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He broke up with me because he said he was too immature for me, it is just one of many Strange Sad Breakup Stories, we Let You read the rest and tell us Your opinion, and don’t forget to share with us Your own Story.

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32 Sad Breakup Stories

We got robbed and he left me. Not like, dating wise, like he literally ran away and left me and our friend while we got robbed.

She was very insecure and overly jealous to the point where she would message random women threats of physical harm just for reacting to my posts.
She even accused me of having a secret relationship with a female friend I had since I was a kid.

Said friend had talked me out of suicide multiple times growing up, she’s really important to me and is like a sister.
Anyway, she shattered a glass bottle over my head acting like what people do in their Sad breakup stories, then threatened me with the shards because I wouldn’t block her.

Anyway, my current fiance is basically best friends with said friend, instantly adored her the second they met, and even specifically asked her to help her look for a wedding dress. So I upgraded pretty damn much.

She broke up with me because I accidentally missed the vote date for our state and ended it over text.

Ended today our Sad Breakup story. He was emotionally abusive and cheated on me and beat me down so hard mentally that I was afraid to stand up for myself or he would ignore or leave me. I left today. I’m heartbroken. it was the right thing but still.

I found myself apologizing and pulling all the emotional labor to fix it when I had found him to have another girl listed as his ‘slave’ on FetLife.

Cos he got another girl pregnant when I was recovering after miscarriage…he still wanted to be with me and whit her cos he “can’t just leave the mother of my child.

Because he let it. I finally reached the point where I realized that it was never, ever going to get better… and that was not okay. Your husband should make eye contact with you. Speak to you. Miss you when you’re gone. Build you up and encourage and motivate you. I appreciate your efforts.

He was selfish. I felt like I was living in his world. Everything had to be about him. Even days like Mother’s Day that should’ve been about me. I shine brighter in my own world.

we dated for 3 years and changed a lot over time, which involved changing from lovers to just being good friends.

the romance naturally fizzled out and we ended on good terms, we still check up on each other occasionally.

She had broken up with me; I was very not okay emotionally and admittedly, I relied on her for emotional relief more than I should have, and more than was healthy for either of us.

I genuinely wasn’t good for her and maybe she wasn’t for me either. I wondered about that part for a while tbh.

He hadn’t had a job for over a year and was being financially supported by me (a teacher) and his mom and there is 5 Reason for our Sad breakup Stories
1-We didn’t function together in an adult relationship (we started dating in high school and dated through college)
2-We were engaged for over 2 years, and any plans for a wedding seemed so far off and unattainable because of our situation
3-We were in an open relationship and I met a guy who made me feel happier than I ever did with my ex
4-We were constantly screaming and we both said awful things to hurt each other
5-All things combined made me make one of the hardest decisions to end my 6+ year relationship, but it has led to some amazing and positive life changes for me that never would have been possible if not for the breakup.

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she was controlling and mentally/physically abusive and she would break up with me on important days (my birthday, Christmas, days I had big plans) to try and ruin them and make me sit on my phone trying to get her to talk to me.

when she did it after a concert I was SO excited about I stopped talking to her for a month and it was the best month of my life so when she came back around trying to get me to come back I finally said no.

He cheated on me and didn’t tell me for two weeks. He picked the time to tell me a day after I got my wisdom out and I wasn’t allowed to speak because I was at risk for dry socket. He just listened to me silently cry basically and then blocked me on everything.

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He broke up with me because I moved a therapist appointment over by one week so I could leave town for a business trip and then he choked me when we tried to get back together.

We just simply weren’t good together, not because we were abusive or toxic but because we both needed to work on ourselves and it could’ve become toxic had we’d stayed together. We both have mental health issues.

Though we seemed like the perfect couple on the outside, there were a lot of times where we weren’t happy. We were happy with each other, but we were unhappy with ourselves. A broken person cannot fix another broken person. And two wrongs don’t make a right.

In the long run, we realized we needed to work on ourselves a lot before we could continue our relationship, we had been together a year. I love him dearly and the breakup was pretty mutual.

he wanted to have a poly relationship. And by poly relationship, he meant that he wanted me to remain faithful to him while he got another girlfriend, ignored me for her, told her he loved her more than he loved me, told me that he loved us the same, and expected me to drop everything (including my schooling) to give him rides to see her since neither of them could drive.

