Sad Relationship Stories

Well, 90% of the people have suffered from Sad Relationship stories, It’s Sad how people deal with the relationship as a normal thing in life, they don’t know the Consequence of the ending of a relationship.

People after a breakup and ending their Sad Story their modes changes for a long period of time, so before you do this, Please put Under consideration what the other will feel about when You try to destroy it.

We have for You today 25 Short relationship stories to let you know the reason for the breakup.

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25 Sad Relationship Stories

My first “girlfriend” (highschool shit) dated me to try and prove she was gay. Told me she didn’t want a relationship and then less than a month later was dating a guy.

my ex-girlfriend cheated on me, and everything I made for her she gave it for her other boyfriend lmao.

I’ve had kind of the reverse. One of my exes wouldn’t introduce me to his family because I had short hair and tattoos and that wasn’t their ‘style’, She kept saying that I will live Sadness Story all the Time

I had an open relationship Story once where the girl was lying about her emotions and preferences and used me to forget about someone she failed to get the attention.

My last ex wouldn’t introduce me to his parents because he thought I was with him to get papers:) and told me I had to prove to them that that wasn’t the reason I was with him.

I once had a girl date me for immigration purposes. Boy, was she surprised when I told her I was illegal here too.

I don’t really count it as a relationship but It’s a Sad Story I had a girl talk to me and flirt with me for a few weeks and when I asked her to be my girlfriend, she agreed. Then the very very next day, she dumped me because she said it was weird that I wasn’t white.

My last semi-serious relationship ended when she told me her husband’s green card had just been approved, and they were moving to an entirely different state that summer lmao, what a bomb to drop on someone out of the blue like that.

My ex-girlfriend has been morally harassing me during months and at the end when I became depressed she blamed it all on me and told me that I should kill myself, and when I tried she told me that I was a horrible person and disappeared from my life
Thankfully I’m better now and in a way healthier relationship but fu*k what a bitch she was and how DUMB I was too lmao.

I had an ex who kept breaking up with me and I kept getting back with him after he apologized. We lasted 9 months, but probably broke up at least 15 times between then (I was only 15 I didn’t know better) when I finally had enough and dumped him for good, he told everyone I was cheating.

I had very strong feelings for this girl for a long time, she was married to a girl that I knew too, so I wasn’t going to overstep and hit on her while they were together.

She told me she left her and wanted to be with me and we spent a week cuddling talking and making love and like 6 days into the relationship she said she had to go and get things from her ex. She never came back and I found out she never left her and only dated me because she was mad at her wife and wanted to get back at her for some nonsense.

I don’t know is people have relationship sad stories like this?

I felt so cheap and felt terrible that I had helped her cheat. I was too embarrassed to ever hang out with that group of friends again either because of how bad I felt.

It’s time to stop hurting people to prove something, manipulative bitc*. (at that horrible person).

I was in a special kind of bad relationship that would take too long to explain, as there was really no abuse at all. But I became suicidal after merely 6 months. This was four years ago, and since then I have become afraid to love and be even more terrified of being loved back.

There was a guy I met when I first moved to go to college that I started to hang with. He liked video games and comics but he was kinda redneck. He seemed nice at first and we got along and he wanted to date me.

but when I got more settled in I dug out my hardcore goth wardrobe and he legit ghosted me. I tried to ask him why he was so against the way I dressed when he had told me that he liked my personality I, of course, got super upset because It only made me feel more lonely and stupid for my interests. He never explained why he was against my gothy clothes…I have other sad relationship stories to share it with you guys, but I think that’s enough

I was openly trans in high school and this guy I really cared for convinced me to date him ‘behind closed doors’ because he ‘didn’t want to look like a fag’ around the school, and then was openly dating a girl while at school.

He told me that he didn’t actually like her and that he was only doing it ‘so people wouldn’t be suspicious.’ Turns out he was also cheating on me with a total of 8 other girls, including a good friend of mine, that he slept with.

