Can You Forgive a Cheater

Can You forgive a Cheater Depends what has he done and how many times did he cheat on You? I would say go with your guts, not your heart in Forgiveness.

Only accept apologies from a cheater that you can see, like unless they’re actively trying to be better and you see a difference don’t accept it.

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Can You Forgive a Cheater:

Maybe if they directly came to me after it happened, rather than me finding out on my own.

The trust would never be the same, so that’s a huge maybe. They’d have to really bend over backward and earn any resemblance of trust and respect back before I’d consider forgiveness.

Not a chance. There is no excuse. Cheat and we’re done, I won’t talk to you ever again and I’ll pretend like you never even existed in the first place. Cheaters are bad people.

No, but I also wouldn’t think that they are forever a trash cheater. I would accept that things weren’t right between us. Move on and heal and let them move on too.

Forgive a cheater but don’t forget. You aren’t forgiving them for their sake but for your own, to not let bitterness hurt you.

There are exactly no reasons to cheat. None whatsoever. If you want out of a relationship because your partner is terrible, just do that.

I’ve forgiven before, but the relationship was just full of trust issues after and it became even more toxic. If my current boyfriend cheated on me I would send him to the ranch.

It depends if they were honest about it right away. If it happened then they told me and started working right away to fix it, then yea probably.

If they lied about it like my ex-husband and gaslit me to make me think I was crazy for suspecting something going on then no. I lose all respect once you start lying about it.

Nope. If they loved you they wouldn’t have cheated, to begin with. When I was younger I kept forgiving, got disrespected so many times, and learned from that.

Participation in cheating, even historically, is a huge red flag for me. It would be really hard for me to trust anyone who had ever been involved in cheating, short of finding out too late a partner had been dishonest about being single/poly.

I believe it is a good thing to Forgive a Cheater. But forgiving, and forgetting + continuing to be with that person are two separate things.

it depends. I forgave my ex for lying on me but I left another ex for cheating on me. context is important for every situation.

From someone who has, please don’t. I spent almost a whole ass year with a guy who cheated on me the whole relationship and then he moved back home towards the end of it.

I had to give the humane society our cats because my mom wouldn’t let me take them with me and he was going to NY by car so that wasn’t happening.

He was gonna leave them in our apartment to die essentially. I was so emotionally scarred from that.

Forgive a Cheater? yes, at some point and for my own peace of mind.
But, forget? Never or else I’ll never learn and remember what people are capable of, no matter what they are in your life.

I gave my ex a second chance, and then a third chance, but I couldn’t give him a fourth chance. Cheaters don’t change.

If they get caught they’ll apologize and swear they’ll change. But they don’t. Don’t put yourself through the heartbreak.

Never. I avoid men that actually tell me (or I know about them) that they cheated.
My dad used to cheat on my mom, and his excuse was “I am cheating physically not emotionally.

I made the mistake once of going back. There is no trust in your relationship after that, it is never the same as before they cheat.

Maybe if we broke up and a significant amount of time passed, and I had a good reason to believe it wouldn’t happen again. Otherwise, no.

No. Once a cheater always a cheater. But don’t be like me and avoid relationships so that you don’t have to feel the pain of a relationship ending badly anymore.

I think it also comes down to what you define as cheating. For me personally if they made a mistake and kissed someone I would forgive them but if they were having a full-on affair with someone that’s unforgivable. Again IMO it’s what you think is cheating.

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did it once, did it twice, did it three-four five DOZENS of times with three different men. none of them changed. so off I went. and I’m so much happier now, with a man who respects me.

no, I would not do it again.

I encourage you to forgive  the one who Cheated on You one time and if it happens again then now you know, but wouldn’t you rather forgive them this one time if they honestly think of it as a mistake and end up happy with them, rather than wonder what would’ve happened if you don’t.

Nah, I’m a big believer that if you promised to be in a monogamous relationship with me and you managed to love and date someone else behind my back without any intention of telling me and breaking up.

then that means you don’t have a shred of respect for me and that at that point you just don’t wanna speak up so you would have someone to fall back on just in case your querida leaves you.

