Sad Short Stories

Sad Short Stories delivered to your mind the bad Side of the World, and how It’s Make You know better about the other people and how they will act in Different Situations.

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50 Sad Short Stories:

She hung herself at 3 am, her phone said she had tried to call you half an hour before, that was a bad one

I’m sorry you had to be the recipient of that.

Tough times I never thought I’d get through, I can appreciate them now because of what I learned from it.

“I should let the cops take you away, then all my problems would be gone.” spoken to 13 years old me.

You ruin everything
My dad to me a month after I got out of the hospital after almost dying, a sad short story that turns very Dark, right?

I was taking my little sister to a concert and her midriff was showing – I sent her to her room to change and she passed my dad who lost his mind over it.
He choked me a year later.

Her: I was foolish to fall in love with you, and to think I love you Mat
Me: No, I was the fuckin asshole to knew things would end up like this and push forward.

You don’t deserve this, you don’t put too much effort, you should be here in Mexico, not there”

My GF while I was studying in Canada.

I’m sorry.
I feel like you deserve an explanation as to why I’m acting like a child.
I tried not to talk on the phone as much before I completely disappeared because I got pregnant.

I didn’t keep it. And every time I talked to you, I felt that you deserved to know. But I’m not good at dealing with stuff like this.

And I know the way I’ve gone about this is probably the worse way I could’ve at all.

I am sorry. I got scared. And I didn’t tell you for a while after I knew.

I don’t know. Now I’ve dug myself in a hole that I’m too ashamed to get out of. And this is fucking pathetic so I’ll stop now. I’m sorry.

I never loved you.” – My mother
My dad cheated on my mom while she was pregnant with me and always hated me because of it.

I’ve grown as a man because of it but it took a lot of therapy to get to where I’m at now.

“you loved me too hard and I couldn’t give you that much back and I’m sorry”

I don’t love you anymore, Valerie. I don’t know what to tell you”

this is all by the same person.

My dad once said to me “You’re ugly” I can’t remember the exact words but it means those. Prior to that and during that time I had such low self-esteem and wanted to kill myself because of what my face looked like, my days become Short Sad Story after that.

Even to this day when I have periods of crying over my appearance and reminding myself my friends tell me I’m pretty, I still doubt it all because of my dad.

My dad told me “you’re a bit*h and it’s your fault and you deserved it” when confronted about him choking me out when I was 12.

He simultaneously denies that he ever did that and the many other things he said and done to me and my siblings.

. You’ve ruined my life since you were born.
. Yeah, go to the supermarket but you better don’t catch the virus, if you do, you better die cause I won’t pay to the hospital to keep you alive.

My dad, both times…he made my life with those words as a Short Sad Story

You’re just ordinary! You won’t ever succeed in life! You’re just another mediocre student like anyone else here. You’ll become a transgressor soon or later.

“I love you.”
It doesn’t sound so bad until you learn that this was said to me *after* the breakup and she was on the way to Alton Towers with my best mate.

” if you are going to kill yourself at least wait until I leave, I don’t wanna spend the rest of my weekend explaining this shit to the police,” said an ex-boyfriend while I was having the biggest mental breakdown in my life.

“I choose to be with my family”

Not with me and my son despite us being legally married. He wanted to be with his mommy and daddy. Fml.

You’re selfish and worthless, you can’t do anything right; you’ll die alone; no one will never love you; I’m tired of you; you’ll never have success in your life; you’re dumb; you don’t deserve anything you received; ~My parents.

“I want to rub my shoe soles on your face,” said my teacher to me in front of the class for getting a 60 score on an exam. It was years ago but I still hate her to my guts.

You didn’t want to be him, mom, why do you want him now?
(Abusive x, held my son while beating the shit out of me. Every time I got him and laid him down, he would pick him back up again.)

you are worthless. you don’t deserve your children. you are nothing and you will always be nothing. -my so wonderful ex-husband… I almost killed myself that day because of him…… I’m in a loving relationship, won custody of my kids after he abandoned us, and I’m the happiest I have ever been.

All your mother ever wanted to be a sweet little girl but instead, she ended up with you
(My grandmother to me at like 9 years old)
(I was adopted and I guess I wasn’t what they expected).

I love you, I care about you… But I don’t know what I want. – Roughly two weeks ago.

I don’t love your mom anymore because of you. – Stepdad I’ve known since I was 3. A few weeks ago.

You’re unfit to work. – My doctor. Several doctors. Regarding my mental issues.

that’s my Sad short story with my life…and you think I’m okay?.

(teacher name) has asked you not to speak with her anymore.” (this was after months of her inviting me to eat lunch with her every day and us being good friends in class and after I opened up to her about my depression and my se*uality she just suddenly, stopped.

