message for ex

Sure you are here because you have just broken up, but don’t worry we are here for you to get the best message for Ex, those messages have been written by people that also have breakup from a while.

so if u have Your Own Text and want to add it here, submit it below so People can Read it and share with us Your Experience.

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40 Message for Ex:

message for ex

1- Karly Pulford:
How could you like someone else but say you love me then leave me with no explanation but that Is life.

2- Mai ElDin:
Stop watching my Instagram stories it’s been 4 years & you don’t even follow me on IG.

3- Caitlyn Dignard:
Honestly, my first introduction for my message for Ex, you suck.
I really hope you grow out of that high school university phase where you fantasize about the glory days because you’ve been out of school for years and it’s starting to get pathetic

You were a great bf sometimes but um, remember that time you got drunk and yelled at me to shut up in public then pushed a table at me? Remember telling me I look for stupid shit to be upset about all the time? Remember how shitty you were??

It was a good relationship for a little but it was pretty emotionally abusive, mutually, after a certain point

And while you might want to maintain this idea that you were better and I missed out, it’s false and I hope we can both go to therapy and get the guidance we need.

4- Marissa Barnett:
I’m sorry, but you probably won’t care. You tricked, gaslighted and you controlled me to the point that I didn’t even recognize myself anymore.

I’m healing and I am still sorry for my part but we need to be no contact.

16 years and phone break up are fu*ked up. You know you hurt me to the core with one of your actions and I don’t recognize you anymore.

5- Nizzy Noodle:
I wish you were better. I wish you could’ve been more honest..I’m such a forgiving person and you just needed to better yourself even in the slightest.

It’s 100% your fault we broke up. I love you and always will but you fu*ked up… I have other messages for Ex but I’m enough with him and I think I’m nee.

6- Marco Emilio Paredes Esparza:
Oh, girl. I wrote to you the other day, and you know a lot about what I think. We didn’t work as a couple.

I got to admit that. You were into me and I was into you. It was a reciprocal love. And know after we break up some years ago.

We keep our promise to still as friends. I love that we still talking and you give me advice or sometimes ask me to do the same.

I still have the letters you wrote to me. I send you pictures the other day when we were sensitive.

I’m really thankful cause you make me grew as a person.

And I hope that you accomplish everything you want. I hope you got health and I hope to keep talking with you.

7- Doha Jirrari:
Text me again so I can leave u on seen for the 6282th time.

8- Kayy Konzen:
Our son deserves better than this and I truly hope one day you get your shit together… You’re missing out on the most beautiful experiences because of drugs and alcohol.

Please get better soon… We would love to have you in these moments with us, but not until you’re sober.

9- Riley Stuart:
hey I know I said I would be here whenever you’re ready to get back together but it still hurts to see you be with someone else and it’s hard to not feel mad, especially when you still act like we are dating when we hang out.

10- Aleksandra Cinder Bernatowicz:
I wish you could change your mind about me and give me another chance.

I still miss you a lot and I can’t go through it without you.

You are a valid person and I’m glad that you came into my life. You still walk in my dreams sometimes.

11- Maddison Black:
I hope you’re happy, but I hope I never see or hear from/anything from you. I wish you didn’t happen.

12- Nourhan Ahmad:
It saddens me that you’re gone, and it’s even more saddening to realize you never wanted to stay in the first place.

13- Haleigh Murphy:
thanks for the PTSD from trying to hit me with your car.

14- Kendra Victoria Washington:
I hope that you’re doing good and that your current relationship is good. if it was true love you’ll come back to me.

15- Dana Krizek:
We didn’t know each other very long, but I fell hard. It’s been 7 weeks since we stopped talking and I think about you every day.

I think about what you’re doing, who you’re talking to if you’re thinking about me; it’s painful, but it’s better than chasing something that will never be.

Because of you, I’m examining myself and why I can’t stop thinking about someone who treated me like garbage.

16- Breeana Crump:
I told you I loved you. You meant everything to me. I went to the ends of the earth for you. I never lied. I never kept secrets.

