my story about depression
my story about depression

my story about depression started when I asked myself self who am I??
and why I even talk?
and what are the Steps of treatment?
People who know me well and very close to me most of them know that I`m being treated from Depression

20 fact about my story about Depression:

1- The last one who knows about his illness with Depression is the Depressed himself.

2- the Depression never goes with a hang out with friends or even with perfect food.

3- if your friend had a depressive you have to know that he is very suffocating from everything…please don`t make it hard for him.

4- if your mood changes and be happier from even small word or a fun hang out with friends and without antidepressant thanks God for this grace.

5- the depressive life is totally stopped and destroyed without he know

6- Let`s say it again, don`t put stress on the depressive peoples

7- when you heard about your friend that he was diagnosed with depression, don`t do this Human Development and life coaching and something like that and instead of that talk with him to see a psychiatrist

8- there is no such thing called ” You have done this to yourself”

9- the Depressive people didn’t get up in Morning and found themself suffer from it

10- the Depression is a physical disease caused by changes in the brain

11-for the Second time you have to be thankful to God that you are taking antidepressant

12- imagine that you fall in a hole without water you can`t get out of the hole…this applies to the Depressive person and my story about Depression can be imagined like this

13- when you start to take medication, you will found that you are missed a lot of something and you will cry..yeah you will cry a lot on that day

14- also when you start taking medication, you will start found that you treated your nearby friends with neurotic and you was unfair in this treatment, you will cry a lot also here

15- The most shocking moment in your day is when you find that you run out of medicine!

16- for the second time It wasn’t us the depressive people who through themself to depression, no he comes to us

17- when you heard from the psychiatrist that you have to revise all your past decision that you will about 80% of them is wrong, Time will stop at this Moment

18- when you heard from the doctor that you are depressed for more than 10 years, a tear will be dropped from your eye.

19- when you take your medicine and start realizing that you are getting away from this hell you will be very happy and you will cry from this happiness…how this fire is gone from my body!! and is my story about Depression end!

20- Most of the People are getting depressed because of school harassment stories or something that effect on them heavily

21- the People that need to go to heaven is the people who invented antidepressant

let me explain more to you the

difference between sadness and depression:

the sadness is a short period that you are feeling it because of a specific reason or problem, once you get out of this problem the sadness is gone.

but the depression is like an evil beast, it`s a long period of sadness that continues for more than 2 weeks and It’s accompanied with physical symptoms many people suicide you can see from here sad stories about love and death about a people who suicide as they suffer from Depression!

at the end of my story about Depression, I want to thanks my Doctor and a special thanks for who invented the medicine, thanks for my friends who advise me to see a doctor, thanks for my family that when they know about it they deal with it so serious


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