There weren’t words that hurt me or scarred me in a way, but the punches mom threw at me when I was little caused me to not let anyone go near me, making it look like I hate physical affection lol.

A boyfriend of more than 5 years with each other turned to me and said “You know what I realized?? In the past, I was REALLY REALLY happy.. and at least I got to experience that.

If I’m never that happy ever again, it’s okay because I already experienced it” … and I knew he was talking about a time BEFORE we dated.

“I think I never really loved you.” – my husband after being with him for 20 years.

” It feels great when you make someone believe you are just like them just to make them believe and then make fools out of them.”

even if you have some predispositions, some skills, you will never emerge, you will always be a failure, you will always be mediocre, one of the millions of people out there, there’s nothing special in you, my life is a Short sad story because of you I can assure you. you’re a piece of shit like everyone else – mom.

– you’re so fat stop eating
fatty, you’re fatter than me, nobody likes you, go kill yourself, you’re so fat and ugly, no one wants to be your friend.

these words were said to me a few years ago,  I’m 16, still, they are my Sad Short Stories that will affect my whole life forever.

Since you’re so sad and want to die than go ahead. We’re waiting for you to actually do something. – my mom

my father telling me to kill myself after telling him I was suffering from major depression because he believed depression was not real.

“if I had the chance try and murder you for the 2nd time, I’d actually make it happen this time” – was told to me by mom 4 years ago, I left home the same day…
And been on my own since then

I don’t remember the exact words but my best friend and I got into a big fight when we worked together and he told me that everyone at work would talk about me behind my back and basically told me I’m an inconvenience to everyone.

Even thinking about my Sad Short story makes me upset because it was one of the most miserable weeks of my life.

I wish I’d never had you. I’m disgusted that you’re my daughter, go ahead and kill yourself if you really want to die so much, IDC, your panic attacks are probably fake,
And many more but it’d take too long to write them out.
Also no longer talking to these people anymore.

I wish you were dead. Do you know how much I have to hate you? For your own mother to wish and pray that you would just die? That you weren’t born at all?

You’re nothing you’ll never be anything. I’m so glad you broke up and it this miserable Short Sad Story with me it’s made me a way better person than I ever was with you. Plus I’m talking to someone else now.

I don’t love you. I never did. I just thought I loved you. In fact, I think it might be impossible for anyone to ever truly love you.

Why your lunch look so disgusting? Your mom must hate you to make it look like someone just vomited it.
(It was melted ice cream and it was the first time my mom could be at home after 2 years because she works a lot out of the country).

I see why your dad chose his wife over you, You’re worthless, You’re useless, You cause your own depression, Glad to say I left that toxic relationship.

you’re just like a little dog, whenever I call you you will be here with me, It doesn’t matter what I’ve done to you” from the girl I liked right after she came back from a 1-year trip. We had a Sad horrible relationship

You’re a compulsive liar he would never do that, even if he was drunk.

my mom told me this when I told her that her new husbands’ roommate tried to take advantage of me, I was 16 and was kicked out right after to live on my own.

Okay, first off, sorry for the profanity, but I want to be precise and accurate: I fuc*ing hate you and hope you were never my brother, you’re dead to me, don’t even greet me anymore, you and I are done.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t save your baby”.

I was lonely alright, I never loved you….you were just easy until she came around. Don’t take it personally and that’s an exact quote that repeats daily.

You’re an animal abuser, I’d have to lower my moral standards to stay with you – My ex (then bf) after I almost accidentally ran over a dog on our road and I was mortified even though I managed to miss it.

I’m leaving you because you’re too fat and I don’t want to have Sad Short Story with You, then cried when I broke up with him and wouldn’t take him back.

Saw him a few months ago. He’s now like 300 pounds and I’ve lost a lot of weight down to 140. I hope he regrets what he said every day

I love you, you just aren’t enough” (when he was asking to have another girl join the relationship because I was depressed in the abusive relationship, I’m doing better now)

You’re the fattest kid in the whole school. I’m ashamed of you.
-my mom said that a few years ago when I was bullied in school and had a terrible Sad Short Story there, and it stayed with me since then.

Now I’m not gonna sugar coat it, I’m gonna tell you the truth. I am not gonna say he moved on or passed because you need to know one hundred percent of the situation at hand.

Your son is dead…that’s was the Top Sad Short Story ever in my life.

The machines can keep him breathing but his heart cant carries on.

We have induced pain killers in his system to ease his death but these will be your final moments with him.

I don’t think I love you. If you weren’t my child I would never let you play with my kids.

I couldn’t afford an abortion, but I’d have borrowed the money if I knew what it would be like to have you.


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