My best friends are bullying me

My best friends are bullying me…that’s happened every time I went to school, or back home…they bullied me because my Face appearance is very funny and make them laugh, they tilling me something that’s broke my heart ” We don’t need Clown anymore, You are our Clown with Your Face “.

the Same Thing Happened when I back home, and people who want to be kind, they show their sympathy and I fell also that’s Fake treatment…I’m get Depressed from everything now and I fell that’s no on Respect me what can I do when people Bullied me and is really my face is ugly?


Hello ” X “, We are Pleasure to Answer Your Question…and People who Read the Story You can Also help Him with Your Advice by put Your Comment Below.

My best friends are bullying me…what can I do?

1- Your face is not ugly:

Don’t let anyone tell You that’s Your face is ugly even Your Family…You have a Handsome face Created by God…and when they, till You that You are a Clown don’t bother Yourself and Try to appear that’s nothing Happened or You, don’t care…if You are under 15Y…just try to ignore them by Smile they will not till You that You are Clown any more…because at this age they will only Try to Harass you with words that hurt You the Most that is their behavior….Story Number 3 here high school harassment stories talk about tall girls that suffer From both things that it’s ugly and tall she did the Right Thing she will Report them ASAP.

My best friends are bullying me

2- Let them Respect You:

if My best friends are bullying me…The best thing that I’ll do is make them Respect me by showing off my Talent…Make things that they can’t do…get a High Grades in Your class…ask Your Family to Travel around the World with them…the point here is to Make things that’s hard for them…when you did this and Improve Your Talent You will Found that they Will Respect You and will not Bully You anymore.

3- Search for True friendship:

This is the Most Powerful Thing in Your Life is to have a True Friends in Your Life…It’s Your Magic Trick that’ can help You defeat anyone…don’t neglect it, look for people that have the same interest as You…and read from here how to find them.

4- Use Your Power:

Yes! You can use Your Power when You want to put a Limits for Your Life and other behavior toward You…till them You are not Like this…but Make Sure that You have done the previous steps…and You must have Self-Confidence when You use This Step

5- Report them to the Law:

things don’t go well? now You have to pull yourself together…and Face them with a Strong Keywords that will make them Fear from You…but do this step When Sure 100% Percentage that the Previous steps is not working anymore with this Rude Friends…Now Look at their eyes with anger and say that I’ll Report it and I have a Magic Trick to do.

open a Record and let them bully You as usually, they done…now You have a Prove that they are bullying You…It’s Time to till them If they don’t stop You will Report what happened to the Law…they Will Scared and will never say something again to You.

My friends are bullying me

6- Look for People have been through this:

Sure You will Find a People that have been through these issues as You…Look at Youtube for them…You will find Great Stories that will make You pretty sure that’s nothings is called a bad face guy, and Will makes You pass all that You heard before.


We want to be Caught your attention about something, You Named Your Story with My best friends are bullying me…That’s not true they are not Your Friends any more back to Number 3 Advice and You will know who is Your Best Friends.




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