how to know if you're being cheated on

how to know if you’re being cheated on with a New method? our Solution is here, by Reading other people’s stories and how they handle it, and how they Figure out that they are being Cheated on, It will be Pretty Simple for You to Figure out.

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how to know if you’re being cheated on:

1- check his Social Media Messages:

I went on MY laptop to do my college work. His Facebook was logged in and there was a message bar open at the bottom. I recognized the name (his ex-girlfriend) and read them.

Not only was he cheating on me. But he was waiting until I left to go to work, brought her to our house, fucked her in our bed, and would drive her home right before I’d get home.

He’d then leave for work (we were on opposite schedules), spend half the shift working and then leave early, go see her, and be with her into the early morning while he was telling me he had to work overtime.

2- Pressure on Him:

I started putting pressure on him to step up on the relationship after 2 years of games and for some reason, he finally decided to gloat about how he have affair his ex the whole time we were together. I guess to avoid commitment. I have no fucking clue.

3- Have a Spies:

He hid his Snapchat story from me so I didn’t see him and his “girl”. Little did he know we had mutual friends so one of my female friends also had him on snap and showed me what he posted.

When I confronted him about it, he completely blocked me. But for months after that, he had his friends threaten and harass me cause he told everyone that I’m the cheater (I’ve never once cheated on anyone).

but ever since he lost that girl, he made like 9 fake social media accounts trying to get back with me cause I kept blocking him.

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4- See his New Comments:

Someone started commenting on things on her photos. She had been ignoring me for days, and when I asked her over it she immediately answered.

I decided to ask someone else and, surprisingly, she had been sleeping with the guy from the comments for about a month. That happened over a year now, but I’m still heartbroken.

5- be careful after You’re Being Cheated on:

We broke up & then got back together and he told me he didn’t actually get with that girl or anything during our breakup so I messaged her hoping that she didn’t think I hated her or anything bc ya know…girls gotta stick together in this scary world.

Well anyway turns out she had no idea I even existed because she only used Instagram and we had no photos together etc and uhh anyway turns out he had been talking to her and essentially dating her online (she lived in another state) for a few months and I bonded with her.

bc she was no joke in love with this boy, sent him pictures and everything & it was her first serious relationship  most heartbreaking thing ever I felt so awful for her she was just so lovely and got treated like shit

6- how to tell if you are being cheated on:

well, several ways to find if you’re being cheated on
1. nudes that she didn’t send me ended up on the web. I knew they were recent because she had dyed her hair and just got a tattoo.
2. before that I got a gut feeling because she started doing things that were a bit out of the norm
3. When she made a new guy friend that she lit up in the face talking about

Trust your gut bros. (I’m not saying don’t let her hang out with homies considering she was also seeing other people that wasn’t that guy that I had no idea about)

7- She tells me that she with another Guy:

She said she finished work at 10 and I was still waiting up for her at home till 1 and was worried sick as I’d heard nothing and was considering phoning the police and eventually, she answered my call.

so naturally, I was scared to hell, asking what happened and she just said “I’ve ruined everything” and she went to her mom’s that night, I found out the next day after she reassured me during the call that she was safe, etc.

And I kept trying to find out what happened, you know, we’re you attacked? Did someone hurt you? And she kept saying no, so I kind of knew it was coming.

I went to her at work the next morning to bring her some breakfast and I just straight up asked her if she was with another man and she said yes.

we were engaged and I loved her a lot, to the point I couldn’t have imagined myself alone, let alone with another person – but she also gave me a lot of abuse but I figured she was working out a lot of issues and I’d be there for her, but after that everything slowly just started falling apart really.

8- She was Cheating on both of Us:

It happened a couple of times. In one relationship, I had my suspicions, so I went through her phone and confirmed my suspicions.

In another relationship, a guy I never met was taking my girl out A LOT. It didn’t bother me until I saw all the stuff he was buying for her.

