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Sad Stories That will make you cry about love…are u ready?

sad stories that will make you cry about love

You are the only one in my Life, all sad stories that will make you cry about love Started with these words, but do any of them continue?

Let’s Read the Stories…and don’t forget You can send us Your Sad Story on the Mail to Share It with other People.

10 Sad stories that will make you cry about love:

1- I fart, then he left me:

I’m a Human, Like any other People who farted by Mistake in front of People, but my boyfriend had another Opinion about these situations, the Story happens when he was going to meets his Friends…

he takes me anywhere, but this time when they were talking with each other My mobile phone dropped from my hand…

so I was going to get the Phone from the Ground, but Suddenly ( knock knock ), who is there? It’s My fart sound.

The place was very quiet, my boyfriend Face becomes very angry, and he takes my hands to outside the house.

then he said, ” We will have to break up “.

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2- He Stolen money From me:

what if You wake up, then you found that’s Your Boyfriend stolen money from you?

that’s what actually my boyfriend did, I wake up in the morning but I heard some noise in the other room when I go there I found him taking all my Jewelry and money, and he was throwing them to her bag!

I called him by his name then I said”What are You Doing!”, he looks at me, and It was a Moment of Silence, the Funny thing that he looked at me and say” I wasn’t going to steal them but I was going to do a Project with this money.

Sure I didn’t believe him, and then we broke up, Idk why I didn’t call the Police.

3- My 3 sad stories that will make you cry about love:

It’s not only 1 sad story that will make you cry about love

but 3 and one of them will make You laugh…

First sad love story: I was having a boyfriend that loved me so much, but on one day I tried to make him jealous so I talked with another guy actually he was an old friend from school.

then he asked me who is this Person…I told him an old friend from school but that’s doesn’t make him jealous…he broke up with me

Second Story: after the First story with about 2 years,
I was having another boyfriend, but he left me because of My EX, he sends him photos for us, he didn’t like that.

Third Story: My new boyfriend, we didn’t match each other at anything,
but the Things that ends our Relationship when we Were at a Restaurant he asked me to buy for both of us, because he didn’t have a work or Money.

he did this for about 4 months and still didn’t find work, so I broke up with him.

4- My boyfriend is Gay:

Yes, It’s true, I discovered that my boyfriend is gay, he was dating me for one reason,
The Reason is to make his family thinks he is straight.

I was going on a business trip for 3-5 days when I was at the Airport, the Company calls us and they delay the trip.

I went to my home, Oh! I didn’t tell you, my Boyfriend has my home keys, so when I opened the door…

I found both of them, as you know hahaha.

at that moment, I don’t know what can I do, but Actually I’ve laughed.

5- My Girlfriend was Texting another guy:

I shocked when I found my Girlfriend is texting another guy.

The reason is that this guy is My Gym Coach,

but let be honest I was happy after knowing that my girlfriend is not loving the Personality of the other person, she cared Only about Muscles and Money!

I had only the Money, the Gym Coach was having both of them, are all Girls doing the same?

I know like I said It’s good and I’m happy to know that’s early…

The Messages between them was 70% about me…

they were laughing about how I play gym for more than 8 months, and my Muscle is the same as I begin, so any advice about how I revenge from both of them?

she didn’t know that I’m reading the Messages.

6- It was a Depressed sad story about love:

My boyfriend was hate everything in the World

And suddenly his Mind changed 180 degrees toward horrible things to make, he was laughing like the Joker movie in any Place.

and shouts at other People, destroy anything that annoys him.

So, I asked my boyfriend why you don’t go to psychological.

he made the same laugh again when I advise him, and told me that we all gone die Soon.

It was unbelievable days with him, I don’t know what I’m doing so I told him we need to break up.

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7- I forget her Birthday:

Sure, I was Idiot for doing this!

but Like any other human in the World, People are forgetting what they have eaten yesterday

My girlfriend had another opinion on that, she was thinking that forgetting her Birthday means that’s I do not care about this relationship.

so she asked me to take a break for 2 weeks, we didn’t talk with each other…

And, then we broke up…all of that because of her birthday!

8- he left me for another girl:

I wasn’t very Pretty like other girls,  First time says to me “I Love You”, I asked him a Question.

Why really you Loved me?
he said “I love Your Personality”, “I love Your way of thinking”.

Sure, I was very happy at that moment, but after 3 years of dating, I Found him chatting with another girl, Actually, my sad stories that will make you cry about love is because he did something that broke my heart.

he till her in Chat, that he is in a relationship with me because of my father Position”,
and the other thing is I’m very ugly and not his preferred type.

I couldn’t resist all these lies, and I left him, I was depressed for a long time after my sad story about love.

 9-  I Slept on my EX House:

I do not know what’s wrong with me…

but I really regret what I did, and I’m sorry for my boyfriend that he is Also my EX now.

my sad story about love ended in NY at one of my colleague’s party,
We were dancing and as you know all kinds of stuff You are doing at the party.

so I was very Tired, and My EX ask me to drive with his Car to deliver me to my home, so I say okay No problem.

I slept on the Car and found myself in my EX house in the morning, and when I went home
my boyfriend sends a Message to me Include photos of me in my EX house

I tried to explain to him, but what happened is over and he broke up with me.

10-  My sad short love story that will make you cry:

I’ll go mad if no one Explain to me is I’m wrong?

the Reason that makes us broke up and ending our love story that lasting for more than 2 years,

is that my boyfriend was at the Edge of the Pool, and I was trying to be Funny.

Like any other Videos that I have seen, so I threw him in the Pool with his Clothes, he was very nervous and on the same day, at the same hour, he decided to leave me on the Club alone.

and he sends a message to me that I have ended our relationship there in the club by throwing him in the pool.


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these all that we have for today 10 sad stories that will make you cry about love…If u have a story send it to us and We will add it to these above Stories…or Maybe in the Next Time.



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