Do looks matter in a relationship

If you asked me Do looks matter in a relationship, I would Say attraction is a heuristic, not an algorithm; everyone has their own recipe of what is beautiful and what’s sublime, but assign different weights for each of the categories!

So let’s see what other people Opinion about physical appearance.

Do looks matter in a relationship?

does looks matter in a relationship, not really- as looks fade with age, you wanna go with someone you would be able to love and enjoy life with, and not just a pleasant face u feel.

not really. I’m not gonna be a hypocrite and say it doesn’t matter bc like it or not, beauty is what usually gets our attention at first. but this only matters for the first 5 min.

if he’s a douche, he can look like freaking Timothee chalamet and still won’t get my attention. so at the end of the day, personality wins

Looks are what draw you to a person in the first place. So unless you can fall in love with someone anonymously the yes they are.

I think it depends. Attraction draws you to a person, but it is a very complex thing. It could come from a physical perspective or something with the behavior of the person.

Where your attraction for a person comes from will answer your question.

let me clear it go and ask someone, do looks matter in a relationship or no, but the trick is to ask someone that in a relationship for more than 2 years, he will say no.

I would say looks and personality both matter equally. I want a guy who is good looking (in my opinion, beauty is definitely based on perspective), but also kind and smart and wants to talk about various things with me.

You don’t have to be a beautiful or hot person, but its important to be hygienic and clean. You also don’t have to always dress nice either, just know when the right time is to dress up and put the effort into it.

Both looks and personality matter equally as much, I wouldn’t date a pretty girl if she was a dumbass but I wouldn’t date an ugly girl even if she was super colorful and interesting.

Not entirely. You can’t boil attraction down to just physical, nor can you do it for just emotional, there has to be a balance.

You can’t love someone based only on looks, but also don’t let people tell you that looks don’t matter because they do! You need to actually be physically AND emotionally attracted to someone to form a truly deep relationship with them.

personality is the biggest thing for me but there have been times where I’m attracted to their personality but just not physically attracted to them and it sucks. looks do matter but it shouldn’t be the basis of if you take interest in someone.

looks are not so important in a relationship. but a bit. if I genuinely am interested in the person and if we get along very well and I really like being around that person I begin to find them attractive. same in the opposite direction.

if someone looks good in my eyes but is really a person I don’t like, I begin to find them ugly. also, I can’t have intimacy with people I don’t trust and like very much.

It shouldn’t be the only thing. Or even the first. But I think both partners should be attracted to each other. Mental as well as physical.

Cus there will be a point when the physical gets “normal”. But I def think there should be an attraction.

It depends on the person. I know some people are about the looks primarily, but those usually don’t last long.

In a lot of relationships, looks cause the “initial attraction”, but it is solely based on personality in the long run.

Or, someone can be unattractive and become attractive as you get to know them because of their personality. Personally, personality is what leads me to be attracted to people.

A romantic relationship for me, yes. I feel like most guys can have s*x with girls they don’t find attractive but I genuinely can’t.

My toxic trait is trying to turn it into a friendship but in turn that makes them not get over me.

Well, in my opinion, they do looks matter in a relation, for me, you need to be physically attracted to someone in the first place to even notice them.

I might sound like a massive cunt but if I don’t find someone physically attractive I won’t consider dating them but Friendship 100%. I need to be attracted both to their personality and their looks.

Call me sappy or whatever but I think when you’re truly in love with someone they look like the most beautiful person in the world to you.

Even if you know it’s not technically true. It’s like their beauty shines brighter to you than anyone else’s.

no, because if you judge someone by their looks, it can sometimes make your other half feel like your just showing them off, and it can actually affect the person whos being judged and who’s judging, but try as much as possible to not be toxic in the Relationship.

because sooner or later it’ll get to your head and then next thing you know, your scowling at clothes that are “to tight” or “too baggy”.

It ultimately is more about how the person treats the other person, the personality of the couple, and the whole state that they are in. As I always say, looks don’t matter, its how you are as a person

for everyone it matters at least just a little
I would rather be with someone who isn’t that attractive but has an amazing personality and we would understand each other pretty well than with someone, who is only good looking.

I mean, from a social and scientific standpoint, looks are the very thing that BEGINS a connection or relationship.

It’s not what holds it together, or what you’ll love about the person or even something that ultimately matters at all, but it’s what gets attention.

You don’t walk around and say that dude/chick/person has a nice vibe”, or “wow, the vast intellect of that person is so hot”.

The first thing that gets anyone’s attention is the looks. How important looks are in the end, though, is vastly dependent on the person(s) involved.

Up to a point, if you want to be sexually active with your partner then you do find yourselves physically attracted to each other on some level. But personality is 10x more important and weighs on that attraction.

A great personality can make someone “average” much hotter to you and let u see them differently, but a shit personality can be such a turnoff that not even looking like a model will save it.

You need to like your partner physically, and vice-versa.
It does not look cuz everyone finds different things attractive.
So I think, only you need to find attractive ur partner, it doesn’t matter what others think. Also, when u love someone I swear they are the most attractive person on the planet.

