high school harassment stories

There is no place without harassment stories…but when it comes to high school harassment stories…

We have to put a Limit for it, as these students will become parents on one day, and the harassment makes the Student doesn’t have confidence in their life…

And Will be Scared from doing any further Step…we will Show to You the Most 8 Stories that Shocked us.

8 high school harassment stories that make us cry

1- My family is Poor:

Imagine Yourself getting up every day and You know what kind of food you will eat in the Morning, and how Your Holiday will be…let me tell you guys what I’m trying to Explain…

I was born in a very poor family, my father didn’t have a good job he was working on Delivering items and at Night he was work as a cleaner in a Restaurant.

About the kind of food that I know every day that’s because we Normally eat the same Meal for a long period…but let be honest at the First of every Month my father spends about 25% of his money to get us meat and good food to eat.

I don’t have a problem with that and I truly love My Family and especially My Father…

My First harassment high school stories:
I was fall in love with another Girl… I thought that It will not like me as everyone knows about our financial situation, my father and mother told me that,
but I decided to talk when I talked to her do you what happened?
She accepted to talk with me, but I knew that there is something not okay.

She invited me to a party that was held in her family villa…what a place!!
I took money from my father I think It was all that we have for the rest of the month,
and after I go to the party…

She takes the Mic and said loudly look at him how cute he is…he was thinking he will even have a one-word about love from me…

At that moment I didn’t know what I’m going to do…what is hell she did! is she kidding? Or she didn’t have a mind….but unfortunately, everyone around me starts laughing.

And from that day everyone looks at me at School was laughing and told me Poor people don’t have a chance, with their smiles on their faces.

The next year I left School and I depressed for a long time Period…what I can do!
I read some articles from different sites that if I born poor I’ll remain poor for the rest of my life is that’s true? hopefully, my sad story doesn’t make your day bad…Enjoy Your Life.

2- Harassment at high school by teacher  :

High school harassment stories are always about other students to other students but I have a different type of harassment.

I was a Brilliant student in My old School but My Parents decided to go to another town, and from here the Saddest story Started…

I joined another School, sure everyone goes to other Schools don’t have Friends at First Days or Weeks, but that was okay for me.

The Problem Started when the Teacher has Introduced me to other Students, everyone Welcomed me, and they were Surprised about my Grades in my old School…

But after the Class end…Some Students Come to me and told me You have to pay for Success and for not getting F.

I didn’t totally understand what are they saying…but the Same Teacher comes to me after a few weeks and told me We will Start from the Next Week our Private classes in Your Home if you want…

I told him what if I don’t want to take private Classes… I’m sure that I will answer by myself pretty well…his Voice Changed, and he told me You will Wish you Didn’t say that.

But, unfortunately, on the Exam, I was shocked by this very hard Question that was Impossible to Answer but when I was looked to other students, all of them was answering well.

I was now pretty sure that they got the Answers from this Teacher.

After the Exam, I asked them why you didn’t tell me about these hard Questions Just one of them told me that the Teacher will give us all bad grades if we did that…

And as you know they weren’t my old School Friends…so one helped me and I left the School after there year, this is been my high school harassment story…

The Question here is it happened also on Your School? Do You have to pay these days to Succeed in Your Life?

3- I’m Very Tall Girl :

It’s not Your Problem when You are born very tall, other Normal Girls tall in the School was about 1.55 m – 1.70 m, but  I was 1.95m!!

Because of these, I have been hearing harassment words all the Days in my School…boys were looking at me and Laughing, and the other Girls were Scared of me, as I was a very Ugly Girl and very tall Girl! Wow ( Ugly + very Tall ) This mix gives all bad People the Power to Start harassment other…

and It’s only about the Students that are harassing me.

Teachers were saying to me We need to make a New Door for Your to Enter easily, and Other was saying don’t look in front of You in Exams and laugh…

They were thinking that all of these are kind of funny for me, but I was Truly Sad…I’m now learning more about my Rights at School then I’ll report them for Harassment me…is there here any kind of Girls suffer from these Problems in University Also?

