Do You still love Your ex?

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Do You still love Your ex?

No. My ex is currently methodically working through all the options he has to hurt me as badly as possible because he’s a cun* who wants to see me dead.

Yes, I Still Love My Ex, but not as I did. More in a familiar sort of way.
I wouldn’t go there again, it’s not healthy love. I’m just full of spite now.
I wouldn’t give him another chance to play me.

I thought I did, for over 2 years of us being apart; And maybe I still miss the memories & the thought of us. However, once I got to see her & hang out with her again recently, I’m happy to say the love I once felt just isn’t there anymore…so Yeah I still love my ex.

I definitely miss all my exes, but only for the friendship tbh, none of us were compatible in a romantic sense but got on great platonically. I’m not in touch with any of them anymore tho.

No. I don’t hate him or wish harm on him but I genuinely didn’t feel anything for him personally when he got hit by a car (he didn’t die or anything he just broke his face).

No. He cheated on me multiple times but I wish the best for him and that he will get his life together. We’re not friends because he’s manipulative and a prick but I still wish him the best.

We are still on speaking terms and I am very grateful for the time we spent together.
But if I think about kissing him my uterus shrivels.

No, not after the bullshit he pulled. Kinda crazy to think I stayed with that shit for a whole year, love is blind.

Not after the last days we had, I tried to make things work but y’know she didn’t really help much.
It’s probably gonna sound shitty from me to say this but I’m kinda glad it’s over now.

I just miss the se*, to be honest, he was a horrible person. He once hit his dog in front of me. Another time, we were in the park, and there were lots of fireflies and he thought it would be funny to trap one and smear it in his shirt. What an as*hole.

I have a good feeling about him, and respect for what we live together, but I can’t say that this continues being love.

Knowing he is alive on the other side of the earth still piss me off after all the shit he did to me, I just want to forget

I hate her more than I hate anyone else but I know that a part of me still loves and will until the day I die.

Honestly, I will never stop loving any exes, but it changes over time to a different type of love and it will either way never be shown.

One of them!! But a different kind of love. We don’t talk much anymore after high school and all, but he’ll always hold a special place in my heart as someone who was one of the best friends of mine at a time I needed it most. I think about him often and hope he’s doing okay.

Awe! I don’t “love” him, but I care about him very deeply.
We split two years ago, I went and traveled the country, and had a baby. Two weeks ago I took a chance, and we have been chatting and seeing each other. It feels so natural and comfortable.
Take your chances!!.and get over anyone who hurt you in 60 Steps

Yeah, probably.
Even though she was unfaithful and manipulative, getting pregnant while my deployment and seeking advice from me after the divorce, I think I still hold some kind of affection for her.

a little. I wanted to spend more time and make more memories with him. but we’re both happy with our new lovers now so I guess it ends there.

Nope, I’ve moved on to better things I have no hate or anger toward him I don’t even think of him anymore I’ve found someone way better I’m glad I left him so I could find my now boyfriend and baby’s dad life gets better y’all you move on I found my happy ending you can too if you allow yourself stuff didn’t work out for a reason so let someone good come into your life.

The thought of sleeping with him at one stage of my life makes my insides want to come up
I’d rather be an egg then die rather go to the city and get my dog.

Idk, maybe I still care abt him. He was the only one who could handle my mood swing and I am comfortable sharing my problems to. But unfortunately, I just couldn’t handle his problems and he always points out HIS problems and forgot about how I feel idk.

Nope, finally. I loved him for a long time but I‘ve had him blocked on everything for a year and 4 months now and I’ve been free for a few months. He still haunts me in a way, but I definitely DO not love him.

I still love for them, but not in the same manner as before. This love is more of, “I care for you and wish the best”. Not the type where we spend the rest of our lives together.

I got love for her and I care for her deeply. But I’m in a much happier and healthier place than I was when I was with her.

I thought I did and started talking to her again, but I found out her main goal in relationships is se*, and she tries to make me jealous by telling me how many people wanna sleep with her. Yeah nope. No more feelings

No, I don’t think so, or maybe idk. Tho I found someone better to obsess over now lol.

I’m gonna be real here, I do still love my ex, but maybe not necessarily in the way, I did before. Like I would be absolutely crushed if anything happened to him and I will always be there for him if he needs someone, but I don’t think what I feel for him is romantic love.

Yeah. It’s been almost 2 years since we broke up too and they played me. Dumb bitch things I know but we still keep in contact and we both still have feelings but know it’ll never happen again, I’m writing every day a Message for Him, but now what You think

She was pretty harsh, cause she told me she was with me cause she was bored and wanted a partner, no other real motives. Then she ghosted me for a month, and THEN she left me.

I spent some time hating her, then I realized that was a lesson. Love should come naturally, without forcing yourself to be what you aren’t.

Always act according to your principles, don’t change what you are trying to make others fall in love with you, cause it’ll happen anyway if it’s meant to…that’s my though about do you still love your ex…

That’s a great lesson and I’m indirectly grateful to her for making me realize this. (She still probably kinda hates me tho, but idc).

no lmao, I found out today that he misses me yet it took me a year to get over him, I’m finally happy and have moved on and actually feel sorry for him.

My ex-husband and I share a son. I still love him and I want him to succeed. We just don’t work as a couple because we bring out the worst in each other.

Yes, both of my serious exes. I feel like I’ll never stop loving them but only because I invested so much into my relationships. I don’t want to be with them ever again but I’ll never stop caring about them.

Yes to one of them, the way it ended it felt like there was no closure and it was so open-ended because it was more just because of the distance between where we live. It’s been impossible to get rid of that “what if?” feeling even though it’s been years since it ended.

No. But, I do pray for him. I pray that he finds peace in his soul. I pray he can ease his mind. I pray one day he realizes what he missed out on (not me, our daughter. She’s 15yo and he’s never been a part of her life, his choice. We’re fine, don’t feel bad)

He was really abusive, mentally, emotionally, physically. Restraining orders, he’s not allowed out of the state of NY, not allowed in the state of CA.

After all these years, I do hope he can make something of himself. I pity him. But I do not love him.

Absolutely. I believe he is one of my soul mates in life. What we had and what we still carry together is beautiful being neither one of us is very great with socializing.

We were together from 7th grade to our senior year. he’s the father of my child, my high school sweetheart… I will always have a love for him.

In a way yeah. We go on mutual terms, became close friends, and occasionally hook up. But would I ever date her again? Probably not.

Yes. Always will. I’m just that kind of person though. I don’t love any of my ex’s in the way I love my boyfriend, but I’ll always have a love for them in my heart. I’ll always wish the best for them and support them as best as I can. Even the one who cheated.

Yes!! We dated two years ago and it didn’t work out(he ended it). Neither of us really moved on from each other and we both have grown and changed so much while being friends with each other. We make each other better people. We are together again and it just feels right, he’s a great guy and I’m so so happy to have him in my life.

sometimes I still miss my Ex and somedays I don’t even think about him
depends how my boyfriend behaves, when my boyfriend starts to act shitty that’s when it gets worse and I start to compare them and miss him very much.

our whole relationship was a lie…Read –> Couples Sad Stories


so what about you, do you still love Your Ex or It’s gone from Your mind?
Share with us Your feelings.


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