my family is poor

My family is poor

we were not like other families, as my family is poor that is living in a house with old furniture…yeah like what you are seeing in the tv movies but that`s was in real life.

let me talk first at why is my family is poor?

First Our relatives had a lot of money but they didn’t love us for no reason, or you can say that the reason is that we were poor

Second, my father was from the disability so he got fired from work after giving him money for the years that he had woken at the Restaurant  * my dad was chief * but not like the chiefs that you see on the tv he was the little one

the Story began when I finish high school, unfortunately, I got a bad score so I can’t join a good University, not only about good but I can’t join a University with no money…I loved the Computer Science field.

so at one night before 6 years, I was sleeping my father wake up me with the happiest moment at my life that I`ll never forget it
my family is poor as I told you before but here is what happened

he told me ” here is the money of 4 years at the University and take this money and buy a Laptop, and go on make us proud ”

so days is go and I learned at every year more about Programming and Operation systems and all the fields so I can decide which field I`ll be at and will be my future jobs in

after a while and at the Third year I said to myself come on It`s really the time of choosing a field so I get a paper and pen and start writing what is my passion oh I remember I loved the imaginary things…mmmmmm now you guess what It will be my field, Yes It`s Web Designer, people were Disappointment me about this field and they said to me It`s don`t have a future but I continue at the Field and I didn`t look back and didn`t listen to their opinion

the First Problem that the study was talking too much time in university so I was only doing self-study for about 30 minutes only in between exams I wasn`t can`t do this

the Fourth year has come and Now I learned everything about Web Design but I can`t find a single job
I go into freelancer site and apply to tons of jobs and contents, the job owners gave it to Indian people only I don`t know why!
so I got depressed after searching for one single job for more than 4 months with no progression. I decide that I`ll end my university first and finish my Military then I’ll work in a company

but until now I send my CV to more than 200 Company and there is not even one single Respond…can you advise me?
Do I have to shift career to a more hard field or what?
is It really web Designer Field become very old and sites like Wix and other building sites tools will take our place
Please, Guys, help me, my family is poor and I’m tired from all that’s harassment stories about not having a job enough and We need money as soon as possible from a work don`t put comments and tell me if your family is poor contact us for a donation it will really hurt me.

I need advice from people who have worked in the Field…Thanks and thanks for Your sad story site for letting us our story share to other People…I`ll read all the comments at the site


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