I found out about the se* because she called me panicking and asking ‘if he ever gave me anything’; to which I told her we hadn’t done anything yet. Yeah, real POS. He also decided to ‘break up with me’ while I was in the hospital, although I had already broken up with him..what a sad relationship story.

5-year Sad relationship with the father of my children. He was a great guy but eventually, the honeymoon phase stopped & things grew toxic in the Relationship.

I turned into someone dark by holding on to hopeless dreams of a loyal family man I wanted and he turned into a physical/mental abuser whose priorities were money and lust. We were far from perfect and I was no saint.

But I know I deserved a hell of a lot more (didn’t know this till I spoke up to someone). A few months ago after 5 short years of lies, countless breakups, pain, unfaithfulness, and deceit I finally let him go. Sure he still tries to get back with me but not having a bar of it.

I dated a guy who basically spent our entire relationship trying to get back with his ex. He pretty much only dated me because we (his ex and I) had the same name so he wouldn’t accidentally say the wrong name when we were together cause he clearly only had her on his mind.

What’s worse is when I found out about all this, I went to the ex because I felt it was the right thing to do, and she confronted him with me and he actually had the audacity to flip out on me…that’s my Sad story about the relationship

I dated for two years long-distances Relationship a girl who used me as a support while she was under treatment. When she started to ger better she also started to cheat me and now she is in a two-year sad relationship with the last guy she cheated on me.

I dated a girl who thought therapy was for insane people, who gaslit the fu*k out of me, cheated on me, AND took my dog when she abandoned me right after my grandma died and I had to make my college thesis.

Oh god have me ever. I was a dumbass who rebounded with an abusive narcissist after my fiance left me at the altar. He gaslit me and both he and his parents pretty much forced me to live at their place and make me their slave, nothing I did was ever good enough for any of them and then when his mom found out I don’t want/can’t have kids, she insisted he throw me out, so he did. I was a thousand miles from anyone else I knew and had nothing. It was miserable.

So my first boyfriend was the first person I had se* with or done anything remotely se*ual with. We dated for like a year.

The entire time, the se* hurt to the point of tears and he always said it was something wrong with me and it shouldn’t feel that way (but wouldn’t stop when I was literally crying, or would guilt me into letting him fuc* me harder).

Of course, I didn’t know any better because, before him, I hadn’t even masturbated. Anyway, long story short, for the first year of me having se*, I literally thought there was something wrong with me when in reality he was too big and was fuc*ing me too aggressively.

I once dated a guy who’s friend group (including him) had a cheating kink I didn’t know about. Completely broke me as a person and honestly, I’ll probably never be the same again since it was my third relationship ever, and I had already been cheated on before.

I “dated” a girl who only “dated” me cause she was being nice. Then I realized I should stick a shotgun in my mouth and pull the trigger.

I guess I’m actually that ugly with bad looks in the Relationship, not interesting and I guess just a waste of space. Plus it was my last “relationship” I know my worth it’s absolutely nothing.

One of my ex used to bully me with his friends, to the point where I wanted to kill myself. He touched me without my consent. And always called me names such as b*tch, sl*t and more… shhh almost forgot he cheated on me more than 4 times lmao.

I dated a woman for almost 12mths before her sister informed me that my gf was actually gay and was using me to appear straight so she wouldn’t get cut off her dying grandma’s will.

I legit had feelings for her and was devastated. If she’d told me upfront I would’ve helped and not gotten emotionally involved.

I dated someone for 2years who would lie to me about everything. small things even.
He was my first love…I was so in love with him but he left me for someone after 2years of being with me for one of his female friends.

I and he haven’t been together for almost 2years and I still cry about it because being left for someone else can destroy the confidence..especially when the person who left for someone else was your first love.

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that’s all Sad Relationship Stories we have get so far, if u want to add you Story leave a Comment below with it.


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