my 12 year old daughter has no friends at school

We have received a sad story about a mother that says ” my 12-year-old daughter has no friends at school ”

This problem started when we travel to another House, and my 12-year-old daughter Changed It’s Old School with a New One, all Kids there already had a Friends for more than 5 years, so my daughter was not like other girls in School It was very Shy and the thing that makes it more Complex that the Girls at the school didn’t  introduce themself to her.

the reason why I send my story that I want to know how to make my 12-year-old daughter have Friends on School, as It cries every day and told me when I’ll have new friends like my old School, and unfortunately they are just kids and they didn’t have a mobile phones so they can contact with each other, and I don’t want to make her travel a very far distance to meet them.

so what can I do, I have to back again to our old house and let her back to Its old School so she can meet her old friends, or I keep it on the New School, but as you know she has no friends at school…what can I do?


Your Sad Story Site Answer :

Okay, Let’s Begin by acting like your Daughter is our daughter also…

what to do to a 12-year-old daughter has no friends at school?

1- Keep them away from Technology:

Most of the kids on this day or this new Generation are 24/7 on Youtube watching Crazy things that don’t add a single one valuable thing to them or Other online games that keep them away from the real-life, This is not okay…we have to be with them all time and learn them new Skills on home or going with him to Amusement Park, or learning them how they speak with other people.

2- Make a Perfect Party :

One of the Perfect Idea, to make my 12 years old daughter has friends at school, is to make a party at the home, and then go to the School and invite the girls that she didn’t know them, by this way, my Daughter will have a new friends and also us the parents will meet a new Parents, This will help our Daughter a lot.

3- No shyer:

12 years old daughter is shy…so we will overcome this by keeping it away from the Youtube and other Technology as we said before, This will be for a little time to tell she make new friends.

4- let it meet with girls that have no Friends at School:

Sure there is will be a lot of 12-year-old Girls at school that also has also no Friends, she can try to introduce itself to them by getting a Piece of Chocolate or small present to it…Your daughter could apply this method if you can’t do Number 2.

5- Speak with The School and the Teachers:

It’s a great way to make your Daughter have friends at school by talking with the Teachers themself, and tell them the story of your daughter so they can make competition or Activity in the class so It can be in a team with New Friends.

6- 12-year-old girls behavior:

these little kids at this age they matter about their confidence, so You have to improve the confidence of your little Child, by making her take Decisions but in an indirect way…more confidence will lead to less shy…and the Most Important Advice from us to make our world better for everyone, Girls are bully to each other in School so try to make your 12 years old girl doesn’t bully on anyone like what to happened here


This is our Answer to Questions about ” my 12-year-old daughter has no friends at school “…if you have more Answers and advises Share it on the comments below.


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