Bullying Stories from victims

Bullying Stories from victims is always Started by saying something you don’t like, Your nose is very Big, You are Ugly…etc

All of them facing those insults Daily

12 Bullying stories from victims

1- my bullying story on Youtube

First Advise, Don’t Give Your Mobile Phone for Your Friends.

I’m Pretty Sure bullying Were Caused all the time by Close Friends.

Let’s head for My Sad Bullying Story, It is kind of a weird story.

My friend told me that he wants to take My Mobile Phone to Make a Call.

It wasn’t Just a call he Sends all old Videos on My Mobile, I was Doing Crazy Things.

I was taking a Shower and Dance Like the Dancer in Music Videos.

Guess What? The Video Hit almost 65,000 Views, and a lot of Pages Take it.

I prefer to stay at home and didn’t go to University For a Week, but when I went there.

everyone was bullying me, and Some Girls also bullies me to Dance For them…I’m waiting for other bullying stories from victims to see if I’m not the only one who suffers.

2- My Photo was everywhere

Mostly all people spend hours on Facebook, Scrolling down on New feeds.

But what will You do if you’re Scrolling on Home Page, and Found Your photo is Used as a meme.

that’s what happened to me, My Face becomes familiar to anyone who sees me at University.

As my Friends used those photos on the University Comic Page, They told me that they wanna see My Reaction.

I’m Sure Feeling Sad, and I depressed for a long time.

but I’m acting that nothing happens, and everything is Okay.

NOTE: I will not Upload My Meme on the Site, So Don’t Ask About It.

3- they laugh at me on home

what is this hair?
We are a family that consists of 2 brothers and 1 Sister.

But I’m the only one of them that don’t have straight hair, It is a Curly Hair.

That’s was the problem, every time My father and Mother sees me they Bully Me with insults.

Like why You didn’t take a shower, there are insects on Your Hair.

It’s not End here Also when my relatives Come home, It’s 15vs1 Battle

They don’t have something in their Life except Bullying.

Is It’s My Problem that I born with Curly Hair and not Like the Rest of My Family.

what can I do?
You may say That’s not a serious problem, But It’s Really Hurts me.

I’m Start Thinking of Leaving Home.

4- I Put My finger in My Nose

It’s Not a big deal, I know It’s Disgusting but who didn’t It.

I didn’t know My boyfriend is Looking over me when I was doing this.

but he waits until We get our Food for Lunch, then before We Start eating, he Starts laughing without Stop.

then he shows me his Mobile phone, It’s Me and My finger in My Nose and I was Digging in My nose.

he bullies me with this Video, after 1 Week I broke up with him and Ended our love story that lasted for 6 Years.

5- my bullying story in School

My Name is Paul.ennis.

and they Put on Our School, the Photo of every Student with his Name.

It was P.ennis.

The Happy Thing here, That I become famous and My photo Become everywhere on Social Media.

btw I’m Black, You can Imagine Why I’m Happy with My Name.

6- I am bullied because I am fat

there is a point in Your Life When You don’t care about anything.

It’s come to me after 5 Years of harassment in School.

From Students to Teachers, to People at Street, they were thinking that I’m Joke to them.

My weight was Nearby 115 Kg when I was 12 years old, we see many Doctors but they were useless.

but when I start thinking that I have to change myself for me, not For People, I Start Losing Weight.

I’ve taken meds for Years that help me in Losing weight, but they Make It worse.

My weight in 5 Years was 42, and I had various illnesses.

do You think that they stop bullying me?

No, they Continue but in different ways, they think that I’m

dealing with bad Guys to get bad Stuff as You know.

so I decided to Close off from the world, and I quit School.

I don’t care about the past, but I’m crying when I Remember their Faces, or when they take my Meal, Memories is Killing me slowly.

7- Sad Bullying Stories From Victims

Life is not fair, I know that they said that God has a plan for every Creature.

but It seems Like, I don’t know what is my Purpose in Life.

I Worked in a Restaurant as a Dishwasher For more than 2 Years, besides my work I was Learning Some Skills That could put me in a Good Position to have a Stable Live.

