Sad Stories about Depression

To be honest with Sad Stories about Depression I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid of it. It’s a constant battle with myself. You can come to terms with certain things, but I don’t think It’ll ever be totally under control.

What is Your opinion about that?

23 Sad Stories about Depression

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid of it. It’s a constant battle with myself. You can come to terms with certain things, but I don’t think It’ll ever be totally under control.

I had it since I was a child. Been on antidepressants since I was 8 years old. It’s not something you “get rid of.” I’ve found a combination of medications that work for me.

Weekly therapy and a genuine commitment to myself. I’ll always have a depressive aspect of my personality though… therapy helped me understand that and gave me tools to cope.

I wanted to kill my self, and the Reason is my Sad Depression Stories I was overdosing on Benadryl daily to get high. I had a mental breakdown in my house in another country, ended up slicing my hand open.

I told my therapist about what was happening and she sent me to a psych ward where I stayed for 7-9 days (I forget, time passes differently there.).

My experience there was both bad and good (got the help I needed but experienced transphobia) and I did a complete 180 with life.

I found a hobby (fishing) and ditched all the bad people in my life and replaced them with better ones who uplifted me. I’m healthy now.

It’s never left me. Sad Stories about depression  Comes to me since I was 13. I didn’t come up with a good living condition (not going into details), and that was a major contribution to it.

I’ve lived with it going on for 13+ years now, and it’s gotten easier to manage, but there are days here and there that just completely cripple me mentally.

I refuse to take medication for it, so I normally just use friends and hobbies to counteract it. Even then, it gets tough, but I just power through it. I’m not gonna let it get the better of me. I refuse.

He moved out a week agoز
In all reality, I was not happy with the situation I was in and I needed something worse to happen to start rebuilding myself.

I’m not fully out of it, but I no longer think about hurting myself anymore.

Meds and therapy…I still get some frightening lows but they’re very short-lived.

Nothing like my life before. Don’t be afraid to get help. It was a last-ditch effort before I was going to kill myself and it made a world of difference.

My worst phase was in 2018 but I never felt like it was completely gone, even with my therapist saying that it was. I hope someday I won’t feel that any bad time could bring her back so easily.

I had it for the time I was 13. One day I somehow just found the motivation to start my life again with a different attitude and since then I never had depression for a longer period of time.

I stopped drinking and doing drugs for the most part and most of my anxieties and depression stories slipped away.

I also started working 40 hours a week doing a job that gives me good exercise and I honestly the exercise and keeping myself busy really took care of a lot of itز

I never got diagnosed but I’m pretty sure I had Sad depression story for a very long time. My lowest point is when I graduated high school I had such bad self-esteem and mild suicidal thoughts.

I struggled for several years first trying to bring up my self-esteem.

Then I would just force myself to get out more. I got a retail job out of college and that helped me feel normal.

Despite that was an incredibly difficult emotional time for me. I still definitely struggle with it for some days and I think I always will but know I’m in a different mindset.

Even if I don’t get everything I’d like done sometimes I can feel proud of far I’ve come.

I had a rough time in high school. Worst years of my life. After I graduated, and a few months after that, one day I just realized that my shoulders felt lighter and that I was happy.

It was like I had been physically carrying a heavy sadness on my shoulders for years and then suddenly realized it was gone.

I’ve had Sad Stories about depression since middle school. I distinctly remember sitting in class in 6th grade and realizing I was very much not ok. It got worse as I got older, and by college, I was in shambles.

It actually forced me to get a medical withdrawal from college. I struggled with alcohol for a while.

Then I got a debilitating, violent, chronic illness that came on so suddenly and so severely I had to start fighting for my life.

Somewhere during that fight, the Depression Sad Stories fell away and I found the will to live. It’s come back in the past couple of years so now I’m just trying to listen to my body and mind tell me what they need, and grant myself grace when I find myself in the dark.

When I was about fifteen going on sixteen I suddenly felt withdrawn, unhappy, and anxious about everything.

Everyone tried telling me who was to blame and it only made it worse.

