ugly girl sad story

Morning…It`s a new shining day with people all around the world putting their fake smiles using their Hypocrites Character when they talking to each other

I was born in a poor family that doesn`t have much money…okay let`s say we only have money for eating not like other rich families

My sad story started when I join a new school, It was mixed School with girls&boys that are also in the same class.

let`s Divided my Sad Story into Sections:

First: the face of the ugly girl
Second: the clothes of the ugly girl

First: at the first of days at the New School I have got a lot of bully from the Students because of my face that is not like the other student`s in the School, I was the creepy one here, I was the dark one here, I was the Poorest girl here, I was everything that`s bad here

all the day’s students ( Girls and Boys ) were talking and laughs only on me I remember one of them said to me ” Why you didn`t clean the Bathroom of the School well ”
he is referring to me as a maid

but do you know what is the saddest part here?
My mother is working as a maidservant

in fact, I`m not sad about the job of my mother or the job It self…but I`m sad about the way of how he through this sentence
does he know that without us or without people working in these fields ( maidservant, farming, etc ) his life or other people that bully about this job will suffer a lot
so please stop saying any bad words or annoyance them.

the second word that I remember also is
” Your face is like my shoes ” It`s nothing but for me and as I had only 15 years old that`s broke my heart and make me sad for a long period when I remember this
and unfortunately I was really very ugly, It`s god matter and we have to be thankful for this but why people are so rude, okay I`m ugly but don`t say something like that to me or any other one.

and let`s jump to the second Section: there was a uniform for the School but out the School when they see me my clothes they acting like they are showing kindness but It was mixed with hypocrisy

and at a day something happened that makes me don`t go to the School for about 2 months and I didn`t either go for exams…In fact, I left my new school

some of the Girls seemed that they are kind and one of them come to me and she told me ” hey (..) what if I get to you my some of my clothes I don`t wear them anymore, at first I refused but she said to me that we are trying to be friends and girls do this It`s okay and I said okay with big hug and thanks”

You know that feeling when you get a new thing or when you won a prize…I was feeling exactly the same

but I didn’t know that`s a trap…there was a birthday party of one of the girls…and I was invited by the girl who gives me clothes she told me ” You have to go to the party with the new clothes that I have given to you ”

It was nice clothes…
but here we go after 1 hour of the party and in front of everyone in the Birthday something happened that you will even think It`s a true story…she told me to take off my clothes, I was thinking that she was joking but his face didn’t say that…now I know they all trap me

after I take off my clothes in front of about 30 student`s ( Girl and Boys with avg 14-15 Years old )

she said and here is the birthday gift she took the clothes and put them on a Dog…I cry and run out and everyone was looking at me and laughs…idiots!

and please don`t say in comments that you were with kids as they were only 15 years old
okay but their parents are Useless then? did they didn`t learn them how to respect others?

so I`m saying to every parent`s Read stories here on the site…Please make your Children stop bully other people.

that`s is a very very short part of my sad story


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