Sad Stories that are true

We all have true sad stories, and It may be from any kind like a true sad love story, or a Funny Sad Story.

if You have also your own sad story even It’s kinda funny, Leave a Comment Below with it, and we will add it to those Stories.

10 true sad stories

Don’t hesitate to share with us your Story, and be Story Number 11

1- I farted in the Subway:

no one denied the fact of farting at home.

but what if You are in the Subway in front of about 40 People, and then Suddenly You Fart.

That’s what happened to me, I was in New York Subway.

It’s been quiet for 3 Minutes, Suddenly my Phone slipped out of my hands, I get down to get it and here we go, I farted for about 5-6 Seconds, I was very Embarrassed, but when someone tells me Cool, and they Start Joking with me, I got myself together.

2- at First Kiss, her breath was bad:

It’s the Best Moment in Your Life When your Girlfriend wants to Kiss You.

but I was in Different Situation, Our First Kiss was the Worst Kiss Ever when her Mouth was close to my Mouth, her breath was like a hell, I couldn’t tell her that, as she will be very Embarrassed.

but I got a brilliant idea, the Next time I get a gum, and I told her to let us see who will make a small balloon with his Gum First.

I hope she Understands my suffer without Embarrassing, I’m waiting for the Third Kiss to tell You if It a sad Story, or a Good one

3- my true sad story with my father:

That’s my true sad stories with my Father in the Home, I was living with my dad after my mom died, but we didn’t have a good life as other people, he was treated me with Violence.

Things have changed, I worked in a Good Position with a huge amount of Salary, without any help from my Father, and I bought a good Home, so I can live away from my father.

after 2 years, Someone was knock on my door, it was him.

I thought that taking Revenge will make me feel better and end the sad story that I have lived when I was a kid.

but Actually, what we saw in movies and series happened, after 2 days I have been Reported that My father Passed Away by a heart attack.

4- F Degree, in the First Year of Studying:

I take the Worst advice every, from someone that also fails every year.

he tells me, You just have to study on the day before of the Exam and you will pass it, I asked him why You didn’t do this, It was a Simple answer because he didn’t want to study hahaha.

So I take the Challenge, and I get an F Degree in all the Subjects.

5- Working as a waiter:

there is no shame in working, even any kind of work from cleaning to Engineer we are all the same, and We Complete each other.

but I have a different Real sad story, We are living in the Middle East, I will not say the Country name, but working on jobs like the waiter is considered in the Country as a bad job.

the Story happened when My old School Friends, Come to the Restaurant, I was hating them, they also hate me.

When I saw them come to the Restaurant I have frozen, as I’m the only waiter in the restaurant and the next shift after 2 hours.

So I pull myself together and go directly to them to ask them about their orders.

without anything I have done wrong, they stand up and ask where is the Manager, they Complain about me, that I’m talking with a bad tone of voice with them.

The manager tries to make them calm down, but I insist that we have to see the surveillance camera.

I think that they didn’t recognize that the Restaurant has one.

when the manager saw it, he kicked them out, my true sad stories turned into a happy one, I Finally won.

6- true sad stories about love:

My girlfriend was my Partner in my life in everything I did we were not just couples that fall in love we were more than that as we complete each other, but her Family started hates me after what I did.

I asked her what if we Make a Project together, I’ll be Responsible for the Marketing, and Business ideas, and all technical stuff, and she will be Responsible for getting money from his family, to fund the Project.

When I was Learning from Videos I thought that everything will be easy to Implement in a Real Project, but I burned a large amount of money and we Start losing, and the Application and the Website were not getting any Traffic.

We Decide to shut down the Project, and my girlfriend broke up with me.

7- I got Fired from the Work:

what if you get up in Morning, and you get ready to go to work, then you received a mail when you are on a Work bus, to inform you that you have been Fired.

I’m usually worked overtime so after 10 hours of work, my brain starts to spin in a loop like you are in another world.

in my work, every Employee has his PC, and everyone has authorized to check it.

The problem here is when they open my PC, they found that a girl’s photos on my Desktop, it wasn’t any girls, they were the Managers Daughter.

My co-worker sends it to me, so I told them, they fired both of us, I have another true sad story about another job that I fired also from it, I will share it soon with you.

8- true sad Christmas stories:

I know It’s too late, but I’m living in New Jersey, I don’t have true friends, and even our neighbors they don’t want another New Friends.

so I spend the whole Christmas alone, without anyone playing with me, I was just setting in my Room on the Second Floor, and other families was on my sight having fun together, and the Friends with each other with full of joy.

but on the other side, I was feeling lonely on this day, as my mother and father died 7 months ago, and they were only my Friends.

what I’m want to say is, if you know someone who is alone and eating alone in School, Please go to him and hug him.

We really need this, and I’ll not be embarrassed if someone did this for me.

9- The unlucky Couples Sad Story:

We were the Happy Couples, we love each other, and there is no secret between us.

but she Kept a really big Secret from me, we were waiting for our First Child and here it comes a beautiful girl with a hair color which I and her mom don’t have, even her family.

so as you know we men can do anything, I betrayed here with another woman without her knowledge, but after 6 months we didn’t get any Child.

she told me that we have to see a Doctor, so we Went together, the Surprise is here I’m sterile, and I can’t have any Child.

10-  a child sad story that is true :

My Child died in Front me of, I was Returning from Military after 2 years without seeing them, he Runs fast when he saw me, I remember his Voice and his last words when he was Crossing the Road, another Car was idiot Person hit him.

4 years, and I still every Night, look at his photo and blame myself, what if I didn’t have returned yet, what if I’m late 5 minutes.


We are waiting for Your true sad stories in the Comments Below, Share It with a huge Number of Readers to Learn From Your Own Real-life experience Story.


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