my Ex is lying about me

what I can do if my Ex is lying about me? a lot of answers and a lot of tips, but we gathered for You the Best, 20 answers from people that have a similar condition as you.

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what to do when my Ex is lying about me?

Cut off all contact, when I found that my ex is lying about me, I Don’t even respond to anything she says. Any friends who are real friends will know better.

Let them know you wish her the best in life but you no longer will discuss anything involving her.

Nothing. You can’t control what others do, only how you respond to it. You don’t need to prove someone is lying about you, you prove you are above that by living the truth.

Cut off all contact, I’ve been in toxic situations before and I always cut them off, no need to let them watch so they can try to make you seem like a fool even more, straight up ignoring their existence.

Stay silent because her bitching to people about you will get boring after she keeps bitching about you if you say nothing she is going to look really stupid.

Went through that, my ex was spreading rumors about me, ignored it mostly. Those who asked I corrected, but you’re never going to really change someone’s mind and life is too short to stress about those who won’t take your word.

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I had a shit friend like that too. She definitely tried so hard to get people to hate me and it didn’t work. If anything, they hated her.

Just let her talk shit, and if they confront you about it tell them she’s a lying fuckface and leave it at that. Their opinions shouldn’t matter but if they come to you about what she said, correct them.

Honestly, just ignore them and live your life a little better. Work past the toxicity you provided and leave them behind in their immatureness. Anything less and they win.

Just let her.. if people want to believe what someone else says about you, chances are you don’t even need that kind of person in your life, to begin with.

I had this exact same situation, my ex was lying about me, I blocked her and anyone that believed her. My real friends knew she was full of shit.

If I had to fight for my friends to believe me then they weren’t my friends, to begin with.

If the ex-friend is talking shit about you to your friends and people you care about and they choose to believe the ex-friend over you then you’re better off without them.

In other words, let this person talk shit, the only thing they’re going to succeed in doing is helping you weed out the fakes in your life.

if I figure out that my ex is lying about me all I can do is to endure it if u try to fight back, ppl will either believe her, or that bish just gonna hit u harder than before.

Just say the truth, and see whos gonna believe who. Its a hurtful but good way to see whos actually on ur side.

You can’t stop it. You also can’t stop people from believing her. They’ll believe what they want to believe for many reasons. They’re her friend more than yours, y’all got into it at some point, jealousy, etc.

Don’t entertain it and live your life.

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The ones that know you will know she’s lying. The ones that believe it will only have their minds changed by meeting you and knowing you too.

Wash your hands of it and live life like you’re not here to impress anyone.

There isn’t anything you really can do. Be a good person, try to counteract the bad rumors when you become aware of them… but people are going to decide what they think based on knowing you.

When I found out my ex lied and cheated on me, I said I should have listened to everyone telling me not to date him, including his mom.

I told him he was just like my dad and a hypocrite for condemning my brother and a friend for cheating on their girlfriends but he did the same thing to me. I also told him I never should have loved him the way I did.

Karma will be delivered in due time, just focus on being a better and less toxic person.

Ask yourself:

When someone is talking shit about other people to you, do you honestly give a shit? Do you ever judge people based on gossip that circulates about them? How do you feel about the person doing the shit-talking?

My answers respectively are NO, NOPE, and I think the shit talker is a douche for shit-talking, and I lose trust in them more than the person they are talking shit about.

Most people think shit talkers and gossip queens are fucking idiots, so just let her go about making herself look like an idiot.

Also, if someone confronts you about something she said to them about you, tell them it’s none of their business and it’s between you and her.

To rational people, this will make you look good, and she looks bad. Just go on about your life, and be UNBOTHERED. Focus on doing your own thing, and bettering your own life.

I went through exactly the same, except in this case I was genuinely a good friend to them while they really were properly toxic.

It’s very, very difficult. First of all, cut off absolutely all contact with the ex-friend on social media if you haven’t already. Maybe block them if you need to, to restrict their access to your content, but that’s not preferred as they’ll see that as a reaction, a ‘win’. Better if they block you first.

Second, find the one or two people in your group who you trust the most and are least likely to take your ex-friend’s side, and (separately) discuss your concerns with just them. Don’t try to ‘fight’ your ex-friend or try to turn these friends against them, just explain that you understand that you and this person aren’t friends anymore, but you just want to go your separate ways without friction, but worry that they won’t let you and are trying to get at you by getting your other friends to take sides. Remind these friends how much you care about them and wouldn’t want to lose them. And then…

Leave it. Do absolutely nothing more, don’t talk about that person again, don’t check their social media, if they’re mentioned by others then act nonchalant then change the subject. Just act as if you’ve forgotten about them.

They’ll probably try to provoke you and carry on trying to damage you, but honestly just completely ignore it and get on with your life. Hopefully, your mutual friends will get sick of THEM talking about YOU, in contrast to you being much more mature and less bitchy, and hopefully, those people you spoke to will act in your defense without you needing to ask them to (note: don’t ask them to). At some point, the ex-friend will just give up.

Final tip: Unfortunately you are likely to lose one or two people to this person. I did. It’s a shame, but I wouldn’t fight it, if they’re going to side against you then they probably weren’t particularly good or loyal friends to start with. Looking back, the couple of people who sided against me weren’t.


if my ex is lying about me, I would use one of these answers that suitable for my Ex, Choose from them and tell us then what have you done so far, is she keeping lying about You or everything is okay now?


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