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Yes. But also, scientifically we see people we care deeply about as more attractive than others, regardless of their actual looks (don’t have a source handy unfortunately but an attempt to find one if necessary).

Let’s be honest here for a second. We would all like to think that they don’t, but yeah. The fact that we go “wow that person is handsome” when we see someone pretty should be proof enough.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love with someone NOT because of their looks… It’s just 90% of the time it’s all about that.

Physical attraction. And we’re constantly trying to improve our appearance to fit better in society, so, yeah. Looks.

I mean if its personal hygiene, of course, it matters, but if its fashion and style not so much. But it all depends on the person.

I think the best bet is to try to be as dapper as you can, but don’t get down on yourself if you’re not that every day. If you have an awesome partner they won’t even notice.

I think often when it’s first starting out with a crush or just a Lil attraction but when I relationship is serious I feel like it doesn’t play as much of a factor anymore personally.

I think we’d all prefer to be physically attracted to our partner… and that’s not shallow. It’s just human nature.

And we don’t all find the same features attractive. There’s no singular type of beauty.

Honestly?; to a degree. I wouldn’t consider myself shallow, and personality is what I try to base any relationship I’ve had on.

But at the same time if I don’t have a physical attraction (to some degree) there I think it would be hard to develop a fulfilling long term romantic relationship.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be the absolute best of friends!.

I would be lying if I said physical attraction is not a factor because I obviously want to be attracted to the person. But my friends always say I go for the “ugly ones” with a good personality.

Looks do attract, but once you get passed that stage you have to totally fall for personality, if not you’ll eventually get yourself in a pickle and start seeing that you’re not happy.

To most people it is. Honestly, you’d hardly find someone that isn’t interested in how you look.
But if you’re in a relationship already, I see no reason there should be Issues with how you look.

It shouldn’t come down to looks. When in a relationship, your other half should want you to take care of yourself for you.

If your partner is upset that you’ve gained weight or stopped doing your makeup because they’re embarrassed, that’s a red flag.

It isn’t your job to be appealing to them 24/7. But if they pay to do your hair or get a manicure because they want you to feel good about yourself, I feel like that is showing they care, not having expectations of you.

Everyone has physical standards; that’s just a product of our biological and social evolution as a species.

Some just have more rigorous standards than others, and that’s not something we/they should be faulted for.

do looks matter in a relationship, not gonna lie? But at the same time, the personality makes you either 10x hotter or 10x uglier.

If you’re a bad person, you’ll get uglier in my opinion.
But I could NEVER date anyone I don’t find attractive.

If you don’t feel attracted to your partner in all ways, it ain’t there. You have to love your partner’s looks, feelings, mindset. Everything.

Initial attraction matters. It doesn’t always have to do with looks. Looks fade, and people still love each other- but initial attraction when you meet someone is important.

I pay the smallest attention to how people look because, in reality, I don’t think I’m all that much and don’t want to set my standards high for other people.

If you’re hygienic and look after yourself, there’s no reason I wouldn’t be attracted to you unless you’re an asshole or we just don’t click.

Looks don’t matter in a conventional way. But they matter in the sense that YOU have to be attracted to them. They don’t have to be attractive to the rest of the world.

No not really in my opinion. I go on personality, morals, and values. It just happened that each girlfriend I had was good looking, but all my ex’s were psychos after 3 months.

They lied about who they were and couldn’t hold it anymore and I was stupid to not leave when they didn’t check off those 3 boxes.

Yes, as That’s how you start liking somebody at first most of the time, then if it’s a working relationship then you want to look even prettier for your partner right?

Looking nasty but having a great personality isn’t smth that is very attractive in reality.

The first thing that matters in a relationship is the look, as you will be attracted by the look first. If you are attracted by the look, and the personality fits as well, there you go.

I cannot imagine seeing someone who I don’t like at all by his look, and then be with him just because his personality is nice. I need both.

It does to an extent… I need to ultimately be attracted in the beginning, but over time when deeper feelings develop.

I find the person more attractive anyways. Personality definitely helps me find someone attractive.

I think a relationship is 30% attraction and 70% personality. But when I’m in a relationship the longer I’m with them the more attractive they get, my partner is honestly the most beautiful person in my eyes.

But you do need sexual attraction to be initially attracted to someone, otherwise, you won’t be able to see their personality.

In the beginning, yes but it is a different story when time goes by and looks don’t matter anymore in the relationship.

Just be a good person, nice and not be a creepy person at all and you’ll have a good run!.

When you understand someone completely, you can really love them. Suddenly, what they look like doesn’t even matter anymore because you love them for being them. What about when you’re old?

I think looks do matter. I’d like to remind people that we still understand what a good looking vs ugly person is
HOWEVER, I also think that everyone in the world has a different version of attractive, I don’t like the people my sister finds attractive, and vice versa.

the attraction is a real thing. Not necessarily attraction as defined by social media or whatever standards, but by your own brain chemistry.

