Sad Stories to read

1- Sad Stories to read about True love:

  • I love my Dad:

do you know who is the man in the photo?
he is my Dad..waiting for the train moving, and I’m inside the train.

The beautiful thing here that’s I’m 26 Years old going to my Military Service after the 1-week Vacation, he treats me like I still have 6 years old this is what I called a True love.

despite millions of Relationships, You will never have a True love better than Your Family.
this is Amir Hifzalla’s father from the Middle East…This is True Family.

We have another Sad story about True Love Mahmoud Ibrahim he Says, I love my father, I’m afraid that at some time I might lose him, I know that this Moment will Come maybe today, Maybe Tomorrow.

So what I want to say to anyone, You will fall in love with some pretty girl someday but Remember one thing and keep it in Your mind, She will never love You just as much as Your Family.

if You are living with Your family now and didn’t marry until that moment, get up and Kiss them and hug them, they are all things in Your Life.

I’m not attacking the girls, but what happened to me in my life Changed it to a better thing.

there was a girl that I fell in love with her for a Long Time, and we plan how our Future will look like, but do you know what she did?

She breaks up with me and says that we are not for each other and do you know the Reason?

because my Military Service will be 3 Years, not just a 1 year, she Prefers to break up and not waiting these 3 years so we can Stay with each other for the rest of our life !.

I Cry every day, but one day my dad told me that what happened is good for me as if She left me and couldn’t wait 3 years, how she will be with You all Your life.

I accept my fate, let me honest Don’t trust girls or New Relationships, Just trust Your Family they are all Your Power, I’m waiting now what the life will throw me to…that’s all I have for Sad Stories to read


Sad Couples

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2- Cancer Stories to read:

I waited and I won.. I will go to heaven:

That’s what a cancer patient said and described it as “her will”. Some words bore neither upset nor fear from passing away after a short journey that wore out a body of a twenties girl that was hit by bone cancer. It began with one of her legs before it spreads through her whole body like the ink in water.

“The tumor has already spread. We’re all returning to our god. Now, I can say with braveness that the war is over, but not cancer who one. no, it’s me, I waited and won the battle, I am going to heaven. I was always tolerating, and grateful to god as he’ll compensate me well for all of that.’ that is what was said by ‘Eman Ahmed”, she called it “The will”, many of Facebook users shared it and prayed a lot for her.

She got lots of support and sympathy from many thousands of the users that saw her words and was affected by these words. That’s because she really tolerated this fatal disease that wore out her body and health completely, she only thought about what she will gain because of this patience about this disaster in the afterlife.

It all began six months earlier after she had graduated from the faculty of commerce and tried to find a job and made use of her free time making hand made stuff.
Her life totally changed after she had known that she had bone cancer, and the doctors saw that her left leg must be cut as the tumor had completely taken control over it, a few months later she – and all the doctors she was dealing with – thought that she has completely get rid of her diseases, the illness returned but much stronger and colonized her whole body not only a part of it, her illness was too tough to be cured by chemotherapy and the treatment was almost useless except for few harms it causes, her hair completely fall, her body became much weaker, but there’s always been her smile that the illness couldn’t beat.

The last words said by Eman showed that she was not sad at all because of her condition or because she would pass away… but she was only sad because of her mother’s sadness.


3-  Sad People Stories to read:

My physics Teacher is the Best:

Sad People Stories

This is my physics teacher…at the year of 2003 I made a Project but unfortunately, the Project didn’t go well and some bad guy scams me and my Friends.

Do you know what my friends did? they Hold me the responsibility for this scam because the people who scam us come from my Side.

I become owe them with 1000$…do You imagine it?
a Kid in the Middle School and have to pay 1000$…and of course, I can’t tell my parents about what happened and of course about my signature in all that liability what a miserable life right?

I was a well hard work student…but I become less focused on everything all that matters is how I’ll get this money? what can I do there are no many Options!

so my physics teacher Recognized my change and that I became less focused, and he told me to wait after the Class.

he asked me why I had Changed? I told him that there is nothing and everything is okay.
but he insisted that I have to tell him and he keeps pressure on me…I start to cry and tell him everything.

after a few seconds, he asks me did you give your friends any amount of money?
I told him Yes, I pay 30% of what I owe to them 300$, he asks me again go to the Class and get Your friends that You owe money for them.

