everyone hates me and I have no friends

our next Sad story is from a 23 years old guy that’s living in Canada he is saying that everyone hates me and I have no friends…here are his full sad stories in his life

everyone hates me and I have no friends…The Story

1- my school story :

– When I was in school I was having no Friends, is this because I don’t have a special Thing Like the Other Students that was in my School?
as all of them was in the Class was attractive by their look and their Amazing hair
or they were having friends because they were Smart and get a Good Grades
and at last, there was the Rich students that have a lot of money to make anything and have a lot of friends

but if you Want to know more about me and what I was doing in School?
nothing, just getting up in the Morning alone as My mother and father has died, I was living with my aunt and It was too old so I was fully depending on myself, then I go to the School bus alone setting beside different students every time…you know what that means?
it means that they are not accepting me…when I tried to make friends they talk and try to end the conversation with me as soon as possible do you think that’s a reason to let everyone hates me and not having Friends
I tried much time to suicide but I was thinking of what will my aunt do alone as they are also like me It has no one in Its life

2- my university story:

when I Finish my saddest years in School…It’s now the Time for going to University, I was though that everything is going to be okay, unfortunately, nothing that was in my mind happened, I Joined a University that’s in Toronto, but it becomes even worse, let my till you what happened at the First year, Number of students in my Section was about 24 Student
and something happened that was going to change my miserable life…

I found a very pretty girl, but I didn’t talk to her, as I told you before I spend all my life with no friends so I didn’t have this courage to speak with her…

but after a month the Prof assistant told us that there will be a project and have to be delivered with 3 weeks, and he starts saying the names of every team It was consists of 4 Students for every team so I talked with her at this time and she was accepting me!

wow…That’s Great and everyone reading this sure will be surprised but it didn’t continue after 2 months of talking in Whatsapp and Messanger, for no reason she told me that I’m like her brother and that’s our Friendship can’t go further than this…but why? I didn’t even talk about a relationship! and I back again to my question why I have no friends and my friends hate me…people at University was the same people that I meet at school, I’m now sure that the problem is in me It’s my third year in University what can I do to be special and everyone loves me


8 Steps to do when everyone hates You

1- Search for Your Talent :

you have to get up in the morning every day and ask yourself:
-what I’m doing in my life?
-what is my purpose?
-how can I change the world?

and take the Risk and Start working on your talent…
even if it’s on any field from sport to draw Programming, anything that you found yourself at, find what is the best subject that suitable for you and you study it without feeling bored

Start working every week on a new Field to Discover tour Talent, and once you did it, then People around you will change their minds about you no everyone hates you will start asking you about your Talent, and how to be like you.

2- know there Interests:

today Technology becomes very advanced in many ways to know other people and their behaviors, so if u want to make new Friends start searching by names in Social media like FB, Instagram, other Social networks and start knowing what they love and what they hate …Imagine that your favorite team is FCB and someone you don’t know him loves Real Madrid, and you said words that he is not like about his team.

sure he will even talk to you he may even Fight you…that’s applied in other things so you have to search for friends that match your interest so you can talk with.

3- Wear Nice Clothes:

Common mistakes are to wear bad clothes, or wearing a clothes that are not suitable for your university…look around and see the new fashion and wear them, sure not everyone hates you not because of this, but we have to advise you about the clothes in case you want to date some girls…as most of the Girls are looking for a people that have a nice look especially in clothes

4- get a Gifts:

that’s was our best advice for 12 years old kids that has no friends at school
as when you get a gift for someone, it will be remarkable for him and he will never forget it, and at the same time It will a strange thing to get a gift for someone that you don’t know…so what you can do is to apply the other steps, and when there is a nearby occasion surprise them with the Gift!

5- help the Other:

helping others gives a good feeling…so try to be a volunteer in a good Organization and help poor families you will gain a lot of experience in gaining a new Friends, or how to communicate even with them

6- Why I have no Friends:

you have done all the above steps and still, don’t have friends?
you have now to talk with someone, not in your age, maybe your Professor or someone from your relevant and told him your problem, there is no shy on this.

7- Don’t be alone:

even if everyone hates me and I have no friends, I`ll not be alone you have to know about the time of the nearest events in your area and joins a team and competition, but don’t be alone for even a one second or this lonely will lead to sadness that will make you depressed for a very long time

8- Why everyone hates me?:

The last thing to do when all the above advice is failed is to ask your school students or the people at the university is there is a problem in me or in my behaviors?
there is no shame on this.


That’s was our Answer for the Question ” everyone hates me and I have no Friends ”
if you have better advice don’t forget to put it in the comments below.


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