sad stories that will make you cry about death
sad stories that will make you cry about death

death is extremely frightening, and particularly when It’s about the people who are closest to you, so today We have the Top sad stories that will make you cry about the death

If u have the guts read them!

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8 Sad stories that will make you cry about death :

1-  the Women and It’s Dog sad story:

our neighbor was an old woman that lived with Its old sister that was mute,

on a normal day, we heard it yelling, so we run to it to see what happened,
It was very very sick on this day.

and she asked us to take care of Its dog till she gets out of the hospital…

so I and my brother sure say Yes, and we take the key of the house from it…

and we finish school and went to Its home to feed the dog…

when we go into the house It was very cold from inside like horror movies,

the reception was full of old creepy photos that put on above the fireplace,

and then what scared me I heard the sound of the old women that in the hospital call Its Dog!!!

on this Moment I stop moving as I got shocked by lighting

after a few minutes, I start moving again, It’s sound was on my head, so I said It’s only because I saw the photos on the wall and all of this is just imagination,
so I go to my brother to see what he did and to left this home ASAP, When I looked at him he was frozen!!!

he cries when I go to him, I asked him what is going on?
he told me that he heard the old women talking also in his head

she told him words like ” I’ll miss you my little dog “, “nice dog”

at that moment we were sure that the house fall of ghosts and we run out fast, after 10 minutes we got the news ” The old women has died ”

at the same time, we heard the sound in our head”

we searched after that and we found that there are strong bonds between the animal and his owner…

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2- they killed my friend!

The world becomes too dark here is a short sad story that will make you cry…

world Is full of people doing crazy things…

I’ll tell you my sad story of my only friend, he was very kind, hard worker, we were in our second year at ( Faculty of Dentist ),

unfortunately, he will not be with us anymore to make his dream come to true

He wants to make his own clinic or work in a Great hospital and be one of the best Doctors in the World that’s was his Dream before they kill him.

when he was backing home after a long day on University,

there was a girl that’s surrounded by 4 men’s or let’s say they are 4 Chickens,

they were harassers and doing bad things to the girl, he runs fast to defend her,

but It was 1v4 they start hitting him,

and one of them had a sharp knife he put it on his neck,

the Kind person on the Earth, that come from a good environment,

the one who dedicated his life for Studying to achieve his Dream…is dead by uneducated Persons!!

Is that a fair world? It’s not only sad stories about him only…I think there is thousands of people died the same way as my friend dead

3- his Girlfriend Killed him…

do you ever hear sad stories about death like this one?
Yes It’s happened on the Middle east

the couples were got engaged a few months ago, she was just Student!

they were with each other for more than 6 years, but It ends up with unforgettable Crime,
both the father and daughter had a different opinion so they make a plan to kill him

here is what happened:

she was living in a villa inside a Compound, so she told him to visit it at the Villa to see it and see his father

when he arrived she did an evil thing she called his friend and ask him:
why he didn’t arrive yet? so she could get away from any doubts after the Crime

then, when he enters the Villa he found that 3 Strong Persons waiting for him,

and they tied him with a robe and taped his mouth, and they kill him with strangulation

after they kill him they put his dead body a wooden box
and the dig about 4 meters underground

and they put some chemical stuff so no one can smell the body nearest the villa

the Reason that he killed him…that he is knowing too much!
Yes That’s true…the Girl father was working on illegal things,

so he advises him to stop working on it…

his father wasn’t comfortable and asked himself what if he reports this to the police, so he gets raid of him.

and after investigation, they found the body,

and the girl admitted that It was part of this Crime…

the thing that will make you cry about the death here
is that her family get out of jail

as they were big people in the Country and they travel outside!

4- sad stories about the death of my dogs

February 2019, my neighbor Stick a sheet of paper on our Door he said on it ” This Building is only for Humans,

not for Animals get raid of your Animals, I’m trying to solve it without any Problems ”

before that, he has accused me that My dog’s smell is bad

and there is a smell of death come from my apartment,

we know after that, That this smell is from dead birds that no one sees it as It was in unseen place in the Garden of the Building.

after a few days, I returned home to find that my door is destroyed

I wake up the next morning to get to the work I found him in front of me and he shouts out…

my other neighbor told him ” don’t speak with her like that again and look around you all the Building have dogs

So I speak with the district chief, and everything becomes fine and he didn’t do anything to me for a period of time

he didn’t take a long rest…he was planned for something

I’m usually playing with my little dog on the balcony…

but there was no light It’s cut off on that day

I heard something thrown on our balcony

Then I found my 2 dogs get it for me and It was stuck on their mouth and It was sticky!

when the light back I get it away from their mouth

but I found that it contains a strange material

I waked up in the morning to find that they suffer from cramps…they dead after 6 hours from the Morning!!!!

I know that sad stories that will make you cry about death, is maybe for you only about Humans but It was very sad to me, and It will for the rest of my life.

after he did his Crime and Poison them I’m working on sending him to jail with many cases ( killing my dogs, destroyed my doors, and other things )

Please for everyone don’t be too rude like that’s people these animals are loyal more than the Humans!

5- Sad stories about the death of a girlfriend:

First: My girlfriend dead in front of me when we were on vacation in New York, we were Crossing the Road Together there was a Car going to hit us

I don’t know what to do I Just froze, Waiting for Death

but in Less than 1 Second I found that my Girlfriend take me from my hand and throw me 2 meters from the Car all of this Just happens in Less than Seconds

and I Saw here hit by the Car, and the Blood was everywhere.

I Wish Time is Back again, So I take here Place…but I’ll Join You Soon my baby.

6- Sad stories about the death of a boyfriend:

First Story: The death of my boyfriend, Changed my life 180 degrees, we had a good  day together, but one day he gets up in the morning and sends me a message.

It was his Last Message.

My bae, I’m going to swim in the sea, he didn’t know that he was going to death himself.

I waked up, then I tried to call him on his phone, no answer, 1-3 hours trying to call him with no Respond.

there is something is wrong, I was pretty sure.

When I went to the Sea, People were very sad, I asked them what happen?
they told me that someone is drowned.

It was my Boyfriend who dead, I Wish I was with You…My Life is Completely Stopped after you.

I hope I see You Soon.

7- Sad stories about the death of parents:

our Parents is the backbone to our life, Without them, You gonna suffer a lot lets read those death parents stories and how these people life Changed.

First Story: I’m the older brother in a Family consists of one sister, my Young sister was having an overweight problem, she was about 163 Kg.

so she made a Surgery in Germany, It’s weight goes down from 163 to 40!

Sure her health declines, She went into a coma for 4 days and she died at the Hospital.

But that’s not the end, I Start Losing my Family, one by one.

after a few days, my father died of a heart attack.

My mother was shocked, and she didn’t talk or eat for Days, do you know that Scenes in the Movies?

It was Real in our House, My mom also passed away after 2 Weeks in her bed.

I’m now alone…no Family…no friends…no one with me…I’m waiting for the angel of Death.

8- Sad Death stories of Friends:

My friend was talking with me on Facebook, and he knew that he was going to die in The Next Days.

he Keeps talk about his mother, and how she will suffer after him.

I didn’t know that they know in the Last Days of their Life

I read a lot of Stories about It until it happened with My Best Friend.

what I’m trying to Say, If Your Friend tone of Voice Changed with You, You have to know that there is Something gonna Happen.

Who make you don’t feel alone is your friend, what if he dies, Read the Tragic Death stories that will make You Really in bad Mood about the Important of Friends.


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If You have Your Real Life Sad Stories about Death, You can Send it to Us, and We Will share it on the Website.



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