If I find out my partner is cheating on me, things will never be the same. The amount of respect, trust, and love I had for that person will break down at that moment.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just one time and will never happen again, I don’t care. Once the thing we’ve shared is gone, there’s no going back.

I’d rather start fresh with someone new with a whole trust than trying to glue back broken pieces of my trust with the person who smashed it on the ground.

I would forgive a Cheater Person but also leave them.
Anytime anyone I know has ever cheated, they never stopped. Very seldom that someone who cheats, genuinely regrets it and tries to make amends and be better.

If you want to forgive someone for this, don’t let the mistrust consume you. Don’t let yourself lose your mind over them. If you find yourself worried about their every move, just leave. It is never worth it to stay when that happens.

If I found out that a partner was cheating on me, I would accept it and their apology, but I would also congratulate them on making our relationship non-exclusive. I would be able to date whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

and if they take issue with that, then it is up to them to split up with me. They would forfeit the right to be jealous, and if they tried emotional blackmail… they would be promptly reminded of why they were in that position, to begin with.

depends a lot on what happened, when, how. (if someone cheated on partners in the past, it doesn’t mean they’ll cheat on future partners, I hate seeing “once a cheater always a cheater” that’s not always the case.)

and forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re any less hurt, it doesn’t mean that you’re accepting or okay with it, and it doesn’t mean that you’ll forget.

You really can’t say you would or wouldn’t until you’re in that situation, and it’s different for every person you’re with too.

I may forgive one person but not another. It’s all so dependent on other things.

You can forgive him as a person. but I would never be able to date them or be with them as a partner. trust is hard to rebuild and almost impossible in those cases.

It depends on the context. My ex told me right away, gave me time to think for myself, and put in an effort to change and build up trust again.

We broke up later for unrelated reasons but I would not rule it out if they admitted their faults and were willing to put in the effort.

The only person I’d ever forgive is my current partner even if He Cheated. However, we’ve also talked about it and if he wants to sleep with someone he can talk to me and we can talk it out and make that decision.

So if he actually went behind my back and did it after having that in place, Nah. To the curb.

It depends a lot on how the cheater handles the situation to be fair.
I have had many partners cheat, but one of them owned up to it, told me himself and when we talked, he was genuinely sorry and regretful.

I was crying and feeling so insecure for at least half a year after and he was so patient, supportive, and understanding.

It was 10 years ago and even though we only were together for almost 3, we have stayed sorta friends and he’s not cheated on anyone since.

You don’t have to forgive a Cheater. Work through your feelings, and if (and ONLY IF) you feel safe, carry on communicating with him and processing the situation.

If you experience feelings of forgiveness, that’s okay, and if you don’t, that’s okay too. This is a horrific revelation; you are allowed to be horrified.

If he’s your best friend, he will listen when you tell him all of this.

1.) the trust is obviously gone now, there’s no point carrying on
2.) you even said that he Cheated on you. don’t try to settle down with someone who obviously doesn’t love you. would you really want someone like that? you deserve more. he’s a cheater and you need to let him go because you won’t be able to trust him ever again.

Value yourself. I was in a similar situation a few years back, and it’s really hard to tell yourself that you’re worth more than being cheated on. Let yourself grieve and go through the stages before making any decisions.

It’s okay to miss the memories and the feelings you two shared, but the moment he cheated.

it’s just a clear sign that he isn’t worth your time at all. There are so much more things, for others and yourself, you can accomplish with that same passion and feeling, don’t let it go to waste over one boul.

As someone who was cheated on my live-in partner, please just walk away and let yourself grieve. If you two are meant to speak again, the time will come.

My first ex treated me terribly but 3 or so years later it felt good to reconnect once I was in the right place and hear his apologies for how he treated me.

You don’t have to forgive a Cheater. You don’t have to forgive people who do horrible things to you. I feel like that’s a common lie told by people who rarely ever go through anything bad; that you have to “forgive and forget”. You don’t have to. Not everybody in life deserves forgiveness.

Moving on is a slow process but it is rewarding!


So what about You, Can You Forgive a Cheater that ruined Your life or break Your heart?
or even Made You Cry.

Everyone has Different Though about the Way that they deal with Stuff like that, So what is Your Opinion, is it Okay for You to Forgiving person or You will be on the Other Side.


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