I did this, he told them where is the liability? they showed it he cut all the paper and give them the rest of the money…I become very Embarrassed at that moment.

and It does not end here, he advises me also to not make any Project until I understand it well and I want to You know to Just Focus on Your Studying no other thing…days go and I start Making money after 3 years I had the Full money.

he didn’t take it and refuse to take it for more a lot of years, he keeps saying when you Graduate and Start Making money you can pay me back.

after many years It was a bad News, my physics teacher died, he is in the hands of God now…I want to thank You, You have learned me a lot of things, and without you, I don’t know where I could be and what will life will make for me if you don’t help me when I was in a dangerous situation.

4- loneliness stories to read:

I don’t have friends:

I’m not that kind of people who write about anything, but let be honest this one will make you Cry

I found this photo today on my University Facebook group, and I have to talk about it as it shocks me and makes me cry all the Day

this paper was written by a boy on the wall, and to people who can’t see what has been written, he says that he tried to kill himself twice and that’s because he can’t find Friends, and afraid of Loneliness.

He wrote:
Hello, I’m a student in this fuc*in college
I spend four years trying to have friends butSad Story
No one wants me, I feel pain.

If you see this I swear, I try to kill myself twice
Because of loneliness

Just try to help and turn his life to something better

Loneliness is very disgusting and kills you slowly
He wants to say say
(I’m in the dark here)

Seems like it’s New “13 reasons why series ” starting here…

but I was happy because someone has taken this photo and upload it to the Group, and a lot of Students Start to write a lot of Comments about friendship, and It will be okay if he joins them and has lunch together, and stuff like this.

but days go, and he didn’t respond we didn’t know who is he, and I think that he will not show his face to anyone or telling his name.

so What I want to say

if everyone in the University is feeling positive and wants to have friends, why you were very quiet?
where are the People that look with anger every day?
where are the People who share negative energy every day?
why everyone hates his life and hates other people?

I was thinking that when I join the University I will found grown-ups people, but they are the Same as Schools Students

The Whole Community will make You Sad from their behaviors or harassment
they will make Your whole life as a Sad Stories
You will only have 1 loyal friend.

Please Please…when You join University try to take a course about to do deal with other People and be Positive.

when You see someone set alone to go and start a talk with him, maybe he is shy enough to talk

Stop being Rude, Stop being Tough
kindness will cost You 0$

I just ask to Change the Music

I was in Friend Car and just Tried to Change the Music…
most of the People that will read this short story will think It’s just a normal Short Sad story to read but for me, It has made me with sad for a long time, let’s begin
on a normal day like other days, my friends decide to hang out and then they call me I was happy as no one love to hang out with me also cuz I didn’t have many friends on my life, I was very very lonely, so when my mobile vibrate for me it’s something like you get A+ degree
or like you are going to your first date with your Gf

but on this day something happened that I’ll never forget
I was in my Friend Car and we were 5 in the car I’m was the one at the back with 2 friends

We start to listen to music, so I want to change the music to something better
I put my mobile in the socket of the car after doing this with about 1 second my friend stop the car and he looked back at me with a very very angry look and shout at me with this bullying words that made my all day and live like a hell

” Don’t ever try to do this again, You are just a clown we get you with us only to make us laugh, no more that, you don’t have any opinion here, and no talk, if you try to do something like this again, you will never go with us again ”

and then with a smile in his face, I can’t describe it to you this hypocrisy smile and look at his face he said again
” (my name) please don’t  anger me again you are our friend but you have limits bro, and I hope you get it ”


life sad stories

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5- Sad Stories about Bullying to read:

My Sad Stories with Bullying:

I’m sorry for showing you this on the Site, but this is my hair.