I did what you asked of me. You told me you loved me. I meant nothing to you. You made me do things for you that you wouldn’t do for me.

You lied. You hid things. When I said I wasn’t comfortable with you around her, you called me crazy. You called me crazy a lot.

When you walked away from me, I couldn’t breathe. It was like someone ripped my heart out. But you were fine. Screw you.

17- Karolina Rudzka:
Hope u open up finally to the world, stop being scared of women, and put your head up and go out there. You precious, go for it.

18- Thomas Suter:
I hope you’re more loyal to this guy than you were to me. I wasn’t a sexist before you but I sure am now.

19- Jesse-Kun Strouse:
Hey, you are an amazing woman, I hope you get everything of life you are looking for, I hope we can still be friends, sorry it didn’t work out as we had hoped.

20- Caitlyn Whiting:
I think it’s funny that you thought I was such a bit*h, but now you message me on Facebook all the time to talk to me.

21- Marianna Vieira:
Hey, um, hope you get over your fears and are more responsible with other people’s emotions in the future as well…this is the final message to ex-boyfriend…I’ll says no more.

22- Hailey Muehe:
I hope you’re honest with your boyfriend and don’t cheat on him as you did to me.

23- Stephan Carter:
I gave you my all and you broke me to pieces. I will never trust someone that much ever again.

24- Heather Lucy:
You were a good dude. Just not in our relationship. you just did some fuc*ed up stuff and made me think everything was my fault when it was mutual.

I hope you learn from our issues and become a better version of yourself.

25- Miruna Maria:
Thank u for everything boo. Have a good life, I’m glad we met and I’m glad that it ended on good terms.

We may never meet or talk again and it’s fine, carry on with your life, have a good time.

26- Kaylea HB:
You were nice to me and I feel guilty. My mental health was improving and yours was deteriorating and I couldn’t drown with you.

I tried to carry us for 5 years. I tried. I tried and I know you did your best too and I am so sorry for prioritizing myself over you. I promised to help you.

27- Danielle Labozzetta:
Thanks for crashing my car then getting mad at me when I was upset.

28- Louie Cavanaugh Jr:
I and the kids deserved more than a message ” it’s not you, it’s me. You deserve better”. If anyone ever used you deserve better believe them.

29- Ashley Lindgren:
You hurt me more than you could ever imagine. Your psychological games and physical abuse doesn’t even cover half of it.

It was never my job to save you but you made me believe that I couldn’t live without you. So every threat you made about taking your life chopped away pieces of me that I will never get back. 

30- Sierra Ashley Havens:
I hate your guts but I’m glad we met bc you gave me 3 beautiful children and if it wasn’t for yo dumb, I never would have met the man I’m with now.

31- Megan Bird:
1) I hate that you left me for her but our relationship was extremely toxic and it was better in the end that we ended.
2) I really liked you and I wish you felt the same. I wish you were honest with me and not only when I asked you.

32- Jestie Rueda:
I just want you to know that I’d unplug your life support to charge my phone, hope I never have to see or speak to you again goodbye.

33- Soraya Par:
Why did you ghost me, and we were engaged, you physically and mentally abused me, and begged me not to go anywhere, just for you to pick someone else, I didn’t deserve that.

34- Sophia Narod:
hey. I know it’s been a while, but thank you for being patient with me and allowing me to take my space and think.

the last four months or so have been really painful and difficult for me and I’ve been doing a lot of work to improve myself, but mainly to just simply try to keep myself afloat.

I’ve been doing my best to deal with things in a healthy manner, but I haven’t been successful in that 100% of the time.

I’ve done a lot of thinking recently, not only about us and the things we talked about last time we talked but also about my life and choices in general.

I’ve been questioning all of my decisions, both past, and present, and feel completely lost in every sense of the word.

