sad stories about bullying

This is one of my sad stories about bullying.

I was in Friend Car and just Tried to Change the Music…
most of the People that will read this short story will think It`s just a normal sad story but for me, It has made me sad for a long time
on a normal day like other days, my friends decide to hang out and then they call me I was happy every time I heard my mobile ringing as I didn’t have many friends on my life, I was very very lonely, so when my mobile vibrate for meIt`s something like you get A+ degree
or like you are going into your first date with your Gf

but on this day something happened that I`ll never forget
I was in my Friend Car and we were 5 in the car I`m was the one at the back with 2 friends

so we have a plan for what we will do this day like every time we meet but about me?
no, I don`t have a voice in that they didn`t care about my opinion and that makes me very angry but I say It`s okay let them decide, but then at the car here is what happenedwe were going into a long journey by car, and there was music playing by the mobile of my friend, so It’s jumping into my mind to change it by some music I love
I put my mobile in the socket of the car after doing this with about 1 second my friend stop the car and he looked back at me with a very very angry look and shout at me with this bullying words that made my all day and live like a hell

” Don`t ever try to do this again, You are just a clown we get you with us only to make us laugh, no more that, you don`t have any opinion here, and no talk, if you try to do something like this again, you will never go with us again ”

and then with a smile in his face, I can`t describe it to you this hypocrisy smile and look at his face he said again
” (my name) please don`t  anger me again you are our friend but you have limits bro, and I hope you get it ”

I know that there are sad stories about bullying that will make you cry
but, the Reason I send this story to your site is that I want to know
I don`t have any friends in my life only them, what can I do?
and if I left them I`ll be very lonely as I`m in a town that doesn`t have many people or peoples to know them.
do I have to be lonely again?


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