Sad moment in my life

It takes less than a second for a disaster to occur, and it turns into a Sad moment in my life that You will never forget about it, Most of you will understand what I’m mean.

but what if the Sad moment is about someone You love? like your Parents? brothers?
what we have today are the 18 saddest life moments ever you will ever Read.

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an 18 sad moment in my life

My mom called to tell me my dad killed himself, while I was across the country, alone in my college apartment. My school was so fucked up they couldn’t get a “team” together until 2 pm. My mom called 8 am.

When I was 13, my friend called and said: “Guess what happened to Graeme?”

I was expecting news of our mutual friend that he got a scholarship, he won something cool, maybe at worst he broke his wrist skateboarding, but no.

“He was kidnapped and murdered!” , I had PTSD about phone calls or the phrase “guess what” for years afterward…this sad moment in my life Changed me 180 degrees forever.

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When I was 12 my pawpaw called me and told me to come to say my goodbyes to my mawmaw, she had an aneurysm and died before I got to see her.

My first two pregnancies ended in miscarriages. The first time I went to the ER with bleeding and they took me up for an ultrasound.

I don’t think she was supposed to say anything, but the ultrasound tech took me aside and told me she didn’t see an embryo or a heartbeat (and I was 10 weeks, both would have been visible in a viable pregnancy).

I was devastated but ultimately grateful that she told me and didn’t make me wait for the doctor to tell me.

When I was told that my mum on life support would likely die or be brain damaged to a severe extent. It messed me up massively, I’m very lucky she pulled through with only a small amount of brain damage it was a miracle.

I had almost the same exact thing happen to me! I was at work, my mom called me right when I was on break and told me I had to take my cat Jasper to the emergency vet, he wasn’t moving at all.

My boyfriend went to go pick him up and take him without me if I couldn’t get off of work on time.

I begged my manager to let me off. Half an hour later I got off, right when I called my mom my boyfriend was about to walk out of the house to take him to the vet. He came and picked me up and I got to be with Jasper in his last moments.

I felt like it was meant to be, that I had to be there. I feel your pain hun. They’re in a better place.


Maybe not the sad moment in my life, but the most unexpectedly Sad Story devastating was when parents very casually told me that a friend of a friend had killed himself without realizing how big of a part of my life he actually was.

It fuc*ed me up for a long time since I was a teenager just coming to terms with my transness, and he was the only transitioned trans person I knew in real life and was otherwise a pretty significant role model. Still fucks me up, honestly.

I was home alone, I was 16 and my parents and brother went to go visit some friends about an hour away in an area with no cell service for the evening.

I got a phone call from my aunt telling me that my uncle had a severe stroke and that she couldn’t get ahold of my dad.

I kept my cool until I got off the phone with her, where it hit me like a brick wall. And then I had to call my parents’ friends landline to get ahold of my dad to tell him.

2 times now for my boyfriend. He’s a police officer and was working the midnight shift. I had a bad feeling all night and texted him “hey… be safe tonight.” I finally fell asleep at 4:30 AM.

My mom came up to my room and woke me up just 30 minutes later to the only thing she knew, “don’t freak out – Brock is in the hospital.”

He got hit by a car (someone fell asleep at the wheel and threw him like 20 feet). I threw on sweatpants and cried all the way to the hospital…It Makes Me Sad

He’s still messed up 2 years later with nerve problems, but the first few months were bad (personality change).

I also got a call a few months ago that he got assaulted at work and was at the hospital. I didn’t sleep for 3 days after cause I had to take him back to the hospital.

I was a homeless heroin addict at the time. I had just gotten out of jail & found out my mom had shot my sister’s ex-husband with a shotgun & he was in the hospital. We were pretty good friends, hanging out a lot at the time, & I had known him since he was a kid.

My sister was devastated. He had come to my mom’s house where my sister was living & wanted to see my sister. He was on meth & heroin & was totally crazy.

I had been threatening to kill my mom & her boyfriend. My mom’s boyfriend sent her outside with his shotgun, bc he was a felon & a coward.