I wish I could say that I’ve come to a decision as to what I want to do when it comes to you. I’m torn between wanting to punish you for all of the pain and hurt you’ve put me through by pushing you away and wanting to be there to support you in improving yourself.

both have their pros and cons, and despite spending so much time considering my options, I still don’t know.

I wish I could give you a definitive answer as to what I want to do, but I thought that at the very least I can tell you a little bit about why it’s been so confusing and difficult for me to make a decision surrounding this.

I hope that this can clear up what’s been going through my mind recently and why it’s taken me so long to reach out.

35- Georgia Victor:
You broke up with me without explanation. Just dropped me. You were my first love, and I put my everything into you. Ever since I’ve had troubles opening up to my loved ones, and haven’t seemed to heal completely.

However, my message for Ex is that I’m so glad we broke up, because ever since then people have opened up to me about how much they love and care about me, and that was something you never seemed to do. You lost a great woman.

And at most, a great friend. I would have still been inclined to be friends with you afterward if you just told me what was wrong.

I get that some things just aren’t meant to be, but leaving without explanation and just saying “I don’t know” as an excuse to break up hurts way more than you’ll ever know because I ended up imagining all the things I didn’t do enough, all the things that could have been wrong with me…

Again, I’m way happier now and have found the love of my life. And let me tell ya, I now have a new standard on how to be treated because of this man and boy did I learn how low of standards I had when I was with you.

Good luck with finding a new replacement. I hope it doesn’t take you another 5 years for you to find it.

36- Cindy Angelina:
Don’t feel like you’re special, you’re not. You’re just an ordinary man with ordinary looks and you never apologize about everything you did wrong.
Don’t feel like I can’t live without you.
I was stupid to love you back then.

37- Rebecca Brigid:
the two emotion Message for EX:
1) I hope you actually have fallen in love with this one, I knew from the beginning of our relationship it would happen and I’m so glad you’re happy again. you deserve it.

2) you cant just tell me you love me when you’re drunk but only want me for my curves and my “thick thighs” when you’re sober. you waited until id fallen for you and you just left.

38- Jamie Blanche:
In a way, I feel bad for you. But in a way, you were so unhealthy towards yourself and me. I hope you have a good life but keep me far from it.

39- Makenzee Turko:
I still love you and I probably always will which kills me inside a little bc I know it’s never gonna be the way I want it to be. at least I have the memories.

40- Brontë Lehmann:
You really hurt me and I think about you every day, it sucks and I wish you would have done things differently so it wouldn’t hurt this much.

30 Final text to Ex-boyfriend:

30 message for ex-boyfriend

1- Lauren Lightfoot:
It bothers me that you haven’t checked on me once thought this whole pandemic thing and won’t return my texts asking how you’re doing.

I dated you because I cared about you.

2- Mae Taylor:
You are literally the most 2 faced person and mentally retarded person for letting me go… I tore myself apart because of you and now look at me…. split died hair, nose ring, and not a care in the world

3- Alyshia Harvey:
I miss you and I’ve been thinking about you but we can’t go back to how we were it made us both depressed.

4- Elizabeth Woodruff:
Have fun being a father at 23. Every time I call you and you tell me about how happy you are with your just-as-young bride; I smile because I know that it’s bullshit.

I can hear you forcing a smile- forcing that tone while asking me about my lover because you hate hearing about us.

I’ve known you longer than she has, and I can tell when even the slightest thing is wrong just by your tone.

She’s holding you down, your baby is holding you down. you didn’t want any of this, better yet. Your OWN actions are holding you down.

Shouldn’t have cheated I suppose And I feel so bad for her because I know for a fact that you’ll do the same thing to her.

5- Desirae Monique Diaz:
Although you want to hide the years of abuse that happened, know that I know the truth and you do too.

I pray you don’t hurt the new woman in your life that you found less a few days after leaving my life.

I don’t know her and I already cannot stand her for not respecting my boundaries towards our children, but she doesn’t deserve what damage you are capable of doing.. no woman does.

6- Emily Anne Bruner:
I hope someday you are just as traumatized as you’ve made me, thanks to what you did.