I reached out to him and told him that she has a boyfriend and that I was uncomfortable with him buying her all this stuff. He didn’t believe that I was dating her and told me that they have been dating for months.

I’ve also been the other guy without knowing it.

9- We had to Stay together after being Cheated on:

I had a feeling he had been cheating on me and I expressed this gut feeling to my family and they said that nothing had been proven and just don’t worry about it. we were supposed to hang out one night and he bailed on me to go to a party with his boys. he told me he would come to see me after the party but it ended up getting really late so I went to bed because I was sleepy.

the party he was at was thrown by my sister’s close friends and they blew up her phone asking my sister if we were together still.

my sister said yes. they said he has come with his boys and a girl. they were making out all night and everyone thought they were actually dating, I’m not gonna go into detail.

my whole family came into my room and woke me up and said “Emily Hunny we’re here for you. remember when I said not too worry unless there was the proof?” and basically explained the story. I was absolutely nauseous.

my mom texted him and told him if he didn’t tell me that she would and so he left the party and rushed over and gave me a sappy story.

we stayed together for a year after that happened but we were never the same.

10- how to find out if you’re being cheated on with PW:

I knew the password to his phone and I figured something was up because he was sleeping all day (which wasn’t due to the chemo) and would ignore me for hours even though I was the one who took care of him during his cancer treatments.

so I went through his texts and found nothing, so then I went through his Snapchat and the idiot SAVED the messages, and it was on his Instagram too.

He was sleeping next to me before church so I shoved him off the bed and then he KNEW I knew.

That girl didn’t even know he had a girlfriend because he never talked about me. She’s one of my good friends now and so so sweet, a little ditzy but sweet.

11- Don’t be too late to know if You’re being cheating on:

I was at work I wasn’t supposed to be coming home that night but message noticed she was acting strange told her I wanted to come home for something but kept making excuses why I shouldn’t I said ok I’ll see her tomorrow.

but went home anyway I’d forgotten my key so had to knock the door she answered in just a shirt she wouldn’t leave me I’m at first but just pushed past anyway got in everything looked normal till I noticed the extra phone on the side went upstairs and there’s some guy in our room.

12- I’m staying with my Mom:

About 7 years ago I was in a serious relationship with a guy and we had hit a rough patch. He started staying with his mom on the weekends which I found to be unusual but just took it as space needed.

He then went to work at a festival one weekend and while he was gone I found empty boxes of sex toys in the closest…one’s I have never seen before.

I just left them on the bed the day he was returning while I was at work. He knew he had to fess up. Turns out he was fucking some chick in his car downtown and being an idiot.

So frustrating. He Ended up moving out right after we renewed the lease and I had to figure out how to make $730 a month just to cover rent. Good times. Made me stronger.

13- Maybe he just intent to Cheat on You:

I think he intended to cheat did not cheat on my knowledge.

Re-dated my high school sweetheart late teens, dated for almost two years (1st time we dated was freshman year for 8 months, he was my first most things so that’s why second chance was an option) and he only got me gifts for my birthday/holidays after I got mad about him never doing those things.

The relationship was coming to a close anyway due to lack of healthy communication and I had become more his maid/mom/roommate with benefits more than an actual girlfriend (but we were actively still dating).

Well, I have a strict open phone policy in relationships (of course with my phone to them as well) just because we live so much of our lives on there as well as, to be Frank, I’m freaking nosey and he wasn’t good at telling me things, I picked up his phone to look up something and he immediately snatched it saying he was planning a surprise for me.

I was suspicious automatically because not near anything of an event but I dropped it. Then he said no to casino night with myself and roommate.

So we go and come home to him sleeping. Still having an off feeling, I checked his phone and nothing. But then I checked his email and found a planned meet up with a stranger from craigslist for sex. Threw him out that night.

Don’t know if he did or did not follow through, the last email with no response gave me the impression that it was a no but it was close enough for me to never trust him again.


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