4- My Daughter is being Sexually Harassed at School :

My little daughter come to me after school, and she cried a lot, I asked her what happened, she tells me there are other Student Sensitive areas in my Body…I was blown up at that moment…what Happened to the world!!

I was going to make horrible things to these Students at that moment but thank god, my Husband comes at this moment to hear the Story…We know from here that there is a group of boys in the School is trying to make bad things to her when she refuses or ignoring them they make it worse.

After all of these years what happened to these boys? is they are going crazy…I asked her why she didn’t report or call us, she Cried and said she was Scared.

Then we Take our Revenge from these boys not only in a legal way But My husband also Make some calls and then he swears to my daughter that he will make his Possible to make It happy

He Catches these boys they were 16 years old and filmed them while someone hitting them in their a*s…and told them if they did anything to his little daughter these Videos will be was all the Schools Students, and I’ll send you to Jail for Years.

They had Stopped from these Moment…the Moral is to get out from the Zone of Reporting and Laws, I know It’s Necessary, but You have to do other things to Satisfy and make Your Daughter Happy.

5- Students Stole my Money&Food :

I have a different kind of high school harassment stories…
First Story: on half of the day It’s Break time…so I was going to buy something to eat from the School…

but I found that a lot of Student from other Classes is Running toward me and without any Reasons, they started hitting me on my head, and they got my Wallet and stolen all of the money from It.

I wasn’t able to do anything to them, because I’ll be Coward by doing this and everyone will laugh at me.

Second Story: hahahahaha It’s a funny story and Sad story at the same time…While I’m eating a sandwich one of the Student come Fast and take a bit from It while the Sandwich on my Mouth…they were harassing me with all possible way.

6- My Teacher was Gay! :

let me tell You about my high school Sexual harassment stories…I was a cute boy, and I got a lot of attention from other Girls in Class, but the bad thing is when You got attention from Your Teacher!! You will know that there is something that’s not Okay.

After a Normal Day at the School, my teacher comes to me and tell me I Like Your Way of Thinking, but on my mind, I said” WTH I’m like other Students”, he offers me to come to his Home to Talk about the Studying and Answering Some Questions.

When I come to his home, I didn’t expect that he was sitting with just a Short and not wearing a Shirt…I was like ” What is this!! “… I know Sure 100 Percentage that he is a Gay, after 2 hours of acting like he is Answering a Questions With me he Asked me to do you want to get A+?

I told him Sure, he told me, Okay Just Sleep with me tonight and You will (A+), I get up and I start insulted him, but he Started Hitting me on My Head, but I run out…do You know I did? I recorded all that he says and he gets fired from School.

7- school harassment stories about my Father :

Imagine Your Father work in a bad Position in a very Small Company with a very small Salary?

Okay, My Story about my Father was different, as my father was work in My School, he was Clean Worker, I don’t mind and I was very Proud of my Father Work, but as You know harassment happens between age of (14-18y) Student’s that don’t know how life is hard…and what he makes do take these Position at School

They were Making fun of my father, and one of them tell him to come and Clean my Shoes and Throw a Money in his Face, all of these make me want to Suicide, but I want to say that I’m Love You my Father and I’ll Always be Proud of You.

8- I Farted in the Class :

This is a short sad story that Destroyed my Life and makes me sad for the Rest of My Life when the Teacher was Explain the Lesson on the Class, my Pen just Dropped so I get up to get him, but unfortunately, I farted by the wrong in the Front of all Students.

A Girl? and fart? that’s doesn’t make sense, but that’s what I did by Mistake, all of them Start Looking at me and put their hands on their nose, I thought that they will be kind and forget it, but on the Next day the Put a photo on the Class, It was written on It ” Bathroom is better”


  • what if Your brother burned Your Room just for no Reason?
  • if You give your Friend your headphone and he back it with Bacteria?

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what You will do or what advice You want to give them to these little Students?

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