7- Jamie Leigh:
Hey, I hope you’re well. Sorry for this message for Ex-boyfriend, we had to end it like that but you knew it was tough, both what you wanted and what I knew I needed to do in order to succeed.

I’ll never put a relationship before my family, and I wish you understood that. Thank you for a lot of things though, stay safe.

8- Kara Smith:
Even though I fu*king hate you, and you’re sitting right next to me. I hope the time we’ve spent together has helped you heal, feel clean and sober and free.

I don’t know why I keep saving you when you have no room for saving me.

9- Miranda Rodriguez:
maybe one day when we’ve both completed the growth we both need to complete, we’ll meet again. I hope so, at least.

10- Georgina Leon:
Please stop messaging me on my old Instagram and sending me emails you weirdo, I don’t want to talk to you anymore 

11- Ellie Davis:
You’re literally dating a girl who looks exactly like me and it’s super pathetic and gross. Maybe you shouldn’t have cheated on me? You told me I was the best you’ll ever get and you are correct.

I AM the beet you’ll ever get. Good luck trying to replace me with these girls who look like me but will never give you the love I gave you. I hope you choke.

12- Pamala Medley:
Thanks for scaring me for life and thinking everyone else who tries to come into my life is going to treat me the same way that you did.

13- Shazia Karim:
You kept calling me names and showcasing chauvinism in every action of yours

. You made me stay up nights after night, wondering where I went wrong . You made me anxious, you made me cry. You tried to control my life and you lied.

You ruined everything for me and the horrible experience made me learn self-love, yet I cannot dare enter a new relationship again.

I hope you get done with that chauvinistic prudent attitude of yours.

It’s high time you understand that even if in love, you are two different people with different lives and a different set of beliefs.

I really hope no goes through what I went with you. I really hope the next girl you get doesn’t suffer the way I did.

14- Ryleigh O’Mahony:
Thanks for using me and making me feel as if everything was my fault. It felt great hearing you scream at me and then tell me you love me.

Also, thanks for talking about me to every single person and calling me hoe when I ended it…that’s my sad message for Ex.

I hope everyone learns the Lesson from me.

15- Abbey Kaufman:
I made mistakes with you. I’ll admit to each and every one. But that doesn’t mean I regret them all.

Those mistakes showed me what I want, and most importantly, what I deserve. They allowed me to break out of your emotionally destructive patterns, and see it for what it was. Abuse.

I deserve more than you can ever give. I’ll learn how to give myself those things. So I can love myself fully, and recognize true love when it comes my way.

16- Sara Norton:
I hope you’re doing well, I know we weren’t the best and I do understand most of it was me not being able to communicate my feelings and I’m sorry I put you through hell and I’m so very sorry.

I’ll always have that special spot in my heart for you, I hope your next gf does everything you love and gives you the world.

I hope you’re well, I wish you the best.

17- Macayla Parkins:
I hate you for making me think I wasn’t enough just because you couldn’t stop catching feelings for every girl that ever talked to you.

It was enough! I gave you everything even when I had nothing to give. What if I told your mum about how you treated me some times?.

18- Vanina Rosales:
I know I wasn’t the best girlfriend, but at least I cared about you, I wish you could treat me better, but I’m already hurt.

19- Brandi Daus:
I’ll never get over what you did to me. I was way more than you ever deserved and you will get karma for leaving me as you did. But it will be okay… I’ll be better without you.

20- Madisen Stewart:
You’re a toxic piece of shit and you need to realize it doesn’t matter how many pills you pop, it’s not gonna make you feel any better.

21- Martina Peshion:
Hello, I dare you to read these messages for Ex-boyfriend, after you broke up with me I thought I’d never get over it. But hey, now I’m here and I’m better, and…I’m not the person you wanted me to be.

22- Devin Pierce:
You are such a toxic crybaby and making me think everything I did was wrong. Partners should not make each other feel guilty for hanging out with friends.

