sad stories about love and death

when we talk about sad stories about love and death…I know that the first thing jumped into your Mind is only the death of people that you know well and close to you, but our First sad story is a little different.

before going into this 6 sad stories go and prepare A cup of coffee because you are about to hear the saddest stories that will change your mood sure into bad, so if you want to have a good day press the close button, okay, you continue, here we Go

The 6 sad stories about love and death:

1- The Doctor&Hospital kills my little baby:

I was pregnant, and today was my day with a new Doctor as we traveled to another place so I was Pregnant on the seven Month,

I was having labor and I was very very tired on that day…when I go to the Clinic everyone sees my situation and they didn’t let me wait a minute then when the Doctor saw me…

she surprised and till me you will have a handsome girl

and she shocked me with this sentence she said
” get up now It’s a birth and you have to to do it in this hours ”
so my husband and I was surprised

and she said to him we will not do anything till you pay,
without any discussion, he paid the amount of money.

we go from the clinic in her car to another one very near to it
It was talking very badly at the car

the First thing happened when we enter the hospital that the doctor told the receptionist to take from the money

we were wondered but you know at this time, you don’t see anything except having a good birth, then my husband was finishing some paper and ID stuff on the hospital.

then I go to the operating room, another doctor told me where is your husband?
I asked him why he told me to pay the bill for the hospital!!

the surgeon start…and I start losing a lot of blood, and when the child was getting out, she pulled her from Its legs I scream so loud…

and then I slept IDK what they Injected me with
when I wake up I found a lot of blood, and another doctor comes into the room and told me to thank god that you are okay, we saved you from death

when I asked where my child..he didn’t answer and left

and the doctor of the Clinic wasn’t there at the hospital she left it after she kills my little child when she pulled it from Its legs.

what we shocked us…that we found that the doctor left a report that says I’m pregnant in the sixth month and the child was already dead and this is just an abortion operation!!!
WT*…we was seeing our little baby moving on the clinic, when I asked about the doctor we didn’t find it
and the clinic didn’t open and she disappeared literally

after 3 months she opened again,

and she denied that she had ever seen us here and unfortunately there was no camera on the clinic only on the hospital.

but the report there only shows that we make the operation of abortion by ourselves,

when my husband signature the papers there is was a lot of them he maybe didn’t see it…

Idk why the doctor lie, is that is revenge or what…my life destroyed till now from what happened…

and I didn’t have any child…that’s my sad stories about love and death of my little child

tell me what can I do, please…

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2- My young brother died from cancer:

People who are bored from their life, because of illness or they are unlucky in their life goals, or because of losing a boyfriend, or a job

I’ll tell you a short sad story about my little brother my love, and how was his death

he just had 5 years old when he was diagnosed as a cancer patient

he wasn’t asking himself
– why is my hair is falling out
– why people look at me by that way
– why my friends at school are not bald like me

the disease was in the left leg, and it was very hard to remove It’s called ” Ewing’s Sarcoma
and we thank god for not chop his leg off, and after a while, he was in love with football so we decide to make him play it on a club

on the first day of training he broke his leg and stay on the hospital for 2 or 2 months, the bones were not fully remodeled even after a long period, so they take bones from the pelvic bone, but after that, he was using crutches to move

he keeps asking me questions that make me cry
– when I’ll die
– Don’t cry please If something happened to me

do you know that feeling when just a kid till you these words?

and after a while, we found that the cancer is now at his lung he died after 3 months from using chemo

All I want to say if the cancer is in a later stage please spend every moment with the patient and make happy every minute and every second.

3- The Depression made my friend suicide:

if you are reading this, that’s mean I’m dead now
, those paper you read has been written in 2019/3/5 This is my full ” sad story about life ”
so I’m sorry father
I’m sorry mother
and sorry for all friends

from 2 years back to 2017 I felt that my psyche is not well, So without tilling as I know that It will cost you too much money and he didn’t have even enough money for our eat and living…so I visited a psychiatrist and I explain to him what I’m suffering from and then he gives a medicine, to be honest, I felt better after taking the Medicine

my feeling toward life has changed after I was seeing that death is my only way to survive from suffering

after 6 months the medicine was not doing as usual like the first time I take it, so I go to the doctor again, he offered me another medicine but after taking it It’s much worse, and the Depression back again to my life, So I decide to stop taking medicine and giveaway to the life, especially that my money wasn’t enough to visit a better Doctor or to get a good medicine

but unfortunately, I didn’t found my purpose to live
and why people treat us the depression patient like we do not have a serious illness
why people in the world become too rude
so that’s the last word I want to say before I die ( Please Don’t cry I’m in a better place now )…you can Also Read here at Sad love Story that will make you cry a story talks about the depression of a relationship and how his girlfriend suffered.

4- My Girlfriend died in a car accident in front of me:

my only love in the world we have been together for more than 4 years just died in front of me and I think that I’m responsible for these sad stories about love and death of my only love

let me tell you my short sad story about my love…
in a normal day, we were like any other couples playing together anywhere, but I want to back in time and stop play and just bring it to me

what happened is that we made crazy things together so we played football in the street, but one time the ball has been thrown away far and the street from left and right closed and in the front, it leads to the main road she was Running fast and after 2 seconds from getting out and get the ball a fast car come and hit hear in front of me, I couldn’t help myself my feeling is like a lightning strike me

I Run fast to her, the car owner didn’t even stay for 1 second he runs away, we were the only people on the road and there is no nearest hospital I called the Ambulance, but when they come It was too late…I lost her and I lost my love forever

5- Train salesman sad Story about death under the train:

you want to read sad stories about love and death that actually mixed between the love of work in under any condition and, the unfair guard of the Train!

here is the story:
That’s a story happened on a train when a salesman jump into a Class B train to sale some food but he didn’t have a ticket and It was forbidden to sell something on a train

but after a while, the security guard comes to see the tickets and they found him, they told him you have 2 options to jump from the Train or to pay

at that moment you only know that we live in a world full or coward and rude people sure the salesman didn’t have that money and no one from people that sitting on the Train gives him a 1 pound

so he had one option to jump from the train when it moves at Its high speed…the salesman jumped and unfortunately, his jump wasn’t far from the Train he falls under the train tracks and died immediately

6- The Couples&Weeding Day

This Story takes place in New Jersey, everyone is waiting for this day on his whole entire life.

but let me tell you sad stories about Couples that their day didn’t go well,

They were very poor, but his groom wanted to make it the Best Day for both of them,

So, he Plans to Rented a Car, he didn’t know that Rented this Car will lead to End their Life.

after he was Going to get his Bride, another Car penetrated the car, he goes to the hospital and then he died in his bride’s arms.

The Sad Story didn’t end here, after a Week his Mother Also dead as a result of shock and disintegration.


why people become too rude?…why people dealing with depression people like It’s nothing?…why rich people have more chances than poor families in life?…is it okay to be a quorum?

These 6 sad stories about love and death really make us ask those questions.




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