I Failed to get the job and Life Becomes Harder for me, as we Were Poor Family.
There a lot of terrible things have happened to me, which led me to make this Decision.

One of them is all Bullying Stories in My Life.
You don’t have a Good Job, Your Face is Ugly, You can’t live as People, and more…

So If You are Reading this on Facebook, Please let the Suicide is the Last Choice.

also, Mom, and Dad, If You Read this, I want to say that You did everything in Your Power For me.

but I think that I can’t live anymore, May God Forgive me.

8- Bullies in front of Girls

Your heartbeat is Increase when there is a Beautiful Girl in front of You.

but when some bullied You, and not on the front of Friends, I would say It’s Okay between each other.

that’s not happened, I have made a friend from University, We were studied at the Faculty of  Computer Science, most of You know That’s all about Programming.

so the Professor give as a Project, It was Simple Game using C++.

unfortunately, I was very Stupid to Understand all those stuff about Coding, math, etc.

so I tried so hard, searching everywhere to Finish my Task, but I didn’t do it well.

as usual between Friends, We help each other in Silent, he did the task for me.

I was happy, but You know there is nothing goes well, he was very arrogant.

so instead of remain silent, he bullied me in front of the Project Team that I’m very Idiot
and I will work as a tea man in the Future.

they laughed so hard, I was totally embarrassed.

why I’m not like other people,  why I can’t be clever like them.

is people will keep bullying me? or I have to Change my Field of Study to Simplest one.

can people who read these bullying stories from Victims tell me what to do?

9- This is Blind People Life

I know that what I have done is Completely Wrong, but I wasn’t Blind until an accident happened to me that Destroy my Life.

My Life was good, Running in the Morning, Playing Soccer with Friends, having a Girlfriend.

Stay on the Computer until I get bored, but all of this is gone forever, or I hope as Doctors say after many Surgery, I’ll be able to see a little bit.

I’m okay with that, god is doing everything for a Reason.

but what makes me Cry, My brother is the one that texting and Answer, call and make everything for me.

obs, I didn’t tell You, My Girlfriend broke up with me after the Accident, So I was Single.

So let’s jump to the Next Chapter, Like any other Guys in World, You want to have a Girlfriend.

but what if You were my Place?

I let My brother Join a dating site for me, It’s going well until they Know that I’m blind.

and then they Disappeared and left the Chat, and some of them Bullying me, one of them
Send me John Cena Photo.

10- my bullying story because of my look

my bullying story about 70% of the people Suffers from it.

I’m not that handsome guy, that all girls are looking for.

I had a big nose and My Face appearance is looking like shit.

and when I was at school, they were making fun of me, I’m not trying to be Racist.

but the Chance of Getting a girl to talk with when there is a Handsome guy wants the Same girl is 0% Chance, he will get it before You.

My message is to all girls that looking for the appearance and not for Personality.

Please Respect the other loving feeling.


You can Read this Article ( everyone bullying You ) to know what to do when Your Friends bullying You.

11- My curly hair makes me feel ugly

Curly hair People is Victims in the Society that doesn’t the Personal Freedom.

they make me think that I’m very ugly, all the time I’m on the Street People Looked at me
and say that I’m didn’t taking a shower for Years.

and others say that there are insects in my hair.

It didn’t end there only, but when I back home here we go, all my Relatives or my Family Start Bullying me.

to be honest, I didn’t care for a long time, but I’m now Starting thinking that the Curly hair makes me Ugly and they True.

my head is going to blow up from thinking, who is talking right? me or them, I think that most curly hair people will share their story in bullying stories from Victims 

12- everyone hates me at work

I don’t remember the last time my coworker or the boss tilling me something Good to Improve my Productivity at work.

the thing that I’m remembered, is that my co-workers are bully me in front of the boss.

and It’s about a serious Matter, It’s about my Work.

they saying that I’m talking a large time, and I’m working like a turtle.

I will quit work next month at the march, but First I will take My Revenge.


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