Sad Bullying Stories

wherever you are, You are probably will have a Sad Bullying Stories in part of your life, they bully people even for very small Reasons, what they get from that? nothing.

we have for You the Most 30 Sad unforgettable bully Stories, do you think these people deserve this? what is Your opinion Share it with us?.

30 Sad Bullying Stories

I was bullied in high school for being too pale, and I was so self-conscious of it I wore jeans all year round, I never wore shorts or tank tops. I’m so glad idgaf now, I will blind everyone!.

I had a speech impediment where I couldn’t say “ar” (came out as “ah”) until I was 16; I also got bullied for being too skinny and having small boo*s (while I was literally not eating because I thought I was fat).

This was all done by theater kids who are supposed to be nice and accepting.

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Been called a retard when in truth I could easily beat the shit out of them when it comes to grades.

People were bullying me Cause I was too thin and also had a beauty mark above my top lip. I was the bad guy though when I eventually retaliated. They had it coming.

I was bullied for my ears, they used to call me Dumbo when I was in kindergarten and for having a slight lisp when I spoke.

being heavy, liking pokemon, uh actually everything you could imagine. was bullied for 12 straight years in school. If it existed I was bullied for it.

I was beaten and humiliated almost daily for being fat and not being pretty. Until today I am somewhat antisocial because of the trauma.

Being fat, literally my whole life, now that I actually am fat I look back at all those wasted years stopping myself from doing things for thinking I was fat.

Wearing glasses, my teeth, my hair, my weight, and height, reading books, being depressed. Yeah, who bullies kids for self-harming? What’s your goal there? School just sucked.

I used to be a bit heavier and I’ve always had a sort of flicked up end bit of my nose so people used to call me to miss piggy.

I once got pushed down a flight of stairs because of the bullying and nearly stabbed in the eye with scissors…hope you Enjoy my Sad Bullying Stories in this miserable life

Lots of things, My weight, how shy I am, how much of a nerd I was, my accent, my height … it was so bad in primary that people would literally not be friends with me just in case they got caught up in the bullying too.

I basically spent most of my childhood with my nose stuck in a book.

I was bullied in fourth grade because I wouldn’t hike up my skirt, wear makeup, and wasn’t allowed to shave my legs.

I was also bullied because I was mostly raised in a Christian home and we didn’t have enough money so I wasn’t allowed to listen to pop music, or watch cartoons like the other kids plus add on my big nose.

Going to school was a torment because I had to grow with the same kids that bully me until my senior year.

I’m a bit more thick-skin as an adult but what should have been considered as cherish years of growing up we’re painful and they still play a big part in my insecurities.

bc of my messy hair, style, weight, being clumsy, awkward, etc.
bullies don’t care, they’ll literally criticize anything you do or are.

I have trichotillomania, so mainly that. I was called grandpa, patches, patchy the pirate, spot, baldy.

people even asked if I had cancer. I wanted to be a hairdresser when I was younger and people told me they’d never ever let me touch their hair because of my condition.

I have a diagnosis of anxiety, so I used to cry when I got stressed.
My classmates always thought that was funny…they were bully me for that.

Fortunately, in preparatory my group was mature and empathic, also I learned how to canalize that feeling and I haven’t cried in the classroom since three years ago.

I was 9 back then and it was a new school, I was doing fine with everyone until this one girl that started later cause she was traveling showed up.

She really didn’t like me, then she made the girls stay away from me. Then 3 boys confessed to me and it made it all worst cause the girls got jealous about it.

Kids are mean, high school was the best. Fu*k elementary/middle school they full of Sad bullying Stories from rude Students that don’t know the meaning of Respect.

I have horrible anxiety, so I cry a lot. I always got bullied for it.

Then I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and always got made fun of about that.

I had to give my entire grade a speech about how diabetes actually works, and that it’s not because a ate a lot of sugar or am fat or unhealthy. It is just autoimmune.

Being “fat, ugly, and weird”. The boys in my school used to bet each other to ask me out on a date and then if I said yes they would all laugh and tell me that I was stupid for thinking they could ever be serious.

