her family hates me
her family hates me as I`m working as a freelancer, everything for you becomes much easier in many things
you have a lot of time to spend with your family, and if you are married you also will have a good time to spend with your wife and kids, people will not agree with me on this

but I know that It will not become harder than getting a full-time Job when we talking about time


my story began when I fell in love with a girl in a university she was very pretty and she was clever also

note: his parents were idiots

so we talk with each other for a long time and then I take the next step like any other men I told here that I`ll go to talk with his parents so we can get married, she was very happy about my decision and my step

then after a week, the time has come to
This is was the conversation:
at first, we were happy then here we go to the hardest question
his father: and what`s your job?
me: I`m working as a Social media Marketer
father: and what are you doing in it?
me: Its job for managing Facebook pages, the ads that you see and stuff like that, that`s our job
father: I don`t understand you well, but can you tell me more about the company you worked for, where is it?
me: I worked as a freelancer
father: so you don`t have a real job that makes you have a family and a home
me: who said that!!!  * at this moment I become more anger *
mother: she told his husband that`s her daughter decided to suffer with him or she can do what she wants
father: we are sorry but you have to get a job at a company to come to marry her.
me: what if I told you that I`m making money more than companies?
father: we don`t talk about money, we are talking about working on a company as other people does…that`s is the life you have to understand that you are very young and that`s advice

lets me explain it to you when you got kids they will see your work at home with your laptop?
do you think that`s a good thing?


after that… I know sure that`s nothing gone changes his way of thinking about working as a freelancer, so I told him I`ll see that and I left the house

guys are there is anyone who has the same story as me? IDK why her family hates me or just them that are crazy?
and I need advice from you guys what can I do? we are fall in love with each other


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