janice’s friend texts me saying that Janice talks a lot about u she misses u and cries while drunk so I forgive Janice & we become friends again. (Happened in Feb 2019)

Today I just happen to see that my ex and Janice follow each other on Instagram and I’m like what?

So a quick recap- Janice hated my ex, never supported my relationship cuz she knew he was abusive and she just couldn’t stand a guy like him, always pushed me to end things with him but I was weak so I couldn’t.

Me and husband, have been trying for a baby for a few months now.

I told my mother (I told her to keep it a secret), I had family members calling me; telling me she told them to convince me to stop trying.

It stopped for a little until recently my brother and sister in law announced they are expecting.

My mother called a bunch of family members and family friends and told them me and he was trying and I’m “so upset about it”, and to not mention them expecting around me.

It was supposed to be a secret between only me and her. Nobody else is as supposed to know. I’m so upset with my Short Betrayal Story, I was hoping that everything goes okay between me and her.

She has a problem with drinking a lot, this isn’t the first time she’s told my business to everybody. I’ve told her how upset I was with her and she proceeded to say “ after everything I did for you and you hate me”.

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my mom died when I was around a year old. She was a teacher and we’ve been getting a pension. They said it would keep on receiving money until I turn 18 years old. I am currently 17.

My dad is the one holding the bank account because I was still a baby back then and he remarried and had kids. We don’t technically live under the same roof anymore because my aunt took me in since I was three and I’ve been living with her until now.

My dad used to help in supporting me financially but he has Betrayed us and doesn’t do so nowadays. I am entering college next year and also need funds for other expenses. My aunt said I should have the bank account entitled to me already because it’s only one of the few things my mom has left for me.

I asked my dad about the account and he said he’s been using it, and by the way, he talked, I think he uses it quite regularly. He said he used it for some medical bills, probably when my siblings were born and he also mentioned buying materials for his catering business with it.

I don’t really know how much money it accumulated before or what’s left of it now but my aunt insists that I should have it and use it for my own needs or wants.

she also told me that he had an old Betrayal Short Story in the Past so I have to be aware of that, I’m doing all my Best now to get the Account.

My husband and I have been together for 16 years since I was 16. He’s always treated me like shit and he betrayed me a lot of times At some point, I started standing up for myself, but couldn’t bring myself to leave him.

My grandma, who raised me and is the only person I could potentially go to for support or help in leaving him, has instead always taken his side and pressured me to stay with him because we have kids and she sees us as romantic archetypes instead of miserable human beings.

Ever since I started expecting to be treated with a grain of respect and expecting him to actually contribute to the household instead of just hanging out with his friends, playing video games and spending all our money to be stoned off his ass 24/7, she has been giving him a minimum of $200 per year to put up with my shit, but the bad thing about my Short Betrayal Story here is that he used this money to hang out with his friends.

On top of that, she gives him $400 every time she knows we’re having problems. He and I are getting divorced but I have no idea how to deal with her.

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One of the very first times I played alone, maybe two years ago, I had spawned in with an AK my friend gave me the evening before.

I had no idea where I was (and still don’t) but I was somewhere in the middle of the map I think. I’m dying of thirst and ran into a disheveled guy with hardly any gear. He was doing an RP thing so I played along while he led me to water and I had absolutely no clue that I was about to be ambushed with Betrayal. As I’m drinking he tells me I’m being held up and to drop my gear as two of his friends with rifles step out from cover

Not really a short betrayal story but back in the mod days when I was new I met someone at ballot airstrip who kindly gave me an m4. I was ints with a friend and he kept telling me to kill him and take his gun so when we finally met up we’d both be armed.

Every time he turned around I aimed at his back but I just couldn’t do it, he was such a nice guy and I wasn’t desensitized to the whole betrayal business like I am now. I actually lead him all the way to my friend in chemo who had said he’ll do it but he couldn’t do it either

I remember he ended up passing out from low blood later on so we took all the stuff from his backpack and ditched him.

It’s weird to think if it was today I would have shot that man immediately because of all the betrayals I’ve experienced playing games like days.


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