I’m so glad I got out of that relationship, you took a toll on me, mentally. I’m sorry I couldn’t facetime you LITERALLY 24/7 as you wanted, but I’m in school, unlike you.

My life does not revolve around you, I’m glad I realized that.

Stop trying to get me to be your friend again. I’ve told you, I don’t care that you miss our friendship. You are an incredibly toxic person, and I do not need that in my life right now.

23- Mp Hemmo:
You disgust me I hope you never find happiness ever again. I hope no girl ever goes near your disgusting unwashed body and your family with their disgusting views.

I don’t know why I put up with your abuse for so long you deserve to be punched for everything you did to me.

The only thing I feel sorry for in that house is your dog that poor animal having to deal with your family pulling him about like a toy and not looking after him properly.

24- Carmen Vazquez: 
I want to say a sad message for the ex-boyfriend, I loved you dearly and I know you did too but your lack of commitment and communication is what ultimately ended our once beautiful relationship.

25- Jessalyn Gallman:
You ruined my life, I can’t enjoy it any more or even feel good because of what you did to me. Blamed myself for the longest but now I see it was you.

I hate you, you took so much from me and I feel like I will never be the same.

26- Alexis Tochiki:
Things didn’t work out between us, but I’m glad we’re still friends. It makes me happy to see that you were able to let go and move on after I told you that I didn’t feel a romantic connection anymore and was interested in someone else.

I’ll always be here to support you (but so will your girlfriend lol) just like how you’ve been there for me.

Thank you for putting effort into continuing our friendship because even though we aren’t “together” you still mean a lot to me. Please don’t stop being the resilient guy I know you are.

27- Torrie Yontz:
You cheated, you lied for two years because you didn’t know what love was when you claimed you did. You were too busy wanting a girl to do stuff with you just for her to leave then you come
Crawling back. I’m sorry but…

28- Amy Hahn:
Thanks for showing me what it’s like to be truly loved instead of that fake narcissistic shit you fooled me with. Karma really got you, didn’t it?.

29- Megan White:
Thank you for teaching me that I deserve love. I am glad we can still be in each other’s lives in some capacity, and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

30- Shayla Scott:
You disgust me. It’s literally comical that you know you’re such a  loser that you had to lie about your entire life to make yourself seem interesting.

You know you didn’t serve in the military as you claim, and your father does not work for NASA.

I hope the embarrassment from being fired from your job because you lied to everyone about having cancer so you could go out of state to cheat on me eats you alive.

You will never be anything but a narcissistic compulsive liar. 

30 Final text to Ex-Girlfriend:

message for ex-girlfriend

1- Lily Tohsaka:
I’m sorry about how toxic and abusive I was. You were right, I did need help. I’m trying my hardest every day to be a better person so no one has to ever suffer the way you did.

I did you terribly wrong, and I will never apologize enough.

You deserve all the happiness in the world, and I truly hope you’ll find it with someone who treats you better than I did.

2- Erick Murakami:
I know it is late, but I am sorry, I was toxic and a total idiot, hope you can live happy with whoever you choose to be with you, although sometimes I still wish it was me, I know you deserve better if you ever need me for anything I would happily help you.

3- Riky Valdes:
Sorry I would’ve love to meet you at another time of our lives we were young stupid and I was a mess wish u the best.

4- Kyle Harding:
Hey it’s chill at least we’re cool hope you find what you’re looking for and yes late nights are fine with you in my arms come over anytime.

5- Brandon Ragsdale:
I wish I was mature enough to know I never wanted to lose you.

I wish I knew your ghost would continue to haunt me over a year later. I wish you knew, that you have impacted my life in so many mixed ways.

obs, I still love you. I know you are way happier now than you were towards the end of “us”, but shit I miss you.

6- Kevin Jammpier:
hello, are you here?, I want to say this message for an ex-girlfriend, Although you broke me, you taught me to not give up, because of you I am who I am today I appreciate all the great moments and amazing times, don’t forget to put a sweater on, it’s cold outside.

