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Your Friends are doing these 4 things in Pubg…Don’t Play with them!

You may think that Pubg is just a game but let’s be honest it more than this, It reflects who You are and the way of how You will think in a Critical Situation.

and the Important thing is that it shows Also Your True Friends

4 things to see if Your friends are doing in Pubg or not:

1- take the flare gun and Runaway:

we have seen a lot of players in the Game in Pubg doing it…once he finds a flare gun the first things come into his Mind is how I run away without letting them think that I have a flare.

according to a lot and thousands of Videos, just 3 people out of 10 when they found the flare they stay with there team, but on the other side 7 people run away with it.

so if You are the one who Stays, You are a Generous person.
if You take the flare and runaway, You are a Selfish Person.

Yes, It’s true…Pubg show who you really are

2- take the loot instead of Revive You:

there is a Squad Near You, You have knockout 3 out of 4 players!
and then the last one knock You

but Your friend kill the Last one

We have here 2 Kinds of Players:

First one: If Your Friend decide to Revive You First and then Sharing the loot of the other killed players in Pubg with You, It’s a true friend and he is a true Good member in Your Team

Second one: if Your Friend decides to take the loot and leaving You until he gets all that he needs from a Weapons and Scopes, then he is a bad Player in Your Team, You should get rid of him and don’t worry Pubg have Millions of Players You can get another one.

3- told You that you are a bot:

Most of us are just New players to the Game, Alright?

so, We have Also here 2 Kinds of Players:

First one: after the Match end, even You are #99, if Your Friends blame You and told You that you are a bot and can’t play, don’t play with him again, he will just give You Positive energy every time, and You will be tired and will not learn anything from him

Second one:  if you are the main reason of their death, he will just tell you what you want to hear as ” You will be a Good player, advise You about the Best Weapons, etc “, that’s what we need in both our lives and in Pubg

4- don’t attack with You!:

the Last thing in Pubg is the Player who don’t want to attack with the Team or waiting when their team have finished the fight, then he will attack

this kind of Person is either Coward or try to be the one who Rescued the Team and appeared at the Final Seconds hahaha.


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that’s what we have for You today…Don’t Forget to Share it on Social media to see who is Your Friends and who are not in Pubg



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