I was bullied a lot in elementary until I moved cities and reinvented myself in fear of being bullied but then ended up letting my new ego and self-resentment from the last get to my head and I ended up tormenting a kid for the entirety of grade 8.

Never anything physical but I was a fucking as*hole. I remembered the things that hurt me most from what my bullies in the past told me and said it to him when I saw it fit.

The words “Loner, ugly, weird” I used a lot because I resented those parts in myself. I saw him at a mall recently and apologized.

I told him I didn’t want him to forgive me and that I just needed him to know that I was sorry.

I know it doesn’t make me any better of a person but I’m glad that maybe he knows that I feel bad for what I did.

I’m weird. I always have been. When I was a kid I didn’t understand the extent of my weirdness, and I was bullied horribly.

Now I’m in my mid 30’s and I have learned a lot about acting normal and being funny to smooth over the weirdness.

I have never figured out how to be normal despite studying it like it’s my passion for the last 20 years.

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Being of Nigerian/Samoan descent, having a weird name, being a punk, an anime nerd, being “too white” to hang out with black kids, and being “too black” to hang with white.

Jokes on them! I’m an animator and bass player in a band and getting paid for being a geek! 26, pay Bill’s, play with vintage Beyblades!.

For having really gapped teeth, a big/crooked nose, and a long neck. But mostly bullied for the nose. I got called Big Bird, and Toucan Sam a lot.

I have this thing where I sweat a lot. It’s not really a problem, I just have to use clinical deodorant to stop the sweat.

It doesn’t smell, there’s just a good bit of it. This boy that sat beside me in one of my classes was a decent acquaintance, and then he randomly stopped talking to me and made fun of me for it and calling me names because his girlfriend doesn’t like me.

He also called me psycho because I do this thing where I cry a lot, publicly, because I can’t help it.

I’ve gotten a lot from that one with my Sad bullying stories. The list goes on, but those bother me the most.

A lot of things, but I think the real reason was more complicated. I used to get bullied for about 5 or 6 years at primary school for my anxiety.

I used to get panic attacks during math class because I could never understand it and my teachers used to yell at me for it (I now know I’ve got Dyscalculia).

And also I was a big dork and I looked like one. But I think the biggest reason was that they came from a dysfunctional household and I came from a loving one.

I pretty much never responded to bullies and Sad Bullying Stories.
I was hit really hard in the face of the biggest bully in our school. I acted as nothing happened and nothing happened again.

My close friends were actually my bullies,
Bullied for literally everything.
I was happy to see my growth without them.

Being different, being quiet, because I was skinny AF because I was poor because my mum was abusive because I have a birthmark on my neck.

Wasn’t till HS that I started really pushing back.

I was pushed around and physically assaulted because I was smaller than most people, so I was an easy target for bullying throughout Primary school and the first 2 years of high school.

3  reasons.
1. Because of my hair (which happens to be extremely rare in my city, like 1 in 200,000 habitats).
2. Because of what a nerd I am, which hey! I’m still the top student of my generation in every single school I’ve been to.
3. Because at middle-school, some kids had a crush on girls that my older sister bullied, so they bullied me in return.

I’ve had vitiligo since I was the age of 10. I lived in a very hot, dry state so I was very tan making the vitiligo stand out more.

Kids used to say my knees were bleached. If anything I just felt extremely self-conscious, and my lack of self-esteem was a target for bullies.

My teeth…
One of my front teeth grew in towards the roof of my mouth and I used a retainer to push it forward, but then my 2 front teeth were in the shape of a wide “v”.

When I was in the military, I refused to wait until I was off of sea duty to get braces and made an impulsive decision to get veneers.

I’ve regretted it every single day since.
The sad thing is, more people teased me as an adult (who were also in the military) than as a child.


What happened in your life? do you have a Sad Bullying Stories?
if Yes…We waiting for Your own Story to share with all those people so they know that’s not funny anymore and they have to stop what are they doing.


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