Plus, your taste changes with your life experience too. Whoever says it doesn’t matter at all is fooling themselves.

It depends on the person, if the person is really for you he wouldn’t care about your physical appearance because he will love you from who and what you are.

And if the person is not for you he then actually loves you just because you’re beautiful and if he loves you even though you’re ugly but rich then he doesn’t love you he loves your money lmao.

Like individually? I think that everyone has standards, not everyone needs to be physically or sexually attracted to their partner, but for some, that is an important part of compatibility. It depends on the personal needs of those in the relationship.

it does and if you say no then you’re chatting shit. We choose the person we want to speak to/get to know based on looks and that carries on throughout the relationship.

No not really attractiveness is one of the first things you see literally but if someone has a good personality then they will always win in my mind.

It’s all about whether or not you are willing to look past the physical appearance and get to know the real them.

For me, attraction usually comes after I get to know you. Unless you’re a woman, then I’m probably already attracted to you, why are all y’all so perfect?

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I personally feel like a person becomes 100 percent attractive if he’s got a well-groomed personality, if he’s mentally mature and if he’s a gentleman! You would not give a crap about looks then.

Looks usually attract you at first, but the personality is what makes the relationships go on. If there’s no personality it won’t last long.

If the looks of the person don’t suit you, its almost impossible to start the relationship, even if that person has a perfect personality for you.

Initially, you must be attracted for some reason, usually but not always, it looks. If you’re around the person and get to know them it could be personality, so it doesn’t about look.

I think it’s ok for them to be important to you and ok if not. You may get called shallow for caring about looks but there’s hypocrisy in expecting someone to lower their standards.

when you know you wouldn’t do the same.

It’s ridiculous to ignore the fact that we all want someone we find good looking, and the cool thing is YOU get to define what that is to you.

For initial attraction, sure. But when you fall for someone, no matter what they look like, you love everything about them, even physically.

Depends on the person, I find a good personality way more attractive than someone who looks like a model but it’s shallow and has a bad personality, the attraction is complex, it’s not the same for everyone, for some maybe yes and for others no.

Would you kiss someone you’re not attracted to? Probably not. This isn’t to say you need to be a 10/10 but one has to be attracted to someone.

at least in the initial stages. Keep in mind everyone is attractive to someone.

it’s definitely not the most important aspect of it, but on some level yeah. my ex broke up with me because I wasn’t “his type” which is thinner people apparently.

and as much as it hurt me at the moment I can’t blame him for not being attracted to my body that much anymore.

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you need to be attracted to the person you’re interested in, but for me personally, I become more physically attracted to someone the more I get to know them and their personality.

the reverse is also true – if I see someone really hot but then they open their mouth and start saying stuff that makes me uncomfortable or annoyed (aka their personality isn’t great) then I instantly stop finding them attractive.

My last relationship lasted 4 years and we started dating young.

He wasn’t a very attractive guy at all, it didn’t matter to me while we were younger but it really affected me in the last year or so of our relationship.

It’s not everything but while I’m young it still means something.

it’s a fairly important factor since physical intimacy is a part of a relationship. and usually, attraction stems from looks (personality adds to it too of course).

but looks are not the reason you stick with someone or even get into a relationship with someone.

I think you have to be attracted to someone then ask yourself if do looks matter in a relationship or no, but that’s subjective to each person so I don’t think anybody should be out there worrying too much about their appearance.

since everyone likes different things…personality is usually the biggest factor though.

Beauty is how much your outside reflects your true self. If you love them and they love themself then no. But both must be true for this to be the case.

To me, people are more attractive when I like their personality.

I need to be SLIGHTLY attracted to them, but once I get to know them the attraction goes up like 1000%. But that’s just me. Everyones different!.

This really is a case by case basis. Some people really need physical attraction first over everything else.

I’m more of a personality-driven person. It doesn’t matter how hot you are. If you can’t make me laugh or hold a conversation with me I cant be attracted.
Looks are a bonus to me.

Everyone has preferences for what they’re looking for in a relationship, and physical attraction usually has at least some importance.

I’ve found that I typically find someone more physically attractive if I get to know them more as a person and love their personality.

I think it does. but I also think that the more you get to know someone, the more their personality starts to affect how you physically see them.

I think you have to at least be physically attracted in some way yes. But what everyone finds attractive is really different and subjective so really it’s just what you’re attracted to.

Being attracted to someone’s personality usually makes them more attractive and desirable as well so being attracted to someone emotionally/physically doesn’t always come from looks.

For me, cleanliness matters. I don’t really mind what kind of body someone has got, if I fall in love with them, I simply fall in love with them. But if they don’t take care of their body, then that’s fairly unattractive.


Physical attraction is very important. But It does not always look… sometimes it’s mannerisms, someone’s smell, someone’s voice. But yes! Intimacy is super important and how can you be intimate if you are not attracted

so what can you say? Do looks matter in a relationship or no? waiting for Your opinion.


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