I had a mental break and couldn’t take the distance. We were engaged for nearly a year and he had actually visited me two months before.

I miss him a lot, but he’s doing better without me, and in a lot of ways, it’s the same vice versa.

I realized that I’m not good at enforcing boundaries I make and then it ends up triggering a lot of anxiety Stories so I need to figure out that shit and my sexual trauma before I can enter into a relationship.

I pretend I’m having a better time than I am just to please the other person, it’s not a good foot to start off on.

…so anyway yes I’ll be finding a therapist soon.

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My marriage ended after 10 years because he cheated on me with his now fiance. The relationship was severely abusive but I never left because he isolated me from friends and family and routinely told me that no one else would want me.

It took him cheating on me and threatening to kill me to leave. My current boyfriend has shown me more love and kindness than I’ve ever experienced.

I don’t regret the things I went through because it made me who I am. I just wish I would have met my boyfriend sooner.

He forced me into an open relationship that he didn’t even want because he just wanted to fuck other people while I’ll chill and stayed loyal to him to cater to his narcissistic egotistical, but I told him its both of use or nothing and from that, I met my soulmate and left my ex for him.

he used his parents to break up with me because he was too chicken to do it himself. MIND YOU, he was at boot camp for 3 months and didn’t even bother to write to me.

She said she needed a break ( I said, of course, that’s ok, we had been fighting every day)

Didn’t know until after we broke up she went back to her hometown to try and sleep with her ex

Called me drunk after he turned her down and started having a go at me because I decided to go out with my friends on the last day because I’d been sat at home all week depressed and shouted at me down the phone for 30 mins before trying to guilt me by saying you’ll never change.

I said I guess I won’t. Hung up and headed back inside. I saw her the next day and had the same argument word for word and I said it was over.

From a bigger perspective, she tried to play the victim like other Sad breakup Stories but would always pick on me for the smallest things and accused me of sleeping with anyone female I came into contact with. My depression/anxiety was getting worse and she was isolating me from my friends.

He was manipulative, mentally, emotionally, and sexually abusive. I was with him for 4 and 1/2 years and basically every day I had to give him head and if I didn’t I was a horrible girlfriend.

He broke up with me supposedly because I was toxic and made me feel like shit and I blamed myself only to find out a week later that he got another girl knocked up and got married to her.

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we were a long-distance relationship for almost two years (and we were best friends for like three) and I found out he had a gf IRL since august because she posted a photo of them on twitter and he retweeted, knowing full well I followed him and he followed me. not only that but the girl knew about me all along.

It was never great from the beginning and HONESTLY, I should have seen those red flags. He was controlling as hell, emotionally abusive, knew how to play off my anxieties, would guilt trip me any time I wanted to see my friends.

To top it off he wouldn’t let me break up with him and would literally just follow me on my way to work, which unfortunately passed his house on the way.

It was just a horrible situation that I’m SO grateful to be away from… met someone SO much better a few months after and we’ve been together for almost 2 years. My parents, family, and friends all like the new guy so much more.

I couldn’t handle being with someone I didn’t love (or feel anything for). Told her so, she wouldn’t get it first, yet she did in the end. Still felt great after doing it. It was the first time I put my feelings first, before anyone else’s.

for half of our relationship, every time we’d fight she’d tell me she wasn’t sure she was ready to be in a relationship. after a year she decided for real that she wasn’t. then she started dating someone else a month later.

A super toxic relationship, both of us just reached our breaking point. We loved each other in our own ways, but it wasn’t healthy and needed to end.

He fell out of love and was talking to other girls but then three days later he asked for me back cause he regretted it and they rejected him and I took him back for a week and then broke up with him.

I was with him for 4 years. Kept working on it not giving up. He would abuse me.

I pushed me and snatched my phone to check my Instagram.
Also, he threw me out of his house because he got irritated. His mum tried to defend me, and he pushed her too.

I literally woke up one day and didn’t want to be with him anymore. Felt no more attraction, was annoyed by little things.

I regret Reading Sad breakup stories that inspire me to do this

I let it go by for about a week to see if it’d go away but it didn’t. We were only together for like 2 months so it’s not like we were super duper invested yet.

It was so weird to wake up and have a switch turned off, especially since I’ve only ever had long term relationships.


so at the end do you think all those Sad Breakup Stories might one of them happened to You, do your girlfriend or boyfriend acting the Same as one of them?.what do You think?

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