I decided to see a therapist after almost a year and she gave me the strength I needed to stand up to my toxic stepmother. Two years later I’m half the country away from her and living my best life

I’ve been depressed for 8 years now and I think you just learn to live with it.

Sometimes it’s hard just to get out of bed and I feel empty and some days I feel okay like I can actually do something with my life.

but it’s always there, so just embrace it and let it come for a couple of days and after a while, it will leave, it’s just like a roller coaster I guess.

I stopped taking my meds which helped but wasn’t enough. What really opened my eyes was candy flipping…. sounds ridiculous. I know.

At the time I was at my absolute lowest. I did it one time and it helped me understand and see things I needed to understand and see in order to get onto the right track and be happy.

I am doing good today. Usually always happy.

I have a long long story. Nobody wants to hear it. But I got out of my depression Story by practicing Magick and using affirmations, using the law of attraction, and getting into some new hobbies.

If getting out of bed or getting outside is too much work right now, just start with the research. Learn learn learn, until you are ready to finally apply what you know.

Put your heart and soul into healing your past wounds. It requires opening up, and prodding at them a bit, pour a little salt in to cleanse the wounds, it will burn for a while, but good to get it all out.

Also, open, honest, therapy sessions with a good therapist who you connect well with (if it’s an affordable option for you).

I had severe Sad Stories about depression because of the economical and personal issues I dealt with for the past years, along with the anxiety of many sorts.

As soon as I turned 15, I overcame it by venting with friends and had a support system. I never took meds because it only does little affect to the disorder.

I’m also not living with my own mom because she caused most of the damage, and I’m living in a better environment with my aunt and working at my first job.

In my own mind, I believe that depression is nonexistent to me and it will never get in my way of what I’m doing, no matter how bad of problems that I have.

I lost my uncle from similar unfortunate circumstances, and the next victim will never be me or anyone in my family.

My parents force me to be a doctor since I was a kid, they forced me to get into med school, I got it, and its just hell.

My passion is in art, and sadly I found my passion in the 2nd year of med school. But art has been my hobby since I was a kid, but I got no support. Father exits and near me but he never is in my life.

How I get rid of it? Its never gone, I just…got distracted. Meds help. But most appreciation I shall recite it to my boyfriend and my cats. I slowly tapper down my fluoxetine since I have my cats. For me, these are the best antidepressants.

I’m not going to get into my story, and it’s not gone but I think what’s helped me (since I can’t afford therapy or getting medicated), is having people and friends that are supportive and that you can talk to.

Last year I was extremely bad off and had 1 person that I considered my best friend. No hate to this person but they just weren’t good for my mental health.

They prioritized there’s over both of ours so everything was always about them and in return, I never was able to talk about my situation.

Talking really, really helps so our friendship didn’t last and I’m thankful. However, there are times I don’t want to talk about it.

Thankfully, my friends now are supportive and helpful, they will talk to me and I do the same for them.

When none of us want to get deep, we love distraction.

Going on drives while jamming to some good music, playing games together, cooking with each other, finding new places to hang around… keeping ourselves busy and away from our thoughts, that’s helped. Hang in there.

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I realized my Sad depression Stories came from trauma and the people that I attracted, b/c I was so focused on my trauma, also had trauma and we kinda just brought each other down like rocks. So I cleansed.

I erased those bad memories to the point where I don’t remember them at all. They never happened, I’m fully focused on the person I wanna be.

I only associate and idolize people I wanna be like b/c I believe in the law of attraction. I still have a lot to work on but for right now. I really love me.

I’ve been depressed since I was a little kid. Nothing ever went my way and I was abused. School life sucked and I hated myself.

I started self-harming and almost killed myself last year. Still struggling but it’s been a tiny bit easier.

Life still fucking sucks though, and people are lying if they say money can’t bring you happiness.

I was never actually diagnosed so I never knew if I ever went through a time in my life where I had Sad depression Story or not.

I just remember a time in high school where things just were not going well and I just felt numb completely all the time and even my friends said that they could see it in my eyes that there was something wrong, but I never really knew if it was depression or not.


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if You wanna share Your own Sad Stories about Depression, put down a comment, and let people know what is this illness are truly are What does my body need right now? What am I ignoring? Am I okay?


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