sad stories about couples

Sad Stories About Couples Do you have the guts to read all of them?

If You insist, here is our Stories to ruin your day…Read what you want from them.

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16 Sad Stories About Couples :

1- My girlfriend thinks I’m a loser:

Sometimes I just don’t understand human behavior, Especially the behavior of girls.

It’s been a very long love affair from School to University to Work, all that time we were the best Couples.

but things haven’t been so great lately after I graduated and Start working as a waiter on a restaurant that only has 10-15 Customer comes to it Daily.

As a result, she didn’t like that.

so I quit my job and started looking for another opportunity.

but you know the world’s a tough place to get a Good Job and life of convenience.
then my girlfriend called me on my phone and tell me that I’m a loser, and It’s better to get a Good job.

Or she will have to break-up with me.

2- I have lost everything in my life:

Troubles never come singly, and Always caused by money.

Let me tell you my sad story, I was in a relationship with a beautiful girl, that I truly loved her.

Then Something bad happened to me that destroy my life, I rented an apartment to stay in it till I get a vast amount of money.

And as a man, you know It will be your worst day when you talk to another girl.

Knock Knock,
It was my step-sister, she visited me at my New Apartment for no Reason, but It did not go as planned, unfortunately, I couldn’t resist My Desire.

We did something terrible together…the next part Started from here

I let my girlfriend stay with me in the new Apartment, The days pass, and we live together with a happy life, and I forgot what I did with my step-sister.

but I receive a call from her after 6 months!

telling me that we have to do what we did again…so I said no!
she replies that I’ll pay the consequences of my actions.

2 months pass…3 months…4 months.

then My step-sister come to my Home to visit us, I try to act like nothing is going on
step-sister: David, can I have a minute of Your Time

I was Shocked, she showed me photos of us sleeping on the bad, and also there was a video.

It was taken from a corner of the room, It was a hidden cam.

She threatened me to give her 40% of my salary to her, or all photos and Videos will send to my Girlfriend, I didn’t do that.

so she Burned the House while no one was there!!
and sends all the photos to my Girlfriend.

I lost my Girlfriend, I lost my Home, I owe money to the owner of the House.

People who are still single You are in Heaven.

3- My girlfriend’s breath smells like a fart:

You went through all this to tell me I have bad breath?
That’s My Sad Story and You can Judge who is Right!

I’m always going to the dentist to clean up my teeth, but when It comes to my girlfriend I couldn’t tell It directly that she has to go also.

The Problem is every time she talks to me, It smells like a fart and that disgusting for any couples.

So I made an appointment with the Dentist for us.

And, I told her to come with me, without telling her that She also has an appointment.

When we went there, She was so nervous because of what I did!

then she broke up with me at the Dental Clinic…

If Your girlfriend smells like a fart…will you do the same? or I’m wrong!.

4- my boss fired me because of my girlfriend:

I was only Dancing baby, my sad story is Completely different from other Sad Stories about love.

I’m working in the Sales Department of a Large Company, This Department had about 13 Person!

The Problem Started here when I found that My Girlfriend entered the Company,
and comes Directly to me at My Office.

She thought that’s a Good Idea to come and Dance in my Office to Set the Mood.

after 15 minutes my boss entered my office, then he Fired me after seeing her dancing.

I Lost my Job for a Little Dance, but It’s Good to make a Crazy Things together.

5- My Friends Sad Stories About Couples:

My 2 best Friends have Terrible Stories about the relationship.

My First Friend: His girlfriend was in Love with another Guy in secret, So he tries to harassment his Girlfriend before he left her and Destroy her Life.

He knows that’s his girlfriend only loved him because of his Money.
so asked her to sleep in his house, and put a Camera in a Secret Place in the Room.

in the morning he told her that We have to break-up.

then he Sends all the Videos to the Peoples who work in her Company, besides sending a Girl to his New Love House…and Sure You know what happened after that!

she Broke-up with his New lover.

My Second Friend: he was Sleeping at 2:00 AM.

When his girlfriend decides to do a stupid thing, She Wants to Make a Video While she Cutting his hair when he Sleeps, She Did It!

but when he wake-up, he kicked her out.

6- We don’t have a good Life:

what does it take to have a Perfect life without Problems?

We don’t know how to make our life better, she works as a waiter, and I’m working as a teacher in a High School.

but, where is the Good home? where are the Cars? where is the Travel?…etc

When all of these will come True…100 years? when we die?

What I can do with my Salary and with my Girlfriend Salary…Paying for the Rented house and get a Normal Food.

That’s not fair, We need to have a good Life as other People is that so hard!.

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7- Sad Couples Story about a heart problem:

I was in a happy relationship with a pretty girl that is the same age as me.

We were in love, she was telling me that she would prefer to die If I broke up with her.

but after a few weeks, I wasn’t feeling good and my heart’s beating was so Fast, so I take an appointment with a Doctor.

I diagnose with Heart disease, So I didn’t go for the Gym anymore.

After she knew that I’m a heart patient, the Distance between us become far and far by Time Like I’m No one, I become Invisible.

a lot of girls after that try to get close to me, but I refuse, I don’t trust anyone in my life right now.