I try to do all things Starting from paying a lot of money to make it soft, but it Stays for 3 to 4 months and again to Its Normal dirty look, and I’m not from a rich family so I can make my hair with Proteins and Keratin every 3 months, I will cost my family a lot.

bad hair

I’m gonna tell You my Sad Stories in my life and how I’m suffering from everyone and in every Place
Starting from the Home, where every time My relatives come they never keep quiet, they only talk and laugh about how my hair looks like the broom and they do all kind of bully for me.

and when I told my mother about it, she always on their side and tells me that’s okay and they are having fun!
they are having fun on Your daughter, we didn’t end there.

When I go to the Street to buy something People keep looking at me like I’m from another world.

and there is the School, where I’m being bullied by the whole class, as I’m the only one in the Class with bad Look, there is brown hair, red hair, all colors and with soft hair.

also, the Teachers did the Same as other Students, they keep telling me what a nice broom and stuff like this.

I start getting enough of this, can you advise me what can I do I’m 15 years old, I can’t work and make money to make Protein or keratin for my hair till now.

do I have to make a boy hairstyle to let them stop bullying me or what I can do?
I’m afraid of my future, I’m afraid that no one will love me.

6- Sad Stories about Relationship to read:

She didn’t like my Fart:

I loved her very much, and we were in a relationship for more than 3 years but she breaks up with me for a crazy thing, until now I can’t believe that this actually happened, let me tell you what happened or what is actually happened in our relationship and what is our life look like.

She was Control me, and I’m the one who did everything, I give her money, I buy her a new Clothes, I thought that this will put me in a good position in the Relationship and she will never leave me, but I was wrong.

my Sad Story begins here, as usual, we were going to the club but we weren’t alone she was going to meet her friends ( 6 girls ), and I was the only man between them, but here is what happened that lead to all of this.

her mobile phone slipped out of her hands, so she looks at me like I’m her dog and order me to get the mobile phone from the Ground, unfortunately, I farted by wrong and it was not a normal Fart, It stands for more than 6 Seconds, You can Imagine it in Your mind.

after that, there was a minute of Silent and all of them look at me, I thought that they will laugh So they will not embarrass me, but they didn’t do that, and my girlfriend look at me with anger face.

She told me to back to my home and that I don’t have a girlfriend anymore, she breaks up with me in front of all friends.

can you tell me is this is fair? You doing all of this for a girl and she left You because You embarrassed her by Mistake…who is wrong here I’m or her?

She wants me to Stop Stream Games:

They told me that Relationship will Change Your life and it will a Perfect life on all sides Starting from Money to Stable life and a home and Sure lets us don’t forget Love.

I hesitated at the beginning from involving in a relationship and this stuff, but as you know if you have friends and they insisted to do something they will do, so days go and they plan to introduce me to a girl.

Actually, it was a pretty girl, and We got to know each other well, but It wasn’t that well, It Changed too much after 5 months of Relationship and She didn’t like what I’m doing.

Sorry, I didn’t tell you about myself at the beginning of my Sad Stories, I have 22 years old, and I’m a Gamer for more than 8 Years !.

So She didn’t like that I’m a Stream every day on Social Media, I try to explain to her that is this my life and I have to do this as it may be a Good Source for income in the future, but She Starts to blame me and asks me to find a job in the Real life.

to be honest, I’m not that kind of person that wants to work in a Company in a Full-time Job, no that’s not me at all, I love to have my Own Project, I love myself and I know that I could earn more without working for Someone.

on the Other Side, She didn’t like that and also she thinks that if I’m staying at home and Play games that are not useful and it better to stay with her until I find a full-Time job.

So what do you think is good for me? Keep Streaming? breakup with her?

this is my Sad Stories to read and wait for more hahaha.


to me I didn’t feel very good and why I’m not gonna go into that now because that’s not what this is about so basically yes I felt sad I spent a lot of time just feeling sad and you know I didn’t tell anyone I really kept it to myself I mean I let it spill forth into social networking a little bit but overall it really was a sort of secret of mine and that sucked it really.

So yeah if you’re feeling down make something do something and just don’t let it destroy you because that’s horrible…what are you waiting for?
Write Your Sad Stories to read in the Comments Below.


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