Sad Stories about life

Sad Stories about life is what most of the People have at a point in their life.

it may be because of a family’s Reasons, or Work, and a lot of things may make Your own life Sad, We have now a 10 Sad life Stories from Real experience to learn from, and Share Your Opinion with.

10 Sad Stories about life:

if You want to share Your own Sad Stories about life, don’t wait and leave a Comment on the Site below with it, and let it read by thousands of people around the World.

1- My small brother Burned my Room:

My little brother burned my room, my clothes, and all my stuff.

All of this because my brother beat him, the Reason I consider it as Sad Stories about life as It comes from many sides, not just my Room also, I have fired from work, My father kicked me out of the house before that happened.

and when they called me back home, they call me because my Room was burned.

sad stories about life

2- My friend is Disgusting:

I have a Sad Story about my life that makes me want to smash anything on my sight.

My best friend tells me that he wants to try my new AirPods, so I said It’s okay, why not?
then I give it to him for 2 days, and on the third day, he returned the AirPods in that way.

I didn’t use it again, and I waited for his birthday and give it to him, that’s my sad story with life.

my life sad storyLife Sad Stories

3- Don’t give up too early:

Years ago my husband’s father had a heart attack, The doctor announced after 3 electric shock attempts that he was dead.

Until an enthusiastic doctor came and raised the voltage, He returned the pulse again.

He said to them: You have considered him dead, so why You was afraid of raising the voltage, After that he lived for 26 years.

The lesson here is: when there is the last Chance, Shock them with all You have.

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4- Shocked Sad Story about life:

Sad Stories about life is a little different to me, but here is it I will tell you the Secret of Married.

When your wife puts her head on your chest and asks you in a soft voice:

Is there another woman in your life?

Always remember that your answer is completely unimportant, only your heartbeat should be stable as it is, My wife asked for a divorce when my heartbeat wasn’t stable.

5- hey Called me with his dog name:

It is trivial, but it annoys me, my fiance always called me with his dog name.

He loves her very much, She has been with him for more than 12 years, and he always says to me that he called me by his dog name because he loves me!.

are this is okay?.

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6- my life sad Story:

I have 23 years and single, I have many Sad Stories about Life which Changed my life 180 Degree to a bad Life.

I was studying hard in my education, I graduated from a business school and did my own business, I make a good amount of Money at the Beginning.

but things didn’t go as intended, I lost all my money a while ago, and my Business is Closed and I now Owe a large amount of money to a lot of Peoples, I’m satisfied with all that occurs to me, but I can’t sleep every night.

do my family wants me, or I’m useless for them, they started at home treat me like a loser that has no job or a vision for my Future.

leaving the house is my Next plan, but at the same time I love my father and mother, and I think they depressed because of me.

can you Comments here on the Site and tell me what to do? if I leave the house It will be better for them or It will make them sadder?

7- true sad love story:

I was talking to my father on the phone and I told him what do you do?

he said to me ” I’m doing my Emy Laundry”!

Emy is my mother, she died 15 years ago, and my father still does that every day, Every day he talks to me that he sees her in his dreams.

the whole apartment is a Picture for her.

I sat with my father once, he made me cry when he told me that he wishes time is back to hell her that he loved her too much, and to treat her better and to make all things that he didn’t make with her.

15 years…and my Father didn’t Change, that’s the Real love.

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8- Always be thankful for God:

On a day like this 7 years ago, I was laid off from work Me and a group of my friends To save expenses.

Unfortunately, I was in between paying the car payment and apartment Rent and Pay my debts.

When I knew that I laid off, I started applying to many jobs, and every place that I know, I send Emails anywhere, Hopefully, to find a job that pays me half of what I was getting from the First Job.

And in a time of fatigue and despair, I write a status on my Social media Seeking help from God.

and I Shocked, What happened in the movies happened to me, I receive a mail from a Good Company and my interview will be on the next week, and with more salary that I took from the First Company, I cried a lot, and I thanked God for that.

I’m telling my life sad story to anyone who feels Desperate or feels like the world is collapsing if People let you down, God will not remember that God is with you.

9- relationship Testing:

my mother made a quick test for my father, she asked him what she was wearing on their first date, but his answer was perfect, he told her that he was looking only in her eyes.

She gives him 10/10

10- My Lonely real-life story:

In the past, I was wondering when I see someone sitting lonely in a cafe, playing Playstation alone, or walking on the University with no friends.

how he stands and faces this lonely feels, how on the earth someone goes to the Lecture without having even a one Close friend.

I know people who have changed their directions and dreams just to be with their friends.

a person who has a dream to be a Graphic Designer, and he sees a good opportunity to take the Course, but he abandons his dream because his friend will not go with him.

I read a quote which says

“you are where you go alone”

which means that the places that you went alone, is Your Nature or It’s You, I realized it recently when I understand that I can be alone there is no problem with that, and It’s okay to be alone on every Place that I want to go.

We should not be afraid of loneliness, It is sometimes more beneficial than the presence of many people.

It’s okay to walk alone, take the Course alone, We mustn’t be afraid anymore from lonely, buy Yourself clothes without takes Your Friends Opinion.

what I’m trying to say…People are Changes if not now or not today, Tomorrow they will be, Concerns of life will take them from You.

I do not underestimate the companions, but don’t underestimate Yourself and Your Dreams.


We are waiting for Your Comments about those Sad Stories about life, what have you learned so far from them? and what is Your opinion to help them?.


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