23 years old

Sure everyone thinks that It will be a good year, but when you wake up in the new Morning when you are being 23 Years old here is 15 Fact that you will face them.

1- 23 years old…You are Alone :

being 23 years old is not a cool period…as most of the Students at 23 years old will be finishing their studying and Graduated from Colleagues, so you have to prepare yourself from any Depression when you are alone…don’t worry everything will go okay if you deal with it.

2- the workflow will not be like what you Think :

you will Graduate and goes to a Normal Job, did you failed in your first job? Did you get rejected many times? do they say to you that you don’t have experience? okay, That’s normal when you being 23 years old…don’t worry It’s a new chapter in your life…It’s okay if you volunteer first there is a lot to learn and with a lot of barriers.

3- Still have time to fail many times…Don’t worry :

Do you think that your time is not good enough you are very old? no, You are wrong you still have time when you are 23 years old to fail in a Project..work..interview..married..whatever you still have more than 3 or 4 years to keep fails but Remember all of this fails is just for Learning…It’s life
and put one thing in your mind that you are still young and you have to get up and resist.

4- It’s okay if you love yourself when being 23 years old :

you have to understand yourself and to be self-serving…It’s a sentence that has a deep meaning, and give your self a break you still young and have a time either to keep your personality as it or Changes it

5- put Limits to yourself :

You are not in School or University anymore so you have to put Limits in your life for things that stand as barriers in your life like having bad friends or the bad things you made…and Practice in what makes you survived in the world

6- Find people supporting you :

It’s okay if you are born in a poor family that can’t support you with money and they don’t have Villas or cars or other rich people stuff…but remember that they can give you a better thing It’s called the moral support, your family is not giving it to you? don’t worry internet is big you will find a lot of people that can’t give it to you…if you have friends that give you moral support don’t ever leave them

7- you are disappointed with life?

you have a lot of things to do and you can do it but you still don’t…don’t disappoint yourself and give everything It’s time

8- made your own Choice is okay at 23 years old:

you have to make your choice at 23 years old your mind is grown enough for this…and be a brave you have to take risks…and remember to make a choice that you are fully responsible about

9- Starting Using ” No ” :

even small things..orders…peoples…any things that move against your goals and your life say not to it…but say it wisely

10- Don’t be too much embarrassing or Comparing yourself with other people:

you are just Graduated and you are unemployed and also have no money, you still don’t marry or even in a relationship…That’s okay be proud of yourself and your full Choices and keep on it…as the confidence is the main success indicator…if you don’t have confidence You are out of the game

11- You have attractive personality:

remember when you are being 23 years old that you have a special thing in yourself that makes you attractive to other people…I mean that you are valuable but you didn’t discover that yet.

12-  You have a long time to learn at 23 years old:

don’t ever think that you know all things about everything even the Billionaires said that they never stop learning…if you don’t do this with the First drop in your work or in your life you will suffer a lot to get up and facing your problem.

13- take a break…Enjoy life:

take out of your mind everything and take a break…thinks about something that not related to work like traveling, hang out with friends, see your family and relatives.

14- all make non-sense things…all are terrified:

don’t think that when you graduated and have a friend that take a steps further from you that he don’t terrify like you about his future..everyone will be like you they will be nervous and will think 100 time before doing thing and all of them will still like you plan their future…so don’t compare yourself with other peoples

15- don’t finish your game too early you are just being 23 years old:

if you succeed in everything too early…Tomorrow will be very boring…I don’t say that you have to succeed slowly but I’m saying that you have to take the stairs not the elevator at your first years after 23 so you can gain experience


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That’s all my Advice for all Students or People being 23 years old…if you have any more advice put it in the comments below on the site.








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