She had never shot a gun her entire life. He showed her how days before & told her to aim at his head.

He charged her & she shot him in the stomach. He died in the hospital a day later, while my mom was in jail. She got sentenced to 8 years in prison. I lost my mom & my brother that day.

I went back to jail a few days later & spent 30 days with my mom in the same cell before I went to prison. She was heartbroken. She had known him since he was ten years old & he was a son to him.

Last November I woke up to tons of missed calls from various members of the family and texts from my sister and mom. I was barely awake when I called my mom back and she wasn’t crying, but she sounded distressed.

She asked me if I was home or sitting down or something and I told her I was, I had just woken up. I half-jokingly asked “who died?” because I never got this much attention and I was nervous.

She told me that my dad was found dead in his motel room the day prior. I don’t think I’ve screamed louder in my life. I had to work that night and I don’t know how I pulled through. the number of tears I shed gave me the most agonizing migraine of my life. Worst news and worst pain of my life, even now I’m fighting back tears typing this. I miss him.

I had just woke up for work and my grandma called and said: “ you need to come to your uncle and aunts’ house now grandpa has been in an accident.” (Grandpa drove gravel truck also this was 2015) as I was leaving my house I could see the smoke from the accident which occurred right outage of town.

Some idiot hit his head on and busted his gas tank resulting in his truck catching fire and going off the road. He was transported to the burn center in Utah with 60% of his body burned all 2-3 degree burns.

After about two weeks there he passed away due to complications. This was in 2015.

October 2019 I received a phone call that a lady had hit my dad and stepmom head one while they were riding the motorcycle nearly resulting in their death.

That my dad had collapsed and there was nothing they could do.

That my best best best friend in the world overdosed. That the Sad love of my life the person That gave me a reason to exist and I planned on marrying overdosed.

That my only brother got sentenced to ten years in prison, far away. Right now I’d go with my dad for sure to end my Saddest moment in life, because that’s the freshest and I had to get pulled out of work and drove to the hospital not knowing anything but that he suddenly collapsed (he had dropped me off for work literally two hours before, I was super sure he’d be fine)

My 90-year-old grandmother calling me to tell me they had found my dad dead in his apartment unexpectedly.

I was 4 months pregnant with my first child and on the first vacation, my husband and I had ever taken together…this life sad moments make me feel uncomfortable every time I remember it.

When I was 12: my parents woke me up and told me that my brother passed away.
Two years ago: my dad was in the hospital and I was in another country.

I tried calling everyone in the morning but they didn’t answer. Thought they were getting ready to leave the hospital so I didn’t insist (he was supposed to get out that day). Then my mom called me and told me he had to go back to surgery for an emergency.

Two hours later she called me and told me he passed away. A few hours later I found out I was pregnant…and this was the Sad moment in my life ever.

I wish I just had a few more hours so I can tell my dad too, he always wanted to be a grandpa.

when the Doctor came out to tell me that in his 30 years of practice he’d never had such a difficult surgery. Surgery had to be stopped because my husband died on the table and they had to bring him back to life and had to be placed in a medically induced coma.

I found out my best friend of 15 years died from a heart attack at the age of 28 through messenger and his funeral was the following day.

It still shakes me up because the week prior we had spoken and he had congratulated me on giving birth to my daughter and he was so excited to be her Godfather… brought my 10 days old to the funeral, and words can’t express the rollercoaster of emotions I’ve felt.

One day you’re celebrating the life of your baby, and the next you’re mourning the loss of your best friend.

September 24 (2019). I woke up at 8 am and stayed in bed for an hour, doing nothing. My Mum called me, crying.

My grandma wasn’t well at all, it was the end. She was with her. She told me to come if I wanted to say my last goodbye… I jumped in my car, drove 30min and just arrived to say ”thank you for everything, I love you” and she was gone.


so what I can do if I have a Sad moment in my life?
leave a comment with it and we Will add Your Saddest moment on the Same Day.


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