my co-worker ignores me for no reason...our next sad story from someone that lives in the US he is talking about a problem that a lot of people suffer from it why my co-worker ignores me for no reason? 1- ignores me in work: he starting he sad story by saying that all the Time in work he didn't have friends even his co-worker in his department was ignores him for no reason this is examples of what he is doing...when he give him the tasks he gave it to him in a written paper without talking to him, he wasn't even looked at his face...We all know that's only done by kids. 2- co-worker and holidays: Okay, I was thinking that my co-worker ignores me for no reason First, but I asked myself what if he suffers from a Depression as our work was very hard, but that's wasn't every holiday I was asking him to go together with each other and visit Amusement Park, travel,etc,anything that maybe let him crashed the line between each other. 3- even in eating: even in the small things, my co-worker was ignoring me for no reason...when It's time for lunch in the work our department was very small so he was the nearest person that I could eat with...when I try to eat with him he said to me that he want to be alone can you tell me what can I do in this situation  I'm pretty sure my co-worker ignores me for no reason...I didn't do anything to him!! ________________________________ Your sad story site Answer: what to do when co-worker ignores you for no reason? 1- ask him for the Reason: This is the simplest answer you can go and ask him...there is maybe a small reason that you can't figure out in yourself...maybe you're talking too much and he is from a type that don't want a lot of noise...maybe you are very kind to him when you offer him to eat with you or to travel with each other...maybe he wants to be alone and that makes him comfortable so it will be okay with that...all you have to do is just ask him there is no shy on this.  2- he is a ghost: you can make him a ghost when you see him, act like you didn't see anybody...if he changed toward you and start talking with you then that's a good thing if he didn't leave him alone as a ghost, Now you will be sure that he has a good reason to do that or he suffers from a bad Problems in his life. 3- Report this to HR: if my co-worker ignores me for no reason, and that's has a strong or even small effect toward accomplishing my tasks in the job You have to return to step Number 1 Fast if there is no Respond back again here to step Number 3 and report him to the HR 4- ask yourself: You have to ask yourself about the Mistakes you have done on the First days have you left a bad impression about yourself in the First days? is my Position is critical to Him? am I talking too much? 5- Leave the job: If you found yourself have done all these steps, even Step Number 3 and there are no other things to do, It's time to quit out of this Company ASAP, if you are the type that can't work alone

my co-worker ignores me for no reason

my co-worker ignores me for no reason...our next sad story from someone that lives in the US he is talking about a problem that a lot of people suffer...
my family is poor

My family is poor, they think Computer Science will make us Rich

My family is poor we were not like other families, as my family is poor that is living in a house with old furniture...yeah like what you are seeing in...

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