Being 20 Years old

Being 20 Years old doesn’t mean It’s cool to have a friend circle that doesn’t have any morals or character, no matter how much “Swagger” they have.

Being 20-Years-old…what to do?

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Be open and honest. Communication is THE key and remembers that you both are two individuals and no one should ever own anyone. also, the partner should also be just a best friend, not only a partner.

No matter what don’t let any girl turn you into a fuckboy! respect yourself and her and always be honest. loyalty and honesty are key!.

Don’t get simpy bruh. Nobody likes ppl who are too afraid to stand up for themselves. It’s not “nice” its pathetic, and women and men will see u as exactly that.
Don’t look too hard, u will act and be desperate and nobody wants desperate ppl either.

When a girl says your too nice they just mean they aren’t interested. Never stop being too nice, someone will appreciate it one day.

There is no need to lie to women. A lot of us don’t want a relationship anyway.

Don’t make them think you want more because you THINK that’s what they want. It’s unnecessary. If she does want more, well buddy there are plenty of others that don’t.

If you haven’t yet, learn basic living skills such as cooking, cleaning, dealing with your clothes, etc, being 23 years old, you will face a lot of trouble if You don’t do that.

It doesn’t mean you’ll have to do it all when you’re in a relationship, but making your girlfriend/wife feel like she has to mother you won’t do your relationship any good.

Get therapy if you’re struggling with being 20 years old. Talk about your feelings openly. Think hard about why you feel the way you do about certain things, dig to the root of why you feel something.

If you’re jealous, dig. Are you insecure? If you’re distant from someone, are you afraid to show your emotions or feelings? Are you afraid to get close to them?.

Don’t let toxic masculinity fool you at 20 years old. You don’t have to be tough, you’re allowed to cry, you’re allowed to enjoy whatever you want.

Don’t make women feel like objects or disrespected. Do your best to make everyone around you feel good in your presence. I promise you if you put that energy out it will return to you

Value her, value her thoughts, ambitions, her hard work, the time she puts in to look good for you or herself, her interests, her time, her love. But don’t let some girl take advantage either, know when to realize it isn’t loved.

Don’t use her vulnerabilities against her. Don’t call us females. Don’t demonize all because of one or a few. Life is weird and huge and everyone is different and the same all at once.

Treat her how you want to be treated and expect the same. Communication is key. Some people just don’t work well together and that’s ok if a relationship ends let it go.

If you ever stay at a hotel, take a picture of your suite number before leaving for a night out of drinking. If worse comes to worst, all you gotta do is show the staff the picture and they’ll take you there.

Snap a pic of the building as well if you’re leaving the hotel to get wild. Show the taxi driver the pic and they’ll figure it out. Leave at least $50 in your socks.

For the fare and tip for the staff that helps you(if you ever lose your wallet). Oh, and push your carts back in their rightful places at the market.

Do not think that to change is shameful. Change is necessary. Change your ways, change your perspective, and change them often.

Do not be conned into thinking that femininity = weakness. Feminine power is just as strong as masculine power.

Learn to embrace your feminine energy as much and as often as you embrace your masculine energy.

Take time to be still and go inwards. Analyze yourself.

See yourself as a young child to learn about the things that have hurt you and the areas of your life where you need affection and love. And then shower yourself in those feelings.

Seek out someone who is older than you who you admire and trust, and speak with them about your life. Ask them to offer you guidance and advice and then take it when they do.

Don’t ever hit a woman when being 20 years old, It should be obvious but apparently not for some people. Don’t be rude to other people, don’t get jealous over anything.

If you get angry to go for a walk to clear your head. And be honest.

Treat all women, not just the ones you are attracted to or related to, fairly and nicely. Even if you think someone is ugly, ignoring a chat-based just off of that is rude.

It’s okay to be vulnerable and cry, If someone likes you and you don’t feel the same, don’t string them along, It’s okay to be wrong.

Don’t be hell-bent on finding ‘the one’. Live your life the way it makes you happy. If you meet them, great.

If not, it’s perfectly fine. We are told from childhood that we are missing something and we need someone to complete us and make up happy but it’s not at all true.

Some of the best moments of my life are the ones I have spent drinking coffee on my own, reading a book, and just pondering on life in general.