7- Vishal Mace Maisuria:
Thank you for everything you taught me. From what to do, how to act, to what I should aspire for in a relationship.

You were right, some people come into your life at the wrong time and I understand that more now than before. I’m happy for the experience and lessons learned, even the hard ones.

I won’t apologize for what I did just like you not for what you did, but that’s because we’re both prideful and stubborn.

I truly do wish things happened differently and we stayed friends longer instead of rushing into things.

I still remember your number (even if it’s changed), your birthday, and the promise I made for 10 years later but we’re different people now, changed and still growing, and I wish you nothing but the best.

I hope you find everything you’re looking for, get everything you want, and I know you’ll be successful. Even though you hate it more now probably, red will always be one of your best colors.

8- Wan Nor Azriq:
We had a great 8 years, thank you for making me a better person and stood by when I started my writing career. I’m sorry for everything and wish I had treated you better. Goodbye.

9- Brian Xiong:
Dear old ghost, thanks for all you’ve helped me learn about life. You were my first for everything, but I will always wish you weren’t.

You’re the only one who I let my walls down for, but now they’re up higher than ever. It pains me to see how quickly you moved on, but it was not a surprise.

Thank you for showing me that my brothers were right about you when I went against their warnings. Thank you for causing a man who had so much joy in his heart to finally feel the hatred for another being.

You are the reason I do not sleep well at night. It’s been over 2 years, but I’m still recovering. It’s nice to see that you were able to get over everything so quickly.

I’m glad for you.

10- Marcio Nunes:
I don’t carry any resentment and hope you improve as a person, otherwise, your baby will suffer bc you know you’re toxic and don’t want to change.

11- Arthur Guedes:
sorry for being a dipshit with you, I really regret everything I’ve done. I know you don’t wanna see my face anymore, so, be happy with anyone you will be with and live your life well.

12- Michael Davis:
Honestly, I hate you! For everything you put me through and the fact that I tried to give you the world, and you had no remorse with putting me through all the pain you could… I still wish you the best but fu*k you for everything you put me through!.

13- Sebastian Plata Angel:
It’s been a few years since we last spoke…all those messages for Ex making me tried to reach out to you through Facebook to no avail. I wanted to say that I am sorry for how we were together.

You and me, we weren’t the healthiest when we met.

And I wanted to offer you the apology I owed you. I hope you are doing fine, whatever it is you are doing I genuinely hope the best for you.

14- Jordan Cox:
I hope you’re having fun with that baby and crackhead boyfriend. I really hate you and I hope you end up alone and in pain as you left me without thinking.

15- Jesse Coleman Pläster:
I didn’t want it to end, you did, but I’m sure you’re rethinking that now. It was for the best, but not gonna lie I do miss you some times.

I don’t miss being with you, but I just miss having you around to talk to.

I also miss the kids and the life we created together, but at least we had our daughter. She’s the only thing that keeps me going sometimes.

16- Leonardo Gabiolli:
Stop forcing a friendship, I don’t want to, I’m not ready, you are nice and beautiful but our past still hurts me, plz give me peace for a moment.

17- Vino Satwika:
Hope you are okay. I knew you are devastated by your parent’s divorce so you don’t wanna have any romantic relationship with anyone.

We don’t talk to each other when that happens so I didn’t know it really damaged you.

Sometimes I just want to ask how are you doing but I can’t and won’t because I already have someone to take care of. Thank you for being with me 7 years ago.

18- Chase Robinson:
Oh, I’m sorry I forgot you exist. Hang on let me forget again.

19- Danos Lilhas:
You ate me alive. You drained everything out of me and even though I gave you my soul and everything I had in me you didn’t appreciate or respect anything.

And thank you for that. You have taught me what as*holes look like. I know how to avoid people like you and I know what they look like.

Also, I want to be clear, thanks cause now I’ve met a woman that actually deserves the world, and the endless depression I had when I was with you taught me how to appreciate and respect the happiness she gives me even more.