Even If any, Girl accepted me with my heart disease, I’ll not.

8- my girlfriend always finds faults in me:

We were the saddest Couples ever, We were Opposite in a lot of things

My Girlfriend is getting up in the Morning with a to-do-list, but I don’t do that I’m not a Robot

she gets tired of me, every day She asked me to Invest some money in a New Project that makes us Millionaires, but I don’t believe that.

I had a Comfortable Job, So I don’t wanna a Mistake and Take the Risk on a Project that I don’t know where it Will lead us

So she left the Home, and leave a paper says that” When You Decide to be more Responsible Call me”

Is I’m Wrong?

9- our whole relationship was a lie:

I Discovered that we betray each other, My Girlfriend was taking a shower and It’s laptop was on the Bed, So I open it and I was lucky there was no Password.

I found that she is talking to other guys, and they met at his home and sleep together!

what is that…what I’ll do, I stopped for a Moment and Realize that I’m doing the same with another girl.

We betray each other, so We don’t broke-up?

So I go to her and I didn’t talk about What I Saw, she Was act like she is Sad.

and then we broke-up Finally, It was a happy ending instead of what happened.

10- I have no energy for a relationship:

She is talking to me 24/7 day, with no useful single word.

What we will eat today? what we will drink? send me Your Music Playlist

It’s a waste of time, My friend told me that his girlfriend talks about their future goals,
and about his work, the best thing here that she gives him a good amount of time for himself.

On the other side, my girlfriend wastes all the time…So I’m really don’t have the energy for this relationship.

As I’m working for 8 hours daily, then back tired and Sleep, and on my day off I Spend it on a Project that maybe Change my Life.

So what do You think Guys?
do I have to break-up with her or tell here that We have to take a break
Or to embarrass her to speak about our Future and stop talking about stuff that didn’t matter.

11- our relationship becomes boring:

It was the Best but there are a crossroads in the lives of every couple.

We were bored with each other, we did everything…loved each other…Travel together.
as a result, we decided to take a break and broke-up.

What I want to say is relationship is like a football match, don’t give it all Your Power in the First Years.

You have to give every stage in the Relationship It’s right.

12- I can’t look at him the same anymore:

I know what I’m gonna say, will make everyone insult me.

My boyfriend was very handsome, and we had a beautiful life, but unfortunately, he had a terrible accident, as a result, His face scarred with one dead-eye.

And you know, when it rains it pours, he fired from his work, and become unemployed.

I don’t know what you call it these days?
but I think I’ll have to end our Relationship, I cried every time I looked at her face.

what will be our Future Look like If I continue with him?
If You were me what You gonna do?

13- my true sad stories about dating:

Which of us is not forever feeling alone?

I have a different kind of sad stories about dating.

First story: who doesn’t know the dating sites?
I have signed on to the various dating websites and after a few Weeks I Met a beautiful Girl on the Site, and we have talked for about 3 Weeks.

Before I jumped into the next part of my Sad Story, I wanna tell You that I used a Different Profile Picture on the Site, as I’m not handsome I was very Ugly.

So days pass and then we decide to meet each other, I Prepared myself and Watching a Communication Skills Videos, and Real a lot of Articles.

Time has come to see her react from the first sight!
She was Shocked, but try to act that nothing happens.

And we Spend the Whole day together, but when I back Home, I Found that she Blocked me, and I was in her Blacklist on the Mobile Phone.

The Second Time, the Same Thing happened, but I was using my Real Profile Picture
but Guess what?

I met her It was another Girl, not the ones that I have saw in the Profile Picture, I thought that It was a test from God.

so I stay with her for the Whole day Also, and we get to know one another.

She died after 4 months with a heart attack.

Till that Moment, My Life Is Stopped.

14- She broke up with me after one day:

This is the Fast broke-up in the Entire History I think, My Girlfriend didn’t like what I Did.

to be honest I’m a little shy and sad and Laugh at the Same Moment.

The Reason that makes her broke-up, is that I fart on our First date, It’s like a Shortest Sad Story ever

She didn’t Like that and told me that is disgusting.

15- he was confused and stopped working:

My boyfriend was very confused about life, why do we live, he Started asking a Stupid Questions.

Like why People Fighting each other for No Reason, why People wants to have the Power in their Hand, and they care less about the poor People’s.

and the Last Thing he did, he retired from his Current job, and after a day he was having bouts of depression.

he has taken a lot of depression medication, It makes him better.

but I think my life with him will be a little difficult.

16- horrible 2 stories about Couples :

This is will be the Mostly sad story that You will Read.

First Sad story: The Happy Couples were Going to the Weeding, It’s been such a lovely day.
but the wedding didn’t exactly go so well, Some Candles started the fire on the Bride Dress.

It was a disaster, the bride got second-degree burns on the face.

Second Story: the groom’s first night is going in a different way, when they returned home he wasn’t feeling well and after a few minutes he went into a diabetic coma.

his Wife Thinks that he is dead, but she holds up and Calls the Ambulance, they come and save him.

he forgot to take his insulin in the Morning.


If you get there and You had Finished all those 16 Sad Stories About Couples, what do You think if you were in their situation?


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