my boyfriend broke up with me

Okay, I don`t know why I have sent to you guys this story but I want just to know is this something okay or what? my boyfriend broke up with me, but let me tell you the whole story

First, let me introduce my self I`m Hannah from new jersey I have 24 years old
the beginning of the story is when I met a very handsome boy from NewYork during a work trip, and after getting know to each other he was someone who knows everything about memes and comics, etc ( comedy one )

so our relationship has been developed day by day until a day comes and he said to me that he loved me

if I know that my boyfriend will break up with me in the later time, I will not do what I have done for him

I give him all my love…but after while something has changed and he didn’t love me like our first days and our first eye contact, everything becomes very weird

I thought that it`s a matter of days and come on Hannah everything is gone be okay
but know his mind change to only one thing is to break up with me but he didn`t tell me anything he keeps silent and saying that I have a problem, I don`t have time..stuff like that

and here we come to the point of  ” my boyfriend just broke up with me at ”

we were sitting next to each other and he till me how his day was going and I`m also sharing with him my day

and all that I did is that I was getting up too fast to go and get something, but unfortunately, I fart by mistake but a long fart, after doing this my face turned red I was very embarrassed because what I did, but come on It`s not a crime but my boyfriend just say WTFFFFFF is this and said my name very loudly ” Hannahhhhhhhhh ”
I`m sorry but we have to broke up

I looked at him wondering and till in my mind ” is this because I just farted “?
and I said to him why?
he told me I think that we are not completed each other in many things
and that I have to be more respectable to become a Good Girl

but guys at this moment if you were in my place you will laugh, he was putting his hands on his nose to protect himself from the Nuclear Fart? hahaha

but you know It`s good that my boyfriend broke up with me.
my advice is not to love someone only because he is cute or handsome
do what you want, also when it comes to fart hahaha

I know that you may think my story is childish or something like that
but If I didn’t send to you guys my story It will keep the sadness in myself
obs sorry, I`ll keep the fart in myself, not the sadness

and that`s the end of my very short story I can name it ” the fart and the breaking up “.



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