First love heartbreak stories

There is almost nobody on the Earth doesn’t have a First love heartbreak stories, the reason may vary from Person to Person, but let’s be honest most of the Girls are a gold digger.

if You have your heartbreak story, You can Comment anonymously with it below on the Comments, and it will be added to those Sad 3 Stories.

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3 First love heartbreak stories:

1- my first love broke my heart:

I didn’t think at the beginning that my girlfriend has always mattered about money, 2 years ago I was working on a Good Company with a Good Salary.

a beautiful girl was my co-worker, so I was spending most of the time with it, and we had known each other more, and You know, We fell in love and I said to her that I love You, she says the Same and We spend together a wonderful 2 years.

but there is nothing stay the same, I have been fired from the work, I become unemployed and unfortunately, I didn’t find a job with a Good Salary, so I start working as a waiter in a restaurant, she didn’t accept the fact that I will not be able to work in a Good position for more than 1 year until the Luck is with me.

so she decides to break up with me, she tells me that she wants her boyfriend to be successful all the time, and I disappointed her, she Really broke my heart.

2- she was in a relationship with another guy:

my girlfriend was making tryouts on both of us, she was trying to figure out who will be the best for it, so she was in love with another guy in secret and with me at the same time.

On the first days of every relationship, all that You do is hang out together, going to the cinema, You are very happy, you have to give it all what she wants.

but she was a little different, on our first date, she told me that we have to make it day and day, what she means that if we talk and hang out on Sunday the next day we will not talk or see each other, and her Reason for that she said that she working on something.

I plan to go in front of her home in the Morning without her knowledge, and My doubts were true, she didn’t stay at home, so I followed her, I’m lucky she didn’t have a car, she went to a restaurant near It’s home and a guy was waiting for her on a table there.

what if he is one of her Relatives or someone that works with her on that Secret work that she didn’t tell me about.

then I decided to gather my composure, and then I go to the Restaurant, she was Shocked when She Saw me, and the other guy was asking who is he?, I told her that she is my girlfriend, but the Funny thing, she was also his girlfriend also, what a coincidence.

then she Runs out and breaks up with us, but the more funny thing here, that I became a friend with that guy until that moment, girls will always be the same, they will never Be Changed.

That’s my first love heartbreak story, don’t wait for another Second Story hahaha, I learned a Lesson.

3- She broke up with me because I’m bisexual:

My Sad Story in love is not one or two It’s more than 30 Sad stories, but I will just tell You my First heartbreak story, everyone knows at University that I’m bi, but my girlfriend didn’t know that.

and when I tell her that, She starts telling me that I have to see a Doctor, and You have an illness and it can treat with a psychological.

so after I refuse, she tells me that she can’t continue in this Relationship as it based on a lie, and why you didn’t tell me from the beginning, to be honest, I didn’t tell her as I was afraid of what will happen, is it hard to live bi, or anyone can help me with that?

is there is really something that could help in that and Change my genetic to only one Gender?


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