20- Bjartur Mortensen:
Thanks for making me sell my car, quit my job where I was well-liked and that I loved jus to come live near you and then break up with me 1 month later on our anniversary.

21- Julian Daniel:
Ay. I knew for a fact you’d end up back with him.
I read the essays you would send him when we were spooning at 6 am and you thought I was snoring.
Everything else was the role play and I acted out everything in my personal drama skit.
I never really cared tho.

22- Leslie Ray Brailsford:
I love you, I miss you, and I hope things are going well for you. Can I help with anything? Is the pregnancy going smoothly? I wish you’d talk to me.

I get you’re ashamed of what you did and pushing the consequences out of your life is the way you cope, but I deserve better than that.

At least let me be around for the birth of our child, and then we just have to negotiate custody and it’s all easy from there.

23- Ryan Farmer:
At the end of the day, I don’t regret meeting you. You taught me self-love and how to become a productive person, even if you don’t realize it.

Of course, I miss the simple, intimate things; holding your hand and feeling your thumb glide across the top of mine.

the truth is that over time I’ve come to realize that it’s for the best that I’m not yours and you’re not mine.

Even though I shouldn’t, I still have hope that we’ll meet again sometime in the future.

Maybe soon enough someone will come along that’s better than you. Prettier, smarter, more successful; and by then the memories of you will be long gone. I can only hope.

24- Luis Sun:
We ended nice and I thank you for all the good memories, but you didn’t have to overtalk behind me, you made me look like a “very” toxic person even.

if I was just trying my best at my very first relationship and now that you just treat me like a trash person I get more convinced of what kind of person really you are.

but I forgive you for being like this, we must let the past go and look for the present.

25- Vinny Butt:
I’m sorry for the way I acted when I broke up with you… I guess I kinda wish we could still be together only if that means that I’m not single which I know is selfish but that’s just how I’m feeling right now.

26- Matthew Bristerpostma:
I think of you sometimes. When we were lying on the beach in La Jolla as the sun went down, or the way we would talk for hours outside in the car.

Now we’re both married to other people. I have someone who laughs with me, who I cherish. Still, sometimes I remember you.
I’m glad you’re happy. And I’m glad to be happy.

27- Lucas Melgarejo Albornoz:
Being your friend is both a warm feeling and the coldest one, and I don’t know what to say.

I just wish you would speak more rather than leaving me to guess because it’s been forever for this, and it’s odd and weird, and sometimes hurts a bit, and while I always assume it’s not on purpose, it doesn’t change the fact that it happens so often, I don’t know if it matters in the end if it’s on purpose or not.

28- Nicholas Coffin:
I’m sorry I couldn’t help u be a better person a cleaner person…someone I could trust with everything I’m sorry I didn’t just leave when I was unhappy I’m sorry for everything.

I hope one day u truly change urself and love urself because of not u will always be alone.

29- Matthew Giesbrecht: 
There is a part of me that is angry at you I hate resentment but I do dwell on old feelings and just memories of us occasionally I may not love you anymore but I do care.

You lived in my apartment and were a full-time student so I paid all the rent and yes we made some big purchases together but when you left I’d just cut my losses but not you.

You kept track of every $ that I apparently owed you and to me, that was pretty low but I paid it because I care and I know you’re struggling.

Then there’s the year or so where you were in AA and I made the apartment a sober safe living space only for you to totally fall off the wagon when shit hit the fan and now you’re actively drinking and smoking pot again and it angers me because I know you’re an addict and I worry about you and hope you don’t screw up you’re new relationship because of it.

The other thing is I should have told you I was unhappy and couldn’t continue this relationship it would have saved a lot of heartache and stupid decisions.

(I’m sorry) were two words I had to learn to say to myself because when you left me I needed to find my mental health tools to dig me out and I’m grateful for that.

30- Devandra Alefka:
 sorry for being possessive those days.. I was afraid that you’d cheat on me because I have mommy issues. I’m really sorry.


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