Find the people you vibe with, who are kind, respectful, responsible, and keep them close. Also, read, as much as you can. Develop a passion for reading and learning.

Learn what your person likes. I don’t mean big things. I mean all the little ones. How she likes her tea/coffee, whether she likes to be touched or not, and how.

Especially in the bedroom, listen to her and don’t hold ego if you get something wrong. Listen to her, really give her space to talk. Don’t be afraid to create boundaries, just be open and honest, and communicate.

Learn everything you can about the science of the female orgasm. Also, get good at avoiding mansplaining and microaggression. Then get a plant and keep it alive.

Don’t drive under the influence of anything. It isn’t worth risking your future or someone else’s.

Keep a card with emergency contact info and any must-know medical information (medication, disorders, etc) in your wallet.

It’s okay to cry. Your mental health is important too. Don’t let anyone tell you that being a man is hiding your emotions.

Enjoy being 20 years old, do nothing that has even a small chance of spoiling a good time for someone else.

Save as much money as you can don’t spend it all! Don’t be in a rush to grow up, and honor your feelings.

learn how to empathize when women talk to you. don’t assume she’s telling you something because she needs you to fix it!! she probably just wants to talk about what she’s going through!! if you don’t know what kind of support she needs then ask!.

my bf used to have the attitude that if he couldn’t fix it he didn’t understand why I would even bring it up with him but through many hard conversations he learned that I just wanted validation that what I was going through was difficult.

I’m not over 20 years old but I guess I could still say; treat everyone equally, don’t give anyone any special treatment bc of their gender or whatever.

Idk if it’s like that for all women but personally guys who don’t wanna do x thing because I’m a woman and they’re scared of being sexist, or scared to hurt me, aren’t very, uh, cool.

listen to women when they talk about their experiences and hardships, don’t jump immediately to that shitty “snowflake” attitude & dismiss it as self-victimizing whining.

we face unique struggles and it’s important to us that men listen and take us seriously.

Pick a skill or two and develop them, even if they’re a hobby like playing pool or darts. These can be anything— cooking, scuba diving, kickboxing, investment, etc.

Just any skill that does not typically involve a screen and generally requires you not to be at your house in order to do it.

Something, perhaps, where other people who also enjoy that skill/hobby might be at a location where you’ll be able to go and immediately have a built-in icebreaker since you already know you like the same thing and are able to be in the same place at the same time.

1. Do NOT pause your educational plans/career enhancements for a romantic partner, because you 20 years old
2. Pay your bills on time.
3. You don’t need to go to University/College to become successful. Trade school exists as well and is often cheaper.
4. Don’t tolerate any type of abuse just because you are a man.
5. NO means NO.
6. If he/she is drunk it’s still a NO even if they said yes in their inebriated state.
7. STOP drinking and driving/texting and driving.
8. Practice self-care and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

Just because you’re eligible for a credit card, doesn’t mean you should get one.
A good credit score doesn’t mean good income, they know not if you can repay it, only that you can get it.

Be smart with your money and choose your circle when being 20 years old, as It’s a critical age.
Choose friends that would do good on you.

Those people that you could see who would stay and be s good family friends even when you get married and have a family.

no matter what your parents were like or did at 20 years old; it’s not their fault anymore. you’re grown and your own person.

your high school girlfriend is not the person you need now. women glow up too.

AND lay off with the trauma your older brother/ sister caused you. you are Okay.

Don’t become friends with a girl only because you want to date her and then become mad and unfriend her if she doesn’t want to date you. It’s shady and dishonest.

Stay out of debt, or at least in as little debt as you can.

The only person you should compete with is the person you were yesterday, be better than him! Forgive people for big things and small things, life is too short to live in anger.

Do not pretend you want or feel something you don’t just to get her in bed. Your loneliness and lack of self-understanding don’t excuse you when being 20 years old: make up your mind before committing to something you are not sure you want. Respect other people’s time, feelings, and dedication.

Don’t avoid telling difficult truths just to spare your partners’ feelings, especially if it’s something that’s going to keep coming up.

More often than not it will bite you in the ass later and end up hurting more.


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Just be yourself but be kind. Stand up for what’s right at Being 20 years old but also don’t care about whether you’re wrong or right. Instead, keep an open mind and seek the truth


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